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11:11 Studios LLC
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User Reviews for UDLR:SWIPE

Awesome game nice and simple

I think this game is a great game that doesn't require a lot of time and effort or dedication. I also think that it'd be great to see a more developed game on the other hand. But honestly I'd love to see 11:11 studio team up with youalwayswin.

Eldonosky, Mar 17, 2015
It's gud game

Gr8 m8 r8 8/8 now i have 2 vape

Gecko jesus, Jan 10, 2017
Amazing Game

Even though it is so simple it is so much fun! I started playing it from watching a Youalwayswin video and have been playing it ever since. To conclude, this game is my favorite game on the IPhone.

Guppster11, Mar 14, 2015

My second cousin made this game and it’s great prearranged fun I might say my self.

jmccort82, Jul 05, 2019

This game is doo doo

lekenekeodjennkska, Mar 13, 2021
So Addicting!!!

Brother Gunns, I love your life with Neil's vlogs and I am ecstatic that you actually followed through with you app idea. Back during the summer I didn't know if you could pull it off, yet, here we are! :) This game is super addicting and a real time passer. To anyone who hasn't downloaded it, Get it now!

Lman0227, Feb 27, 2015
Very fun game good job yaw

I think you guys should keep doing free games this one is fun and a lot of people will want to play your games I mean look at all these reviews that are already here

Shadow 6855, Mar 01, 2015
Crazy fun BUT

I am addicted to this game but it took me FOREVER to figure out that my 3D Touch accessibility feature was causing it to have issues and pause constantly. I thought this was a game issue, like I wasn't swiping correctly or something. It wss VERY frustrating so make sure you don't have any features set that would cause you to touch your screen differently than a 'normal' user or you'll have difficulties. I was addicted even before that. Now I'm gonna be hosed! Lol

The balanced movie critic, Dec 19, 2016

This game is amazing and addicting I’ve been playing it for 2 days and I can’t stop playing it great game 10/10 would recommend

the wings22, Jun 29, 2020
What can be said about this game?

You Always Win with this game, even if you get a low score, you probably laughed at yourself for it. It's just a fun game purely just to pass the time. No problems with it, just takes time to get use to the colors and directions. EEE RRR!

wekjvtg wylivjsbd.kjbhy;q3, Feb 26, 2015


An ode to swiping. UDLR is a simple, but elegant, swipe based game with a pickup and play attitude. Get as many swipes as possible.

Swipe in the correct direction to add time. If you run out of time or swipe incorrectly, it's game over. UDLR:SWIPE (iPhone) & UDLR:TAP (Apple Watch) are two similar, but unique, synesthetic experiences embracing the touch input of their respective devices. The premise is simple. 
 Color = Direction With clever mastery and persistence, players begin naturally matching color to direction. Features/Gameplay • UDLR:TAP now on Apple Watch • 3D Touch support to Pause game • Multitasking features • Each color is a swiping direction • Synesthesia mechanics • Minimalist design • Compete with friends on GameCenter • Sync all devices with iCloud

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