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TV Cast for LG webOS

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TV Cast for LG webOS

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User Reviews for TV Cast for LG webOS

once in a while it works

The number of annoying things about this app is too high to cover them all. You have to use the browser within the app to get to your video. If you have a long URL that you can’t copy (eg, in subscription sites) you have to retype into the app’s browser. It will not work with live streams. The popup that asks you to choose video quality makes the video stop playing, which prevents the app from connecting. Then another popup appears immediately (before you can get the video restarted) asking if it’s working, which again overrides video controls. The “Is it working” popup tells you to wait at least 30 sec before hitting retry; why not wait the 30 seconds before popping up?? If you chose the “free” version, ads will pop up that REQUIRE you to sign up with credit card for something before you can close them. I went for the premium version and the best I can say is that I got it to work once. Spend your money on a TV streaming device that allows you to mirror your small screen instead.

absjr, Apr 16, 2020
Everything works - It’s “ok” for an app

All the features do work. Sometimes the instructions aren’t 100% clear but after some trial and error it’s easy to understand the app. It does feel pretty dated though and I feel that’s where its not quite as user friendly as it could be. Unfortunately it’s pretty much the only option out there on the App Store. Shame LG doesn’t make an up to date app with all the same abilities. LG does make an app but it’s also not very user friendly, a little dated and lacks some of the key capabilities this app has.

Aero-93, Dec 29, 2019
Does the job

It’s not particularly easy to start with the wall of text when you open the app, but once you get through that, set up is simple enough. And although it works I do have to re-try casting at least twice with each video to get it to initially start. Plus if the show has a commercial break I have to recast after each one. It’s just frustrating when you’re trying to do something around the house to keep having to come back and restart. But you get what you pay for. This does the job and in the end, that’s the most important thing....

Damette, Dec 14, 2017
It works, but on just.

Update, I can't believe how low you can go but LG found a way. This updated version bypasses me ad block and managed to download a ad payload that bricked my iPad. What a greedy stupid ad on to a troubled app. I spend a fortune for a TV installed a app for my personal device I paid for and now I get forced ads I don't want and need. I can't tell what's worst, the ads pop up on the iPad or the insanity of the TV app that fights you at every turn. When you select casting, it will throw up updates or pictures on how to do it. Just about anything other than what you wanted to do. Then asking you press OK. There isn't an OK on the remote. Brilliant. Then after dealing with the poor TV app, this app asks you every time, mind you, if the app worked. Really? Every time? Just not very well put together. But it does have more ads. Yea, more ads.

Dburke80888888, Sep 10, 2021
Best app

I don’t know why this only has star rating of 3.3?! Y’all have to give this guys some excellent credit for connecting wirelessly. I love this app and I use it 24/7 cuz my kids love watching movie so it makes it super easy for me. And on top of that, I can play her movie and still watch my own movie or just simply using other apps. This app is certainly a life saver, and if I could rate this a 10 I would do so. Thank you for making an awesome app that does what it’s supposed to do.

GailTirso, Mar 20, 2019
Difficult and expensive

I have to use arrows to enter an IP address and then still can’t mirror without paying? Garbage, get a real TV like a Vizio that is so much easier to use...And now support lies. On my Vizio I just type a 4 digit number on my phone’s keypad... (way easier than arrows to type an IP address) and I can do EVERYTHING this app offers and more for free. Complete integration, no charges no ads, no headaches. And the Visio was cheaper. And the Visio has gained features over time... all free. LG CAN provide a full feature app without ads for free and develop new features for it... they choose not to because they don’t care about customers as much as they care about $$$.

Inverted Matrix, Jun 02, 2021
Thank you

This app is the only one that actually works on a LG TV this is like my 4th time looking for one and this app was the first one to BE THE BEST! I give this a 3 stars because I kinda want like apps that you have installed in your device already so you can click on there not search on web but it’s still good anyways I get to watch PBS KIDS Wild Kratts on my TV Again it was not working before on my LG TV in the web. And if that was fix I would give 4 stars. Last ONE is for 5 STARS: I want this app to work on every TV not just LG TV. God bless you. <3

karen sh_it, Feb 05, 2022
Too difficult, too many ads, have to pay for features

Title pretty much sums it up. They claim to have an ad blocker but you have to pay $7 for premium to turn it on. As it is there’s way too many ads. It will work to stream a video from phone to smart tv, but it’s just too time consuming to consistently do so. Want to fast forward or rewind? Well there’s a playbar that may allow you to do that but you have to pay for that feature too. If the app was better designed I’d gladly pay $7, but having to type in different IP addresses every time you open/close app is just idiotic. I would give app 3 stars based on it doing what it claims, but ads and inconvenience drop it 1 star. Do better!

Lenny904, Jan 30, 2019
When it’s good...

When it’s good, it’s good! But boy has it been troublesome lately. It starts, buffers, plays, rinse and repeat and a 22 minute episode becomes 30-40’minutes - not efficient. Also too it stops playing suddenly around the same mark no matter what for certain episodes. Not sure why channel apps in this day and age do not yet have tv cast [TBS does] capability —- sad and frustrating.Note to developers: make the ads pop up elsewhere on screen instead of on the video.

Mandiii23, Jun 09, 2020
Worst excuse for a piece of software

I’d give less than one star, but..., not available. A 1,000th of a star would be TOO much. Every time I try this app before watching a program it jumps to selling stuf (actually another 4 letter word with the same first letter). It just recycles ad after ad after ad and never launches program. THEN - if it does “start to cast” the TV then infinitely buffers. Oh is it the TV ? Right - you work with LG to lock up the service, so it is expected that this is a tech integration that should would - no? I get it it’s free and they want to make money. However, the people behind this app should be embarrassed to tell anyone what they do. I bet you only hire the dumb bunny engineers. Or, you are - like - fake? How could one trust buying the paid version, when the trial just so completely lame!

Prof5833, Nov 10, 2019


Watch any web-video, online movie, livestream or live tv show on your LG Smart TV with webOS and NetCast. Enjoy the show on your big screen with the no#1 web video streamer. With Video & TV Cast for LG Smart TV you can browse the web and stream any web video, online movie, livestream or live tv show you want on your LG Smart TV.

Mp4, m3u8, hls livestreams and also video-over-https are supported. There is no time limit at all! You can watch videos of 2 minutes or 2 hours or even more. Just open Video & TV Cast, navigate to a website, wait for link detection and send the video with a single tap to your LG Smart TV. The discovered link will be shown below the browser. A tap on the link will start the show. You don't need to install a big media server like Plex or any other third party software. >>> Important Notes * To enable video casting please open the LG App Store (LG Smart World / LG Content Store) on your TV, search for 'TV Cast' and install the companion app. * Please enter the ip-address of your iPhone/iPad by using the number pad and up/down/left/right keys on your TV Remote or scroll wheel on your Magic Remote. Just enter the numbers, no need to press the enter key. * iTunes movies, Flash video and DRM protected videos like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, DirecTV, Xfinity, HBO now are not supported! * Please test your favorite videos with the free edition before upgrading! * Please use the hardware remote of your LG for controlling the TV app and video playback. * The app streams only the video part of a website and not the whole website content (No screen or tab mirroring!). * Sometimes it is necessary to play the video on your iPad or iPhone first before it gets discovered by the app for streaming. It may also be neccessary to start casting multiple times until it works with specific videos. * If a specific video is not working, please check the FAQ on the app startpage. If that does not help you, please drop us an email before leaving a negative comment on the App Store. We will try to add support for that website as soon as possible. >>> UPGRADE FEATURES (available as in-app purchases) * Premium Edition: Unlocks all of the features listed here. Also future features are included, so you do not have to pay for them when they are released in an updated app version. * Remote Playbar: Use the Playbar for advanced video control while browsing, including video scrubbing, forward, rewind, play, pause, stop. The playbar works on all LG Smart TVs. * Local Videos: Cast your camera roll videos from an iPhone or iPad. Supports mp4, m4v and mov videos that were saved to the camera roll via Apples SD-Card/USB Adapter, iTunes Desktop Software or third party apps. * Ad-Blocker: Blocks ads & popups on most websites and removes the sponsoring ads from the app. You can update and enable/disable ad-blocking at any time in the settings. * Bookmarks: Save unlimited website bookmarks. Synchronize and transfer them between different TV Cast apps and iOS devices by using backup and restore via iCloud. * Desktop Mode: Change the browser user-agent and cloak your iPhone/iPad as a desktop PC to load the desktop website instead of a mobile website. Please note that this will NOT enable video casting on websites that serve Flash videos in desktop mode. Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with LG Electronics or any other trademark mentioned here.

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