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User Reviews for Trivia Puzzle Fortune Games!

PLEASE don’t waste your time!

Okay, first of all…. I read what the developers said about why they have to have so many ads but that is crap. I have downloaded hundreds of FREE games and not one has made me watch an ad after EVERY SINGLE PUZZLE. That is just absurd. Second…. I cannot STAND when these people advertise a game one way and then that’s NOT how the game is played at all!! It’s lying!! They advertised this game as a jeopardy type game where you pick certain categories and then asked a question. NOPE. FALSE. It is just then giving you a hint and you pick letters to fill in the answer, like hangman. That’s it!! Soooo boring. Ugh, these people should be banned from making apps when they lie in their advertising. Don’t even waste your time with this one.

Bcoy03*2180, May 26, 2022
Insane amount of ads

I totally get that you need ads but this is the worst of any game I have ever played. I tolerate the ads to see if I like a game and then if I do I buy it to remove the ads..but the ads are so much and after every win that I deleted the game. It’s a shame because I did kind of like it but when you spend more time waiting for an ad to clear then playing the actual game, it’s not worth it. Find another way developer. Total ad overkill

clautann, Mar 20, 2022
Deleted after 10 Minutes

This game was so fun, for about 10 minutes. At first there are no ads which was odd. Then there was one here and there which was fine. But then they started popping up after every puzzle. It didn’t matter if the puzzle took me 5 minutes or 2 minutes. As soon as I collected my coins an ad would pop up. I ended up deleting after that. I waisted more time watching ads then I did actually playing.

devilchick085, Mar 27, 2022
Awesome Application

Trivia Puzzle Fortune is a great game to play when wanting to feel mentally stimulated while also wishing to have some fun. While it might be sort of silly to say, I often feel like I’ve learned a bunch of new information after playing Trivia Puzzle Fortune and look forward to doing it again. The game design is straight-forward and there are multiple ways to keep yourself entertained. In my opinion, it’s a great application and I’m really happy to have downloaded it.

Erin! ^_^, Jun 04, 2022
LOVE, but…

I absolutely love this game, BUT…There are way too many ads. It’s not just that, but as a person who has had weight issues including anorexia the last thing I need to see every couple of minutes is about a pill where people have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time. That in itself is not healthy and should not be supported. I truly understand that the ads are what makes this game free, and I do appreciate that. They are just too frequent and some quite frankly, hurtful. Why not promote ads that are at least healthful? Just my two cents. I did give the game itself a high rating because it really is fun to play… 🙃

faeriechaser, Apr 14, 2022
How is the stars so high?

This was a fun and challenging game, it really was. But as others have said the way too frequent ads is a major problem. I shouldn’t have to sit through a 45 second ad every time I solve a puzzle after about the sixth puzzle. You are forced to sit through a long 30 second ad and then it flips to another screen that counts down at least another 10 seconds after a long pause. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was closer to one full minute of ads after you solve every puzzle. After the third time of this I deleted the entire game and I have zero plans of ever installing it again. Other games seem to be able to run ads as a upper or lower banner so they don’t interfere with the gameplay. Why can’t this one? Long 30+ seconds ads are just hella annoying which is really a shame because I honestly was enjoying the game. But no, I am not going to decide to buy your game after only 6 to 10 puzzles to solve the ad problem and it’s not worth my while to sit through those painfully long ads. As I scroll down through the top 20 or 30 reviews am seeing a lot of one and two stars complaining about the exact same painfully long ads. So my question is how is the stars for this game so high?

GTD1228, May 05, 2022

I DL the game directly from a commercial I saw on another game because I was looking for some thing different and challenging and it looked like it would be. This was not the game that was advertised. The name is the same, but the game is not. I played it for several levels anyways thinking I might like it. I really gave it a chance, but it was the same type of thing over and over and over. I got bored; really, really, really bored! It is basically a mix of trivia and spelling bee type of thing. If you know trivia and you know how to spell the combination of those things repeatedly is the way this game goes. Oh and it’s also kind of a “hangman” thing. You will have only so many tokens to use to buy letters before it will force you to solve the puzzle. Then how well you score depends purely on how many letters you used (need to have lots of left over tokens) before you solve the puzzle and the luck of picking a high multiplier from cards that come out of a chest that you get once you win a round. Good luck if you decide to download it. Frankly, I wouldn’t bother. Oh one last thing; tons and tons of commercials! Way more than I normally encounter.

IMhushin, Feb 14, 2022
Most recent update ruined this game

They recently released an update to change how stars and coins were earned, or at least changed how much you were allowed to earn. I am pretty good at this game, and there are some times where I get the best possible chest to choose my multiplier from and I STILL lose coins on the puzzle. They’ve made it super difficult to get stars for clubs for the same reason. I went from collecting 40,000 stars in 10/15 minutes, and now I’m lucky to have made 5,000 stars, no exaggeration. I will most likely be getting rid of this game due to the recent changes.

Koovbee, May 15, 2022
Not the game shown in ads on other games

I am tired of deceiving developers who show a game in the video clips that isn’t the game you installed. I wanted to play the 80’s trivia game with the muppet looking character. I did not want to play some wheel of fortune knockoff that I have to keep watching videos to get coins to play. I am spending more time watching videos than playing a game that I did t expect to be playing. I am deleting the game. Be honest with your product in the videos on other games.

Letague, Feb 03, 2022
Too many ads

Way, way, way too many ads! The promotional ads for this game shows multiple choice questions. But oooooh noooo!!! It’s just fill in the blank boxes and watch more ads each time you need a hint. You can pay for no ads but I refuse to do that before the app convinces me it’s worth it, and this one definitely does not. Dr. Phil promotes this app on his show as being developed by one of his family members—well, Dr. Phil, you need to tell your “family member” he/she is only showing their greed. Stay away from this game until they can prove they a tree e more concerned about helping people have fun instead of filling their picks with money. Are you listening, Dr. Phil? Signed—A Very Disappointed Senior.

ovelky, Jul 16, 2022


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