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User Reviews for TrialPad - Trial Presentation

Almost Useless Now!

I am a criminal trial attorney and the lack of trial presentation software on the market is astonishing, but I’ve been using TrialPad for a few years and have generally found it to be a good application. However now, for unknown reasons, it simply will not consistently pull documents from Dropbox. When you click on the Dropbox option to import a file from, the app just freezes and becomes useless. That is totally frustrating as I’m getting ready for trial and the most expensive trial presentation app on the market doesn’t work.

activerunner, Jan 25, 2022
Like the new system

I’ve been a litsuite user for a few years, though have never completely adopted it as a day-to-day case analysis app. Moving/syncing case files and having the TP file not in sync with our real office file has been a major impediment, as the user has to keep running back to the office file to see if there are additions. I am thrilled that the new version has the ability to see more cloud resources. (I won’t bother with how limited TP 4.6.5 and related apps were in this regard.)I hate subscription services, but I’m willing to make an exception here. (Though I’ll be pretty grumpy if the Mac OS version doesn’t show up soon.)What I would REALLY love to see is the ability of the apps to monitor Dropbox (or whatever) cloud service folders so that when new docs are added to the originating case files in TP they just sync and I don’t have to go chasing them. Even if it required just a “TrialPad” folder in the Dropbox file that would be okay. That way one (lawyer, staff, whoever) could add docs to that folder on the fly and TP would pick up the changes without the additional intervention of the user. And when the end user went into the file on iPad it would already be there. Lawyers are really bad at data management. Make it easier for your end user so that s/he doesn’t have to go hunting to see if something new has been added, and you’ll sell WAY more apps.

dcw94945, Feb 25, 2021

The new multitasking functionality is a game changer. Somehow you have again made these great Apps even better. Thanks for making this happen!

dgreenstone, Dec 14, 2021
TrialPad on my MacBook!

The desktop version is hands down the best app for Mac users. It has improved our workflow immediately. The support has been superb, personal and extremely helpful. I can’t wait to see how this suite continues to develop.

Feltado, Jul 17, 2023
Bait and switch

Previously paid a ton for trialpad and now they are switching to $400/year subscription AFTER paying the large fee advertised as being a one time fee at that time. They seem to say that it’s worth it because we get access to other apps too, but what about those that paid for TrialPad and only want TrialPad? Sorry guys but $400/year is crazy. Now have to pay an annual fee too.

gavman0190, Nov 25, 2021
BEST Trial Presentation Software on the market!

I run a litigation support firm, and have used several trial presentation software products. TrialPad is by FAR the best in the industry! Furthermore, while other developers are abandoning their software because the industry is so niche, LIT SOFTWARE is actively developing to make their product(s) better and easier to use. I am incredibly happy with this software and with the developer’s responsiveness and receptiveness to feedback. 10/10

IPV Litigation Services, Jan 09, 2023
Confused & Disappointed

I purchase TrialPad and it worked for a while but now when I try to upload a file from Dropbox I cannot because of an error loading app info message. I have deleted and reinstall Dropbox several times just in case that was the problem but the problem still lingers on. I have searched in the app store for the version of TrialPad that I recently paid for but could not find it and instead found something that require a more than $300 subscription and no way to contact anyone to see what is going on. Did the TrialPad I purchase get discontinued?

JuniorB, Sep 05, 2022

Excellent, indispensable apps. I’ve used the old ones for years and these new ones have added much needed features. I generally don’t like subscriptions but this is one I’m happy to pay.

koorblaw, Feb 04, 2021
Good and the bad

Home Screen is gone and importing can be confusing. However, some of the new features are great. I love the fact that the developers are trying to push the envelope.

monkeysnot1, Mar 11, 2021
Love it with one issue

I’ve used TrialPad and it worked great as far as presenting the exhibits over Zoom (I mean really excellent) and recently in a custody trial.Please for the love of all things holy include a feature to allow me to export exhibits that have been labeled with the exhibit number (or letter) as a prefix (or even the sole name) of the file name. No fact finder wants to get a USB drive with a list of files and be required to open them all to find a specific exhibit. Yes, I understand I can change the file names within the APP or even on my MacBook before I tender the USB drive to the Court reporter, but that is tedious and takes forever as it has to be done individually. It’s not practical to do this as we’re all leaving the courtroom or conference room. Still giving this app 5 stars because it’s great, but please address this issue and keep up the good work.

Mr Schwam, Jun 03, 2021


Organize and annotate all your evidence, and make powerful and effective presentations at hearings, mediations, arbitrations, or trial with the top-rated trial presentation app on the App Store: TrialPad! TrialPad is a full-featured courtroom presentation tool. Callout and highlight sections of documents, compare documents side by side, edit and show video clips, add exhibit stickers to documents, search document text, and much more.

TrialPad can integrate with any platform or workflow, is just as powerful, far easier to use, and a fraction of the cost of Windows or cloud based programs, all while being mobile and efficient. LIT SOFTWARE has set the bar for developing the best in litigation apps, garnering awards for innovation and ease of use. Our apps have been featured by Apple, and are loved by lawyers. TrialPad has been honored with numerous awards, such as "The Best Trial Presentation App" with an A+ TechnoScore by LitigationWorld. ———— REVIEWS ———— “The short review. Wow.” “TrialPad offers a full trial presentation system in a simple-to-use package at a fraction of the cost.” “These are incredibly sophisticated and useful apps that are in many ways more powerful than PC software costing hundreds of dollars more.” “For anybody doing any amount of trial work...TrialPad is a must have application.” “TrialPad is the perfect case organizer and presenter.” “TrialPad is one of the most complete and high tech presentation systems designed for lawyers and it is available right on your iPad [and Mac].” “TrialPad...is the industry leader.” ———— QUICK FEATURE SUMMARY ———— • Full electronic courtroom presentation capability, no cloud connection needed • Create callouts from documents, photographs, or transcripts • Highlight, annotate, redact, and zoom in on your evidence • Import documents directly from an email, USB drive, or cloud storage providers like Box, Citrix Files, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and many more • Present via HDMI to a TV or projector, or present wirelessly using an Apple TV • Add bookmarks in long documents to jump to specific pages • Create presenter notes to help with your direct examination • Make key docs of pages from important documents with saved annotations • Search for a file name, or text within one document, a folder of documents, or the whole case • Add exhibit stickers to documents, with the ability to automatically increment numbers or letters • Mark documents as admitted so you know what can be presented without question • Create reports of all your evidence, presenter notes, or a presentation log with a date and time stamp • Edit video clips, or take snapshots of frames of video • Take snapshots of annotated documents with callouts to incorporate into motions • Organize your evidence into witness or issue folders • Add map images directly from Apple Maps • Import PDF files with bookmarks and retain those bookmarks in TrialPad • Import organized production sets from DocReviewPad • Import reports and impeachment slides from TranscriptPad • Share entire case files with other users using cloud storage or a USB drive • File formats supported: PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, Multi-Page TIF, TXT, video and audio files ———— EASILY ORGANIZE AND PRESENT EVIDENCE ———— Easily import files from many cloud storage providers, via AirDrop, from a USB drive, or drag-and-drop. Pre-annotate and organize evidence into witness or issue folders. Add exhibit stickers, and mark documents as admitted. Create highlights and annotations on-the-fly, zoom in on important areas, create multiple callouts on-the-fly, or compare two documents side-by-side. Simple plug-and-play via VGA or HDMI to present to a projector or TV at your next deposition, mediation, or trial. Or present wirelessly using an Apple TV. ———— THE LIT SUITE ———— TrialPad is part of the LIT SUITE, which gives you the tools to review documents, summarize transcripts, organize events, and present evidence. Start your 7-day free trial today.

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