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Truck Driver Power - Truck GPS

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Truck Driver Power LLC
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User Reviews for Truck Driver Power - Truck GPS

Great app

I have been using this for over a year now. I track my mileage and where I have went. I would highly recommend this app for anyone that is traveling. You can find rest areas and also truck stops. Thanks for all your hard work on this app, I have recommended this to people on the road and also family who is going to road trip.

akschic, Jul 01, 2020
Awful. Stick with Trucker Path.

Since signing up for an account with the app, using it once, and specifying I wasn’t looking for jobs, the app developers decided to blow up my inbox begging me to turn on the job application feature and GAVE MY INFORMATION TO COMPANIES ANYWAY. Not even reputable companies, I was getting texts from scammers to use my personal vehicle for deliveries. Absolutely dreadful. Stay away from this app. At least Trucker Path only tries to upsell you on subscriptions, not sell your data without your consent and harass you constantly.

Ann MT, Jun 18, 2022
Great App!

This is such a fantastic app. Unlike other apps it is free to use the navigation system. The chat feature is great to connect with other drives and unlike other apps it’s all good conversations no negativity. It’s really like a family here. The app developers are great they resolve issues quickly. When there is a issue with the app they reach out directly to you which is not heard of. Navigation works really well, which is great especially if you starting out and don’t have money for a traditional truck navigation system.

Deejay Ejay, Mar 02, 2022
Recruiting App

This is a recruiting app with the added benefits of a social “network” and “navigation.” Their ‘Hire Me Now’ function will randomly turn itself on, and I get repeat reminders about completing the employment profile. More than once, the app has chosen the longer routes because supposedly the Interstate is always faster (not really); it routinely tries to route me down roads that have “no trucks allowed” signs posted; routes me down roads that are posted as being weight restricted; on and on. Three stars.

DntFrgtTheJoker, Sep 11, 2021
Amazing Support team and great app

When it comes to apps, no matter what they are, they usually never have the best support team. This app is the diamond among them and an absolutely awesome app for any trucker. This is a great app to track miles and runs you do and compare with other drivers and also allows a great way to trip plan with weather for the day you’ll be in areas along route/etc. There are bugs here and there that arise and at times I admit will be a little frustrating, but man, I’ve got to tell you. The support team on this app is top notch. Soon as someone reports a bug they are on it fixing it ASAP! Top notch, A1 guys. Love this app, will continue to use it for a long time. Leprechaun

FL Leprechaun, Mar 24, 2019
Long time user

This app has so much. Track your miles, find a seat. The folks that run it reach out personally I had taken some time off and went local I got a phone call from one who said he had not seen me active and was just checking in to make sure I was ok. I had been on here so long he noticed I wasn’t active thought that was pretty cool. It’s a fun place to chat learn about things going on in the industry. People post reviews about truck stops, shoppers/receivers. Made a few good buddy’s on here. It’s an app yes. But doesn’t feel like one it’s more personal. Love it DirtyWalrus-

Kirby Truck'n, Sep 27, 2020
Best app for serious truck drivers !!!

As a trainer this app is a requirement for any trainee I train. This is a one stop app with practically everything a trucker need. Not to mention this app is actually free. I really believe everyone using the paid apps (won’t even mention the names) are getting screwed royally. I have been using this app for about 8 months. Another truck driver hipped me to this app and told me it was a best kept secret. This app make trip planning a breeze. You get wind, weather predictions,fuel stations with truck parking reports, rest areas, weigh stations , Walmart with parking reports ,etc,etc,etc. I say simply try this app before you hand over hard earned money to any other company. You will not regret it. I did not update my iPhone and ran into trouble with the app only one time. JT/Thunder worked tirelessly around the clock to help me fix my issue until he realized I didn’t even update the iPhone since I had it. After updating the phone the app worked flawlessly again. Don’t know what I’d do without it. Thank you TDP

methesafe, Jun 22, 2022
Better than Trucker Path!

To all the users saying that it sometimes takes them down road they aren’t supposed to be on, to that I say, so did the $30/week Trucker Path app when I was using it. I’d rather a completely free app mess up sometimes than one I pay $30/WEEK for. Also, the “recruiter” comment about their “Hire Me” coming on by itself, mine has never done that. I love this app, it went from being one of the ones we used to the only one we use. Way way better than Trucker Path.

Misskay912, Oct 04, 2021
Not sure why not working with ipad

Amazing app I love the whole being able to preset my week out with my company without having to type into my location settings every time but this app is only working my iPhone and not on my iPads and I got a big mount for my truck In hopes to enjoy the app with the ipad any help would be appreciated thanks guys it’s an amazing app I would just like to use it on the ipad

Plumber4Skinz, Mar 13, 2022
The best thing since sliced bread (beats out $400+ GPS’)

I’m still fairly new (still within my rookie year), and this app has been invaluable to someone like me. I would go as far as to say a life saver. Before I got this app, I was using the truck GPS (Trimble), and switching back and forth to the convoluted Trucker Path app struggling to find parking and fuel. I was also saving Pilot points to get a Garmin, but I have decided 100% against that in lieu of keeping TDP. The ease of use, and accuracy are perfect. Highly recommend for any new driver, O/O who wants to track miles, or even a veteran that uses Trucker Path regularly. Can’t say enough good things about this app. I got a buddy that says I should work for them I preach it so much lol.

R1ckyRamoag3, Feb 08, 2022


This FREE app provides truck GPS with weather, parking, weigh stations and CDL jobs to advance your career using the ultimate app for driving professionals. Record your runs to keep a running resume of your career, share your mileage-based achievements, and know what the weather is down the road with our Intelligent Route Based Weather Forecasts. Hire Me Now™ Hire Me Now™ gives you the power to advance and control your career.

Set the terms of employment for the job you want before taking calls with recruiters. Parking Get updated truck parking availability at thousands of truck stops, as well as information on amenities provided, such as, Wi-Fi, diesel lanes and more. Truck Optimized Turn by Turn Navigation Get truck optimized routing with turn by turn navigation & truck configurations. Intelligent Route Based Weather Plan for future weather conditions on the route ahead by adding your destination before you hit the road. Achievements Achievements reflect career excellence. Earn them on the job by reaching daily milestones, fulfilling goals, successfully navigating complex situations and more. ProTips Leave notes for other drivers and reminders for yourself about pick-up and drop-off locations, tricky roads to watch out for, restroom access, loading information and more. Chat Direct-message other drivers or join a chatroom for updates, dangers in the lot, or to coordinate social in-person meet-ups.

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