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User Reviews for UBA Mobile App

Wonderful App

This new app from UBA makes transactions easier and smoother. Now I can check my bank statement without any hassle, fund my betting account and complete transactions overall. Least I forget, the UI/UX is pretty simple which makes the user experience easy. Kudos to the UBA team. I look forward to future updates of this app.

a reec£, Mar 13, 2021
Absolutely cool

This app is fantabolous. at my first usage, I doubted it's strength and was negative about its functionality due to bank network downtime in the country . Since the inception of using this application , it's been extremely hitch free as I'm able to perfect my transactions within blink of an eye. I am able to round up transactions with ease from the four walls of my room, instead of the conventional entering of the bank to complete my daily transactions . Kudos to the customer service who are also readily available to curb any form of anomaly from the app. Great app. simple and effective to use. Nagode UBA!

ajose segun, Mar 25, 2021
Complaint about suspended account

This app has been disturbing from the day i started using it. there’s always one issue or another, especially connection issues while my connection is working just fine. A few months ago my phone kept showing these network issues, i decided to sign out and sign in to see if it work better, since then i haven’t been able to access my account. They tell me account suspended, and I’ve been trying for months now, no change. Please rectify this issue. If not give me a solution so i can be able to access my account.

Bombom of blue seashore, Dec 13, 2022
App works ones every other month 🤦🏾‍♂️

This is like the most annoying app I’ve ever seen… and with no exagération it works ones every month… Any other time it either loads to infinity, or says « connection error » on stable data and wifi connection. And now it requested an update which I did… got kicked out of the app for some weird reason and now I can’t log in because of « unhandled error » and I can’t select my country, let alone insert my information. Please it’s been a while with these recurrent bugs, back to back to back and this is the first time I ever review an app (that’s how bad this app is) I usually leave stars and go but now since your customer service is not even aware of what’s going on, I had to write on here… hope you are considerate enough to read and say something, better yet, DO SOMETHING !!!

FlackoIos, Oct 19, 2022

You get a 3 start coz the app is cool but After reading all the reviews, I’ve decided that I’ll only use the app only after all the necessary updates are made. 1. Use of biometrics for transaction. 2. Stop apo from crashing. 3. App should be easily self explanatory. 4. Not really important but it’s a plus, you should have modified the old app to this and not just create a new one. I’ll rate 5 if these are met

Horla_dap0, Jul 12, 2021
Bad App Services

This app is one of the worst bank apps I have ever used since my 7 years of using mobile banking in and outside Nigeria. It doesn’t open when you need it to, most times I end up using the Ussd to make my transfers🤦🏾‍♂️

Jamelvv, Jan 16, 2022
Plenty bugs, fix it

Fix this app, it doesn’t even load alerts now anymore, it takes forever to complete a transaction, sometimes it shows the transaction was incomplete, yet I end getting debited, meanwhile the receipt from the transaction shows failed, how do I defend myself if I have already been debited and the the receiver tells me they haven’t seen it yet. Please do something about this. The app is sloppy. At first the app was nice, when I got newly downloaded it, now it’s something else.

kelteek01, Mar 12, 2023
Only beautiful but less useful

Having two apps with the same name and without any sort of differentiator in the same store is very confusing for the average usersAll details about the user or the profil need UBA Secure Pass but this App doesn’t work in most countries. So to change number or email, one will need to go to the branch just for that. Buying airtime is a very long process and not intuitive at all. There are many double in all Mobile Options: linking to mobile money, sending to mobile money, choosing operators when buying/top up credit/airtimeWe can’t buy bundles in the option dedicated to buy bundles. It revert to buying/top up airtime/credit App doesn’t provide useful information in case a customer want to receive money from another bank or international bank like SWIFTEven when you enable Privacy Mode, it will take more than a minute to hide your account balance after opening the App.The App is extremely slow. Even after the app is opened if you move to check another app then come back, the app will load againTransaction history are not updated you will have to request bank statement to view your history

m_leBrave, Dec 13, 2022
Doesn’t open when you need to make transfer

This app should be named stress. This app is so stressful. When you want to make transactions first of all it won’t open you have open and open again put off your data and put it on back before it take about 30mins before it comes on. I can’t use this app now as I type because it’s saying no connection when I have fast network connection on my phone.

naijagirlbecca, Feb 04, 2022
App used to be cool.

The app used to be cool, but for the past few months it has been stuck on "Try again". I u installed the app and reinstalled the recent version and I'm stuck on signing in. I get the message that the app is already installed on another device 🤷🏽‍♂️. That is not the case, and even if it is , I should be shown the other device and have the possibility to remove those devices. The app has potential but needs to be polished. Users should at least be able to sign in!

Tst3v3, Oct 27, 2022


Manage your accounts, send money, top-up airtime, schedule your bills, save for your goals, and much more... The UBA Mobile App is your Personal Financial Manager and It's Made for you! What's great about the new UBA Mobile App?

Everything! You can: Set spending limit Schedule and pay bills Make transfers Get instant notifications Save for your goals Open a new account Interact in multiple languages Sort out transaction disputes easily Find a branch or ATM near you Lock, freeze, cancel and block your card Organise your dashboard Select themes to suit your mood Wave over your phone camera to hide your balance Send money to phone numbers Confirm, request, and stop cheques To get started If you have a UBA account, select Sign-up and register as a new user by choosing from any of the options below: 1. UBA Debit/Prepaid Card 2. UBA Secure Pass 3. USSD PIN 4. Activation Code Only (limited access) 5. In-branch activation If you do not have a UBA account 1. Click the menu on the top-left corner of your app 2. Select "Open an Account" 3. Choose your preferred account type 4. Fill in your details and your account number will be sent to you via SMS 5. Conclude your signup process 6. Start Banking

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