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TurnLive -Live Wallpaper Maker

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User Reviews for TurnLive -Live Wallpaper Maker

Terrible user experience

I understand that the whole point of an app is to profit from if but if you won’t even allow me to try all the features of the app for a single day how do you expect me to want to buy it. Honestly it’s a wonderful app from what I can see but the fact that you’re trying so hard for us to purchase the app and not caring about our actual experience with it is pretty pathetic so that why it received the rating it did from me. I can also understand that you want to keep some features of the app to only the premium paying customers which is understandable, and you want to try to eliminate people getting the free trial to make a wallpaper then never actually purchasing the app but come on. There has to be a balance, and this IS NOT IT.

A. Jhjfxmhgcyma, Jan 08, 2021
Do not get this app

I tried doing the app and what it says but it won’t work so it tells you to find photos of your choice and then once you have them you set the time and all that then here is the part I don’t understand is it says to go to where it saved in your photos go to share and click the wallpaper icon and then put set and then put Lock Screen and that sounds simple right… WRONG when it saves into your photos it isn’t a live thing so all your really doing is wasting your time going through all these steps when really if you want to just put a picture for a wallpaper just go to settings and do it there it takes less time to do that and you shouldn’t get this app cause you will wast your time and do all this work for absolutely nothing so that why I suggest not getting this app…

Bdancer123, Jan 16, 2022

So I got this app because a friend recommended it for me. She said it was “great” “worked well” “could do anything on it” WRONG! I can’t to anything. I can’t get through a quarter of my photos without the app closing automatically. And the GIF section doesn’t even work! And not to mention that you can’t make anything more than 3 sec without paying! Now you might be thinking 💭 3sec is a lot of time. Well when I say 3 sec here’s what I mean, you can’t add more than 3 photos and you only get a millisecond for each pic. And you know how I said the app closes automatically, well sometimes I can’t even spend a sec on the app without it closing. And this is NOT my phone, because I got another app like this and it works just fine. Save yourself some time and don’t bother with this app. Thank you for listening to me. Again DO NOT get this app. Have a good day. ♥️

bluescratch, Jun 15, 2021
Frustrating to use

This app was extremely frustrating for me to use. First of all without premium you can only do up to 5 sec. The app kept crashing for me when I tried to but the photo slideshow together and then I would have it start all over scrolling through my whole camera roll looking for the pictures I like. And sometimes it wouldn’t let me click the done button up top but when it did it would start loading then stop and I would have to start over again. I finally got the video together and it is sort of blurry on my lock screen and the first time it didn’t even fit my phone and would cut some of the pictures off. But I do like having a Live Photo as my lock screen so that’s the positive note.

Brencat729, May 16, 2020
Not worth it

Alright, when I first open the app it’s actually pretty excited. I looked at one of the reviews and it said that it worked really well, and I had this GIF that I really wanted to make into a live wallpaper, I then got a notification for the premium thing and I thought that I would still be able to do what I wanted to do. Turns out I was wrong, I first tried making the GIF into a live photo, The app kept on crashing and did not let me access it, I’ve been got the video format of it and try turning that into a wallpaper, but it only had a max of three seconds. I’m honestly not impressed

C3NT1P3D3 !!, Apr 29, 2021

For a while now I’ve been wanting to make some live wallpapers for my iPhone, but I never wanted to take the time looking up tutorials and going to all these different sites... Then one day it hit me- Maybe there’s an app for that? And sure enough, there is! This app is EXACTLY what I needed and works beautifully! Thank you for making this, I can now make my own live wallpapers (or even just live photos ) within a minute! It’s so user friendly and convenient, I’ll definitely recommended this to whoever needs an app like this!

Little Mochi39, Aug 24, 2018
Finally and app that works

I love it. It used and app called Lomotif to make a video of all my fav pics and vids together and saved it to my camera roll and then when I uploaded to the app it did it’s magic and made my video into a Live Photo for my lock screen. I’ve tried about 5 app and none of them came close to this one. Really recommend it.

Naya516, Jul 02, 2018
Was 5 stars until the update

I’ve had this app for a while now. It was my favorite video to live wallpaper app that I’ve tried because there was no paying for better quality. Then the update happened and now you have to pay for the “premium” stuff that you used to be able to do for free. It used to be the best app now its like all the others I’ve tried.

Scooby2531, May 24, 2019

Ok ok so First of all my iPhone is an iPhone11 and it says my iPhone is too old! LIKE WHAT!? Am I supposed to have an iPhone12 or something? THOSE DONT EVEN EXIST! Second of all..When I fixed that problem it didn’t even let me use it.i only got wallpapers that didn’t move! Excuse me but this developer is crazy. And guess what...I had to buy PREMIUM TO USE LIVE WALLPAPERS?!!!! Um this is not what I wanted! This is serious too! I tried like fifteen times and it didn’t work without premium. Last and Worst! if you can’t fix those problems it kicks you out and forces you to rate at least three starts! Hope this developer fixes this because it’s too dumb. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS!

SkyGamer999, May 28, 2020
Not good

I rated it one star because you have to pay to do it is not worth it you really don’t want to pay I hope you don’t spend your money with a app if you get you might want to delete it who ever made this game is greedy you won’t want to download this app and all you do on it is live wallpaper it might seem cool at first but it is not this game is terrible I wouldn’t download this there are a lot of other apps that do this it’s not good you shouldn’t pay for this for a pointless app they make you pay months and years

TT1234567990-/:$, Aug 27, 2020


Important: ONLY works for iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus! Stunning mobile wallpapers. Make your iPhone look extraordinary!

Create spectacular live wallpapers from your own gifs, videos or photos. All the tools you need to create a fantastic live wallpaper for your iPhone! Create the best live wallpapers of your own with just a few clicks: - Videos - gifs - Panoramas - Photos slideshow - Import photos, videos and live wallpapers from your desktop into the TurnLive app for instant live viewing. - Turn your photos into live photos It's simple and easy, try it in seconds. You can also choose from a selection of beautifully designed live wallpapers that were easily designed for you. Do not forget that you can import photos, videos and live wallpapers from your PC into the TurnLive app so you can experience them live right away. To fully access all Live Wallpapers for Me features, you must provide access to: * Photos - to import backgrounds you like and place them on your lock screen; * Notifications to keep you up to date as new live wallpapers are added to the app. TurnLive Premium: Free trial for 7 days. After that the Turn Live subscription will cost $2.99 for the weekly subscription. Payments are done through iTunes. After purchase, you will lose any unused parts of your free trial. Subscriptions are automatically renewed. To cancel, turn off the subscription in the account settings at least 24h before your current period expires. Link to our Terms & Services: http://www.solidappsinc.co/terms.html

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