Icon TriZen - Relaxing tangram style puzzles

TriZen - Relaxing tangram style puzzles

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TriZen - Relaxing tangram style puzzles

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User Reviews for TriZen - Relaxing tangram style puzzles

Awesome Game

Easier puzzles are so relaxing. Harder puzzles are challenging but not frustrating. Hints are great when you need them. Beautiful graphics. Best game to chill with. One of my all time favorites. I can’t say enough good about this game.

DaraUdaya, Oct 26, 2018

Got the free Tanzen first which I really liked and got good at. Then decided to pay for Trizen for more of a challenge. The puzzle IS challenging however I have found it time consuming and annoying having to rotate the shapes by tapping. Tanzen was much easier. It uses a circle around the shape you can move by rotating the circle. Why would the designers make the shapes harder to move for a game I paid for? Again-comparing to Tanzen. I miss the little symbol that appeared in the corner indicating you have overlapping shapes. All in all this puzzle game is challenging but not as user friendly as the free Tanzen. Try Tanzen first.

JAJoyce, Jan 04, 2012
Great game, but Zentomino still rules. 👍

This game is excellent; however, I wish all pieces were available for each stage, as it is in Zentomino. It would make for more consistent gameplay. Instead I find myself thinking I have a piece, when in fact that piece is not available on the current stage I'm working on. This also means that there is usually only one way to complete a puzzle. Sometimes I like to redo puzzles and complete them differently (like in Zentomino), unfortunately this is not possible since they give you a fixed amount of pieces per stage. That all said, I would still recommend this game to anyone interested in puzzle-type games. This is a fantastic game to play when needing to kill some time (eg; waiting in line). 👌

Jeffsterz, Oct 10, 2012

Excellent and fun. Better all the time.

Jwgunther, Nov 07, 2015

The best

Omar 33./22, Mar 03, 2017
Polyiamond Puzzles

After having played zentominoes I was about to suggest a hexiamond version when I happily discovered this. Some of the smaller puzzles are very tricky, which I like. Some of the larger puzzles feel a bit too unconstrained. There seems to be no progression of easy to difficult. Nice geometric puzzle shapes, but they require the use of smaller pieces. It would be nice to see some puzzle pages that were limited to pentiamond pieces or hexiamond pieces instead of a mix of polyiamonds. Also, it would be nice to have some puzzles that use the complete set of 12 hexiamonds. These are not complaints, but enthusiastic requests. Very happy with the game and recommend it. (I wish there were some way to rotate both directions)

Psubi, Jan 24, 2012

I liked it.

Quesques, Aug 01, 2016
Not Responding

Could be a good game. But pieces don’t respond to taps as they are supposed to. A lot of fake reviews here.

Ranku, Feb 26, 2018
Nice little game app

Stuck on a plane on airplane mode, this is a nice game to pass the time.

S2853, Sep 27, 2016

Good game

Sonny Z, Sep 13, 2017


Find your Zen, with this challenging puzzle game. Over 500 puzzles! Choose a puzzle to solve, and try to fit the game pieces within the shaded puzzle area without overlapping.

TriZen will recognize when the puzzle is completed. Play for a few minutes, or a few hours! Features: - More than 500 puzzles - Over 50 Game Center achievements - Various difficulty levels, with 4-12 piece puzzles - Hint system - Solve puzzles in any order - Shake your device to reset your current puzzle - Track your progress, with a full view of all your completed puzzles - Soothing background music by Atomicon

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