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User Reviews for Triller: Social Videos & Clips

Fishy past reviews..disgruntled employee?? Be unbiased & informed

So, i was cleaning up my daughters ipad to free up her data. I’d downloaded it, never had an opportunity to use. So I thought I’d read reviews first, before deleting…So, so, so frustrating. It’s like the first eight..they are all very long. The author of them is well spoken and educated in grammar, but I really believe something odd is up here because the some of the same points are being presented and there are “quirky” coincidences. I can’t exactly say why, but they just strike me as the same vindicated author. Just one coincidence after another. They not only mention tik tok repeatedly, I guess that makes sense, but used the word flipped, “boring”, mention fondness of Kevin hart while also trying their own hand at comedy..ha-ha, mention kavanauh or whatever the fk his name is..(I don’t care about that guy…that doesn’t help me here.) Anyways, I’m still no more informed than when I started spending this hour reading. I won’t read another one, there’s no telling how far back the silliness goes. I hope people will be unbiased & better informed…insightful and mindful to not be swayed from using a potentially good app. It does look cute though. I’ll keep it for now.

702star, Jan 17, 2022
A knock off Tik Tok

To begin with, yes, I did learn about this app through H3, however I am not a fan and find Ethan to be overrated. I came after seeing coverage on the Phillip Defranco show and wanting to give the app a fair try. 10 minutes into my experience and I’m finding this to be too much like tik tok, but without the curation abilities. I will swipe through 10 dancing videos trying to find some comedy, and what do I get? 10 more dancing videos. And when I finally do find something I like and give it a like, do I get more? No. I’m forced to filter through more dancing videos. Maybe it’s just the user difference, but I feel like there are funny users on here that maybe can’t get attention because of the app settings. I plan to give it more time and see if the algorithm can adjust to my liking, but so far this is such a waste of time when Tik Tok exists and has any content your heart desires. Also, looking into the CEO just based on the DeFranco video, he doesn’t seem like the greatest guy. I’ve seen a lot of the H3 talk, but outside of that and prior to it, he seems to have a scummy history and working with Jake Paul doesn’t help that. Just my opinion, but I think there’s better uses of your time. I will give props to the few creators I’ve found that made me laugh, I hope y’all are able to flourish despite this app and I will keep an eye for more content.

cantcritiqueme, Nov 22, 2021
Pull the plug ASAP!

I’ve had this app for a little while now, I admit it was cool to see this app in the beginning grow with its competitors out there. But, I had a change of heart, I noticed while using this app, I’ve been having some weird issues, some of which made made feel very uncomfortable. I know the app collects data, but since installing this app, I got so many random phone calls from people with odd phone numbers, and even started getting random people in public come to my house. I know this could be random, but the whole time I had this app, those strange things happened. The app within itself started to get very boring, and not as useful as I wanted it to be (TikTok changed that for me). I sent tweets to get help, emails and etc but this company doesn’t care. They just want your money and oh the ads, I think the app was made to not click the “X” on the ads so that they can continue to play. I seriously don’t suggest this app to anybody that wants their privacy respected. On the Upside of things from this very flipped app, more apps are available that will keep your attention.

DDEW209, Oct 08, 2021
This App blows and it’s ceo bears a striking resemblance to disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein

I initially downloaded this app because I thought it would be a viable alternative to Tik Tok (which my step-kids say I'm not allowed to download because i'm "embarrassing" ...) but boy-oh-boy was I wrong. The functionality of this app leaves a lot to be desired. It performs about as well as my wife did when giving me a colonoscopy last week and she has no medical training whatsoever. The content i've found on this app has been about as entertaining and engaging as listening to a Drew Ackerman podcast but at least Ackerman puts me to sleep. The app could have potentially redeemed itself if celebrities like Kevin Hart (who were advertised to be using the app) were actually posting anything, but the front page is about as barren as the moons of Tatooine. I recently did a Google search of Triller CEO Ryan Kavanaugh, and I couldn't help but think he bears a striking resemblance to disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein. At first I thought that must be a coincidence but there is no such thing as a coincidence. Kavanaugh's former business partner also accused him of running a Ponzi Scheme in an article written by the esteemed folks at Variety Magazine. Please fix this horrible app. I hope others will consider leaving an honest review of this app's shortcomings in the mean time. 1 star app.

Defnitely not Ethan Klein, Jul 16, 2021
Annoying problem that pretty much everyone has

I am a person who uses pretty much all social media platforms. As a result, I had to use this one too. However, there is one problem preventing me from using it. Every time I try to upload a video, I am unable to make it public, and it is stuck on private. Every time I change it, it gets stuck on a loading screen forever, and whenever I go out of the video it’s still on private. I have contacted support twice and both times they gave me the auto-generated response of “this is affecting other creators too so it’s our top priority”. It’s been MONTHS with the same issue. I am still waiting for them to fix this. Hopefully this is fixed sooner or later since it’s really affecting me as a content creator for all platforms. I would like to use this platform as intended and not for me to watch my vids by myself, and have no way to gain followers. So please fix this Triller, as I’m not the only one with this issue. It’s been months, and I want to be able to upload and share as normal.

Devindowns123, Oct 09, 2023
To be honest

I find this app very similar to tiktok in many ways, some have said it’s a nock off version of it and I see why, look at the page of what tiktok would call fyp or following, it looks almost the exact same and tiktok/ musically has been around a little longer. Many people have said they want the old version back before it was a mini tiktok or before it became mainstream. I don’t mean to be harsh but I am including what others have said as well. Another problem that comes in with this is they only show popular creators in a way the small creators wouldn’t even have a good chance of being seen on this. All of this being said I have nothing against triller and hope it continues to do well but I wish that it would change back to what everyone wants and not be so similar to tiktok. I am a tiktok user myself and don’t think I will put more time onto this app but for the people that like it I hope you can get what you want and have the app that you liked back. All of this being said I have nothing against this app or it’s creators.

Emily dark 81, Jun 16, 2021
Truly disgusted. Nauseous.

Listen, i’ve been around. I’ve downloaded triller a handful of times and always ended up removing it from my phone because i couldn’t understand it and just didn’t enjoy it. Before, I honestly would have given triller a fair 2 stars, but, I made the gruesome mistake of re-downloading it for the sake of this review. This app is horrible. The layout is vomit inducing. Why is there a merch button. Also, I went to download one of the videos on the app and it took a full minute to download. This app resembles tik tok so much that i thought it would at least be able to download videos in 10 seconds or less but no, it took a full minute. I. Cant. Stand. This. App. i’m getting frustrated. i cant stop the download. nothing i can do. but sit there. for a full. minute. Why me, God? Why. ME. at the end of the download it asked to access my photos and videos and to be honest i hesitated. i did. i cant lie to you. but i let them in. i’m scared honestly. After my five minute experience i had to delete the app. i was miserable and reaching the lowest point in my life. don’t use this app.

Holtdolg, Jul 16, 2021
Boring, slow (Un-Biased Review)

As soon as you download the app, you see tons of celebrities and music videos, nothing funny or interesting if I am honest. For context, I am an 19 year old. I understand paying celebrities to endorse your app is a great way to get exposure, but the average teenager does not want to see 35 year old celebrities endorsing their products/music videos. After a while of scrolling I realized that the only way to find relevant content to me is to search a hashtag for something I am interested in. The search feature is incredibly slow and laggy and the video previews sometimes don’t load at all. The app overall feels like a boring compilation of celebrities and brand advertisements & is pretty slow. I have an iPhone 13 pro max and I feel as though the app isn’t up to par- technically speaking. If you want teenagers on your app to compete with other short clips apps, consider reevaluating the content shown to us when we first download the app. First impressions are crucial. I see potential in the app but it’s not there yet.

NatalieClabo, Dec 12, 2021
Decent App

Triller is a decent app it could use some updates such as… -more filters -a “tutorial” when you first download the app to show you your way around Triller -that not every ten or so clips it tells “Sign Up or Sign In Now!” which gets extremely frustrating over time -there should also be a “kids mode” for kids under the age of 12. -certainly there are other issues that I forgot Overall though, Triller is a good social media app even though it may have its flaws. I like using Triller a lot more than TikTok but TikTok has more filters than Triller. Triller should also state that a video/clip/short has explicit language. Other than that this app is one of the best social media apps I’ve ever tried. So I give it 4/5 if the app improves I will give it 5 stars.EDIT: I am extremely thankful for the response from Triller’s Team but I will downgrade my rating from 4 stars to 3 stars because of all the “stripper” content that I have seen. It is also extremely stupid to not have something that states shows explicit images/video topic being inappropriate or explicit language. I hope that something to warn viewers before they watch the video will come soon. (If you do add it please don’t make it a pop-up or just add a “Safe Search” sort of thing to filter through inappropriate clips/shorts so each user can decide even if they don’t have a account)

Nerd Giant from Smartland, Apr 08, 2022
Hate the changes

So I haven’t been on triller in a awhile. Before I just used to to create fun and care-free music videos to let loose while being stressed in college. Deciding that I wanted to get back to doing some of the things that made me happy and relaxed I re-downloaded the app. To my surprise they changed the way they format your videos after recording. Before I would shuffle my videos and it randomly organized the videos with differ time lengths. It made it look like a real music video and matched up with the music. Now when you shuffle your videos, they are all the same time length. It just makes your video look choppy and unorganized. I know before they didn’t have an option to change the length of individual videos when you went to edit but with all these new changes they could have at least added that. I was looking firward to creating agin but now I have to try to find a new app that can give me what I want. Hopefully they can bring back an option on rather to randomize with either the same or different time length or give the option to change the length of each video to match to the sound used. Until then 1 star.

Nzuri22, Jan 06, 2022


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