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User Reviews for UKG iSeries

Please Invest More Into This App

Extremely dissatisfied with the performance of this app. The update didn’t seem to address any of its many issues. As other users have stated, in order to log in, you must temporarily put your phone into airplane mode. This is incredibly inconvenient and annoying when you need to log into different tasks throughout the day. Please pay attention to the feedback you are receiving from frustrated users.

🤦‍♂️🤷😕😒, May 20, 2021
Horrible App

Let me just start by saying this app is absolutely horrible. I use it on my iPhone so therefore have the I Series app downloaded. Almost daily I have to log into airplane mode to interrupt the service and restart it in order for it to even consider wanting to work. If you’re looking for a reliable app to record your available work hours this is not the one!

1 philly fan, Sep 03, 2020
Mediocre at best

The schedule list displays with a line separating the day/date and the shift time, which is below the line and thus in the same row as the next day. This view can be confusing and is not logical, in fact, it's just plain stupid. The calendar view is even more stupid as it's simply a dot and doesn't show the shift time! Come on, my 12 year old niece could build a better app.

A waste of time., Aug 06, 2017
Not functional!

Your program is absolutely horrible in all platforms! Whether it is on home or laptop computers, tablets or mobile phones, it is not reliable! We are out of town attempting to place our hours in for pay and unfortunately, we will be short hours because of YOUR ineptness to provide a reliable program for a multi-billion dollar company! I truly hope we cease using Kronos one of these days!

azmedic91, May 22, 2016
Mobile App

So far app is working okay. I can check my schedule and time. Our company provided the link for the server. Still can do more on the desktop but at least you can check your schedule and time again on the phone.

deep space 9, Dec 15, 2018

This app worked relatively well for the first several months after our company switched to using it, although the whole thing is not very user friendly or intuitive. However a few weeks ago they totally switched the format and now it does not even let me log in and does not work at all. Completely useless and now I always have to rely on my computer to see scheduling changes

KM2512312015, Jan 24, 2019

Zero stars, please.I was told I could check my schedule, make requests, look for trades-- all on Kronos. I had to find the server information through a work website. But Kronos never accepted my ID or password: what the supervisors and a fellow worker instructed me to enter. Never any lick. So I have to manually check my schedule and have no way to look for trades or other information. This app is useless, literally.

MarieEOB, Jan 06, 2018
Only use it because of my job

Since your new bug fix. I’ve tried several times just to update, but it doesn’t go through. I’ve even uninstalled and now it simply won’t download. It’s just stuck on waiting. I have great wifi and enough storage to download it. Luckily my job has an alternate way to check one’s schedule. Before this issue it would crash frequently making it difficult to swap shifts for coworkers.

NickiMaraj15, Jun 07, 2019
I don’t understand

It is beyond me why any company would pay for such a lousy program. The online site is so obnoxiously unfriendly, I want to punch it in its ugly face! The mobile app doesn’t even work! It just crashes, and crashes, and crashes! Just as unfriendly! I keep checking to see if it gets fixed... and nothing. It actually seems to crash even worse the more I open it, but that just may be my frustration boiling over! I’m extremely disappointed that my employer uses such garbage.

Truk007RN, Jan 27, 2019
Needs work

I use this particular Kronos for work. I’m supposed to be able to check my schedule and swap shifts. When I don’t receive a “Service Error,” the app is useful. However, I am only able to successfully log in about half the time. Since there are other reviews with similar, if not the exact same problem; it looks like this isn’t just my job’s tech problem, but an app bug. If this wasn’t required by my job, I wouldn’t use it. Nor would I use this app if I had to post a schedule for mobile access.

XxEmoPancak3xX, Apr 22, 2019


Mobile devices are changing how people interact and conduct business. It’s increasingly common for employees to use smartphones to stay productive while on the road or away from their desks. As part of the Next Generation of UKG iSeries Central, UKG Mobile for iSeries empowers users and managers to leverage their smartphone devices to access UKG iSeries Central and manage time on the go.

Nurses on the floor, salespeople in the field, managers on the shop floor, and employees on business trips can access UKG iSeries Central when and where they need to, enabling them to work efficiently and focus on their tasks at hand. NOTE: To enable this application your employer must have UKG iSeries Central server software configured for UKG Mobile for iSeries. Contact your system administrator for details.

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