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Truth or Dare? Fun Party Games

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Truth or Dare? Fun Party Games

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User Reviews for Truth or Dare? Fun Party Games

This app is worth it 😃

I love this game!! So fun to do at party’s. I think you should do more data about texting people . And the amount of ads are unbelievable !!🤯 but this game is definitely a 4 star rating !! U should definitely get this app for party ! 😃

Callie_Grase, Jan 19, 2020
Buggy or a scam

Hi I a number of concerns with this game. First being that the game is not free and locks after a couple turns. Secondly i bought a group package and after a couple of turns, the game is still locking, requesting I buy it again. I check to see if i have the group package and it says purchased. I check to buy the mode individually. On the picture it says .99¢ but once i click to purchase, it says $1.99. This feels both buggy or at least like a scam. Please fix.

darkcross23, Jul 05, 2019
Everything's goods locked.

I don't hate this app. It's a good concept to have a new age truth or dare, and the questions/ dares aren't awful. The main down side is that almost everything in the app is locked. Which means you have to purchase the categories. The only reason I'm writing this review is to unlock the hard category. In my opinion apps shouldn't be advertised as free if you to have to purchase most of the content in the actual app.

jamie_jellybean, Sep 19, 2017
Great party game but you need to buy all modes 😞

I love playing this game in parties but you have to buy all the modes sigh. The whole reason I’m writing this review is because I don’t have the hard level and amTrying to get itGet it but be prepared to buy I don’t see the point in it being free when you only get one free mode! Please fix that and this will be the best game of the year!

Logan Short24, Dec 27, 2017
You should get it

Omg the best part you can choose the theme like dirty or fun and juicy I get bored a lot but this app is awesome for boredom you can play it with a friend a sibling or even your parents or a roommate but the only thing is that there are a few glitches so other than that really awesome! 😜

Millie Milk YT, Dec 18, 2020
Ok ish

I liked this app because you can play any mode you wont and any time but it was asking things that people really do not won't to sell with. But over all I like this more than all the other ones I have been trying 👌

sasha🕶, Dec 04, 2017
Get this app it’s awesome

This app is so great!!! When I was bored I played this with my friends. This app changed my life because instead of being bored I actually had fun by just pressing the download button it only need 3 seconds of your time. Thank.

titaweesa, Nov 05, 2017
App Review

I like this app, but I think it would be better if more levels were free because as I say someone else say it doesn't make a lot of sense to say it free and at for things you have to pay for. I like the truths and dares but the main thing that bothers me is paying for a lot of the levels.

Toasting Strudel, Feb 05, 2018
Just right 💗💗

First of all one things that I love about this game it’s so sexy and when I customize my own it could be like for a boy take off a piece of your clothes and let the ladies look i’ve actually done that out for the boy is so hot I love this game so much when I’m on hard it’s like ahhhh so hard but I love this game so much there are few glitches glitches but like things that could be fixed like if you could just make everyone of them free that would be awesome and my parents would be like who spent like one dollar on a sexy game like uuuu anyway I love this game thank you and have a nice day bye 💗💗💗💗

toy 2489:)$36?, Sep 25, 2020
OoooO custom

Overall i hade made tons of cards Because it whenever I press dirty of hard it say pay even tho the ones underneath it you have to pay for? But I fricking love this game it can get so sexy if you make custom cards like hmm ash has to lick avas neck for 10 seconds and so and so I make dirty dares but I get sad because I can’t play the actual dirty ones because I’m 16 turning 17 and my moms gonna be like ummm what are you buying? So I hope this changes or it’s just a bug you can fix I’d really appreciate this game thx! 💞👌 ~wolfie

x.Wøłfįé.x, Dec 21, 2019


Discover secrets about your friends, give them the ultimate dare, or just embarrass them in front of their crush. Get the party started with Truth or Dare! Get the classic house party game in the palm of your hand!

Just shake your phone to see whose turn it is to make the ultimate choice: Truth or Dare? Spice up any party with our crazy, silly, sexy and thrilling truth or dare cards. Choose the challenge level, from fun and clean to hot and dirty, or make your own cards to personalize your gameplay! FEATURES: GAME MODES • Choose various modes to keep your game appropriate (or not) for teens, adults, couples and more • Keep it clean and simple with Easy or Soft modes • Spill your dirty secrets or undertake sexy dares with Hard and Crazy modes • Keep the party fresh with even more decks of truth or dare cards! CUSTOM CARDS • Create customized truth and dare cards to make things personal • Create dares personalized to your friends likes, hates and fears • Get the truth with questions you’ve been dying to ask your friends PARTY SUPPORT • Add players by name to call them out • Play with up to 25 players in a single game! Ready to play? Then I dare you: download Truth or Dare now! WHAT USERS ARE SAYING: “It's a fun app when ur bored with friends, it also builds social skills and it improves friendships” - Konichiwa Chloe desu “This is a really good game. It brings out my dark side... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!” - Ava Lu “I love it because there's so many dares” - Blazup2135

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