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User Reviews for UKG Dimensions

Can not log in!

The run around is stupid ridiculous, I do not have time for this , all of a sudden asked to choose a different account when I have only one account. When I click on use a different account it gives me the ONE option to choose from the one I have been using . I reset my password and tried to sign in and it signs me out automatically. Because of my VPN it shows Virginia log in attempts but all at the times I try to log in. When I was able to log in to the limited account access , which did not allow me to see my wages . I have had no trouble from when I first set this up till now when I need it the most .

Blackstar73, Apr 21, 2022

I used to have to take pictures of my schedule so I knew when my days off were and could then make plans better. Then I found out that it was online. Great no more picture taking! Then the company I work for replaced the old working just fine system with this pile of garbage. The app is the least of the problems now but this is about the app. The app only shows a handful of your scheduled days whereas before I could see two weeks worth of my schedule. Now I have to go back to taking pictures. They need to make it easier to edit punches. They need to make it recognize 30 minutes as a break instead of claiming it’s a “long break.” Needs a lot of work to get to four or even five stars. Facial recognition would be nice too so I don’t have to constantly log back in with manual typing.

blueknight1st, Jun 29, 2022
Bad software, worse app

Quite frankly, all of the 5 star reviews must be from bots and not real people. The app is not user friendly, neither is the desktop version either. You can’t stay signed in to the app, therefore you can’t get notifications if your schedule changes/is posted, if employees put in time of requests, or for anything really. Currently, there is a bug on the iPhone app where as soon as you log in you just get a blue screen. I deleted and reinstalled the app only for it to work for about 2 hours before going back to a blue screen. Trying to edit or add any shifts (especially if they have to be transferred to another location) is a lengthy process for no reason, and half the time the transfer doesn’t save so you have to do it 4-5 times to keep it up. Overall, a subpar software and worse app.

camtw11, Sep 05, 2021
Functions, but needs better UX

As a user of this app for about two months now, I have to say it’s mostly functional, but only after you’ve spent time learning it’s weird quirks and wobbles. It constantly logs out (which, given it has financial info on it makes some sense) but doesn’t send you to the login screen. You must force-close and reopen the app to sign in, no Face ID or “Remember Me” options available. The geofence clock-in function works only half the time (even when standing in the same spot for testing purposes) and the notification/inbox system is egregiously difficult and unintuitive. I think UKG has some good ideas for this app, but is averse to the notion that oftentimes simpler is better.

ColbyLeRoy, Jun 24, 2022
Consistently frustrating

Everything about this app seems “designed to annoy”.Extra steps, steps, steps ...Want to check your time card? No problem! ... well .... actually clicking “time card” just takes you to another screen, where you can now select “My Timecard” (which is the ONLY choice on that screen, so thanks for that extra step). And then it will only show the pay period that just ended, so you need to open the calendar now, and select “current pay period”.Did you approve an employee’s time off?Great. But wait, she wants to change her plans...Just go in and change it right?Wrong. If “I” sign off on my employee’s PTO request, it can only be edited by “MY” superior. Sorry ... but that is asinine. Kronos Dimensions is frequently “experiencing connection problems” - usually when people need to clock in or out (naturally!).I find the whole Kronos experience annoying, overly finicky, and a complete waste of time. The icing on my particular slice of cake came yesterday, when I FINALLY was able to log in, after a 20 minute period where the app just spun and spun, I tried to enter a punch for my employee and Kronos - get this - BEGGED me to go to the App Store and leave a review. Be careful what you wish for, Kronos.

Colejm, Aug 19, 2021

Nothing about this is user friendly. Took over an hour to schedule 12 shifts, one at a time. Only has list view without the month on the days. So easy to get lost and schedule the right day in the wrong month. Could you get rid of the list and give a month view so we could see what month we are in. When clicking help it has nothing to help with schedule. Left in the dark and frustrated. It would have been easier to dive 60 miles to my job site to use their pc to put in my request. Desktop version is not much better. Do you have instructions or videos somewhere that actually help navigate this frustrating app? No stars !!!!!

Cr8zyErRn, Jul 19, 2021
No flexibility

How come we cannot see the staff working on a different shift or on a different day unless we ourself is working that day? With our old system we can see the staff members for a particular day not necessarily our working day so we can swap or request to work. When we switched to this system, I feel blind, unless I work on that particular day I don’t know who is working and how many. The flexibility of swapping with a coworker for shift change has severely been limited to the schedule you can see. Management now has to get involved with swapping the schedule whereas before we do it amongst ourselves and just submit final approval.

Gglorelai, Sep 05, 2021
Needs improvement

Not a great app it’s a 2 star app but am marking as a 3 for 1) effort and 2) as a message to the App Developers that improvement is needed. The app is sluggish especially on mobile during certain functions vs accessing the same content without the app via a typical website through a traditional browser. For example, it (mobile) does not show all displays for scheduling vs when loading via the Kronos website in a traditional browser (no app) which shows more and seems to works better. Long short—the app works, but it’s limited therefore most of the time will opt to log into the content via the website address on a laptop/desktop not using this app Hope that helps

heyheyitsmetoo, Apr 26, 2022
APP is designed to be difficult to use.

Even writing a review is automatically disconnected unless you put in the search for it and not available through it’s own pop up review. This should raise serious questions on it’s design for employee use. It is not user friendly on purpose and it’s obvious. Finding your points is difficult, but when it does show anything, it errors intentionally. There’s no confirmation for people or editing why they need a day off once it is submitted. This is a legal issue. The options to see why you might be terminated are not actually available within reason. I would love to put up a “standard” employee that isn’t working with computers to show how to use it.

Kendalizor, Jul 25, 2022
It’s bad

I’ve said this before, but the app is not intuitive and I constantly have connection issues. Sometimes it takes five minutes to boot up and sometimes it never boots at all. The interface doesn’t make sense and things are not centrally located. I’m still not able to request time off in the app and have to go to desktop to do that, which defeats the purpose of using the app. Even loading on desktop can be slow. I got five+ emails about the same in-app notification. There’s good elements about having a time-clock interface you can access remotely, but the app takes a lot of software finessing to get it to do what you want, like wiggling your broken headphones in the jack to get both sides of the audio.

poeticel, Dec 10, 2021


The UKG Dimensions™ mobile app (formerly known as WF Dimensions) is built to help you connect to work right from your phone, wherever you are, night or day. Its powerful capabilities allow you to effortlessly bring your best to work and enjoy life bringing the balance you need. Quickly and securely access your employee information in just a few taps.

Whether you’re looking to punch in, check schedules, swap shifts, or take time off, the UKG Dimensions mobile app is built for you. Are you a manager? Manage on the fly — stay productive while also being there for your people. Take care of exceptions as they happen with real-time alerts and notifications. Quickly flex schedules to accommodate employee requests. With a glance, gain insight into team productivity and inspire their best. Gain real-time UKG Dimensions access right from your mobile phone and get connected today. Need help getting started? Check out our simple guide for employees and managers at https://community.kronos.com/s/wfd-mobile Notes: -To start using this app, your organization must enable access and provide the tenant URL. There are additional mobile features that must be enabled by your organization which could be based on your role (not all mobile features may be available to you). -Not all UKG Dimensions features are available on mobile.

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