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Trnio 3D Scanner

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Trnio Inc.
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User Reviews for Trnio 3D Scanner

BEST 3D Scan App for iPhone

I had to write a review for this app because it’s the ONLY one that actually works. I’ve tried all of them including ones that use the depth sensors.I needed something that would create a 3D model of miniature objects and this one worked flawlessly. I found the easiest way to do it was to use the photo feature and have the app stitch the pictures together. I used a turntable and tripod (with good lighting) to take the pictures, uploaded them to the app and let it do its thing. After the scan was done I just emailed it to myself and then opened in one of my desktop programs for modifications. Everything is super easy and I finally have an exact replica of what I wanted to create!

CatLover 60471, Mar 11, 2020
Great program with even greater developers

While I have only reached the tip of the iceberg so to say in terms of making full use of this apps potential, having only done a few scans myself. The results from these scans speak for themselves and scans from the community further illustrate the capabilities offered. I’ve had a few small interactions with the developers via their Instagram and their interest in improving the app and taking feedback from users is very apparent. The only complaint which could be lodged against this program is long load times, which I don’t see as even a fair argument against the program seeing as it doesn’t have any kind of monthly subscription to pay for blazing fast servers, just a one time $5 entry price. TLDR: App works great, Devs are great, worth every penny!

data_notavalible, Dec 21, 2020
Object Capture API please

When I first got this app over a year ago it was fine compared to the competition and $5 for unlimited scans you can’t complain too much. Not that Apple Object Capture has come out it has rendered whatever algorithm Trnio uses completely useless. I have run the same photo set through Trnio, PhotoCatch on my Mac Mini M1, and an app I won’t name that uses Object Capture API. If Trnio even produces a result it’s not even close to being as good as Object Capture. Object capture will also use a turntable without any special background. Trnio is like most other photogrammetry programs and won’t do a turntable unless you give a solid black background with ring lights in a dark room. If Trnio could switch to the Object Capture API the app would be perfect

Echolink50, Jan 09, 2022
Size of object issue?

I subscribed this app. This app is the great 3D scan through mobile phone. But I tried 3D print the my scanned model that is not work. I exported stl file and obj file these model size are way way small compare with actual model. How can I print original size? Thanks for replying back. But that was not enough for my curiosity. I understand that resize the object by mesh mixer or similar tools. But point is copying exact original size without using tools. Thanks again.

HJCSLEE, Nov 23, 2021
My favorite phone scanner but

By far the best phone scanner with the best results, but lately there seems to be an issue where it will stop scanning near the start of a scan. I think it has something to do with it trying to connect to the internet. It is very frustrating as sometimes I can not get a scan to start no matter what I do. I will restart my phone, log in and log out, reinstall the app. Only once I get near a stable internet connect do things start to work better. I hope they fix this soon or at least have a solution for me.

hoodwinkedfool, Feb 02, 2021
Doesn’t produce clean results

App doesn’t extrapolate to finish shapes. App doesn’t intelligently detect the boundaries of the object, commonly leading to the inclusion of the surface it’s sitting on, parts of the background behind it, etc., and the edges it does detect are in no way clean and usable without a huge amount of manual post processing. App expects that the mobile device will move, but has no option to keep the device stationary and instead rotate the object to be scanned. Because of all of these problems and limitations, I struggle to find any real use for the app at all, other than maybe mild novelty? Certainly not ready for prime time.

megashub, Jan 26, 2019
Wonderful reaults easy to use

Ive been enjoying this app - you can see my experiments on sketchfab under my account tmixer. I would like more detail in my models, allowance for manual photo capture and more photos as well as a manual crop mode. I hope AR mode keeps developing because its great for scenes. Good work devs and thank you for a one time purchase model. I tell everyone about this app in my creative circles. CheersEdit: thanks for the reply devs. I do realize you can import your own photos for processing but thank you for the tip. What I was referring to was the ability for manual control of the shutter as well as the auto shooting it does currently. Thanks for considering this. Maybe a pro option for would allow higher resolution models and more than 70 photos.Best to you all

Mixermusic, Feb 26, 2020
Work with $10,000+ scanners and this is comparable...

This is just an amazing app. I work with industrial 3D scanners often and this app does almost just as good of a job. The app does require some post processing in MeshMixer but with 10-20min of touch up it is an amazing, usable model. I would like to point out to those of you that have not used industrial scanners, those scanners still require post processing in software and 10-20min is not a long time for mesh fixing! I saw some reviews commenting about how the scan needs post processing and how that is a downside but the reality is essentially all 3D scans require some touch up.

Nick-slim384, Dec 21, 2020
My favorite scan app

Until I try an app that uses the IR face recognition camera on the iPhone X and later iPhones, this is my favorite 3d scanner app. Qlone is friendlier to use with a turntable, but I have had better success with this. I put small objects up on a chest height platform (usually two small chairs, one inverted on top of the other, and a lid from a Rubbermaid bin), in a room where I can use 7-8 foot diameter to walk smoothly around the model. I step-slide slowly in socks on a wood floor.

Xmnr, Apr 08, 2021

The scans are really good and works most of the time But sometimes when scanning surfaces or rooms the auto masking cuts out alot of the scan. Would be cool if there was an option for that, maybe manual cutting would be cool. Also hoping sometime in the future this would allow more than 80 photos. Best phone scanner tho, and could have better results than those professional scanners sometimes.

XtremeDerpieXD, Oct 03, 2021


TRNIO [turn-knee-o] converts photos on your iPhone into 3D models! Trnio makes your iPhone to into a high-quality 3D scanner, using our cloud service (scans are NOT processed on your device) to convert your images into high-quality scans. In only a couple steps and mere minutes, you'll be able to get hi-resolution photo quality 3D scans.

JOIN US – facebook.com/TRNIO, twitter.com/TRNIO * Social media icons used in our app designed by https://icons8.com.

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