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TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID

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TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID

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User Reviews for TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID


I got this app over a year ago because I was getting tons of spam callers daily. While it worked for the purpose of filtering out a lot of those callers, it completely messed up my voicemail. People would leave me voicemails that I would get hours and often times days later. The voicemail issue frustrated me more than the spam callers so I decided to delete the app and cancel my subscription after only a few months of having it. My voicemail went back to normal, that is until a few months ago. I was woken up by my phone ringing and looked to see who it was when I noticed it was being flagged as a suspected scam by TrapCall. Since I had just been sleeping, I thought maybe I was just seeing things but sure enough a week or two later I get another number being flagged by TrapCall as a suspected scam. However, this time I recognized the number as my pharmacy’s. Additionally, my voicemail is extremely delayed again and I know it’s due to this app that I thought I had completely got rid of. So if you like some spam callers being flagged as spam, some actual callers being flagged as spam, waiting for voicemails and an app that sticks around even after you delete and unsubscribe to it, then this is the app for you.

Ash2019271, Sep 27, 2018
It works, but continued to forward my calls even after I deleted the app

I downloaded the app after I started getting repeated calls from a blocked number. It did the trick, I found out who was calling me. It works by forwarding your calls to another number and rerouting the call back to you. When I no longer needed the app, I deleted it, but apparently my calls were still being forwarded to the number issued by Trap Call. I found this out because people were unable to leave me a voicemail. Instead of going to my voicemail after ringing, the call would just drop. I had to call my cell phone provider to find out why people couldn’t leave me voicemails, and I learned that it was because my calls were still being forwarded to Trap Call. I definitely recommend the app if you’re desperate to find out who is calling you like I was, but keep in mind that people may not be able to leave you voicemails and you will need to stop the call forwarding even after your membership ends and you’ve deleted the app.

Cotayk, Mar 30, 2021
Works great

One of my long time ex girlfriends just had a horrible relationship. She ended up getting a restraining order but kept getting blocked calls in the middle of the night. So she asked me what to do. So I looked for something to help her out and I found trap call. We both downloaded it and tested it out and we felt satisfied it would work. It took 4 months before her ex with the restraining order called her six times in a row from a blocked number in the middle of the night… but he don’t know about trap call!!! He got TRAPPED, trap call shows his full name and the number he called from. Police had no problem taking the call log from trap call. To make it even better he downloaded a spoof app the next day and sent her a text saying he lost his phone yesterday…. Haha I don’t know about that buddy, trap call says otherwise!

Dr.HASHISH, Jan 11, 2023
Would give this 5 stars buttttt...

I had this app a couple years back when my Bfs crazy stalker ex was nonstop calling me with threats and hang ups all day and night for a couple months from a blocked #. Always had a feeling it was her but couldn’t prove it...and this app absolutely solved my problem on day 1 but I continued to let her call for another full week so that I could gather proof...then I provided her with some of that proof...and threatened prosecution. Never heard from her again...! Moving forward 2 yrs to now I’m with a different carrier and I Reactivated my account today just to try to get rid of unwanted telemarketers but I’m having trouble getting my phone to decline their test call that’s supposed to activate TrapCall. Wasn’t until I went to troubleshoot that I found a list of unsupported carriers!!!! That really should be the leading bit of info on the site because now I’ve paid for a service that’s not even offered to me!!! Andddddd there is no phone number to contact support, you can only email and hope that they respond...so this would techically be 5 stars for me based on performance last time I used it but now...since unsupported carriers are buried in fine print on page 1 billion(exaggerating a bit)...I’m at 1 star until I can get a refund...then I will gladly update with 5 star!

hmmmm01, Dec 09, 2017
Please help me remove it permanently from my iPhone and account!

Please someone help me with this. I have been unsuccessful at removing this from my iPhone. It gets very frustrating and I would be very grateful to have directions and help to remove this from my life totally. Thanks for the info on this being a concern in others and the difficulties you have had to deal with in removing it completely. I don’t see the directions on the app or anything else. I’m also assuming this is for Robocalls and all the other things that are meant for blocking unwanted spam calls or insane people or stalkers. lol I just wanted the spam to stop but I am missing out on important calls and voicemails and each time I do it’s a big hassle to fix the problem from awaiting a call that doesn’t get through although I’ve had it turned off and not used it and still haven’t gotten rid of it. Thanks for the help! Please let me know how to remove it and how to fix this issue.

Honestgal801, Nov 06, 2022
Catch that cheat. Helpful Finder

Apparently, this app gave me the clear eye I needed with my findings. I suspected my spouse was cheating on me but I never had any evidence even though I had my doubts and he’s been suspicious and keeping secrets too. This went on for months and I was totally not comfortable until I took it upon myself to make my thorough findings with some tracking apps until I came across a successful review about a private spy investigator of which I contacted him on his email provided at “ TheRapidHacks @ Gmail com ”. I explained carefully and gave the spy expert the information he requested of me and in few hours, my husband’s device was hacked and I got access to his phone messages, his WhatsApp, Facebook and emails, I was able to monitor his gps real time location as well as listen to his phone calls too. I was hurt when all this information dawned on me. I felt so heartbroken to say i detest infidelity for the fact I was honest with him. Well, I’m glad I reached out to the investigator for giving me this credible useful information to my doubts, I had no regrets still. I urge anyone to reach out to the expert if you have similar issues or looking at tracking or spying anonymously on anyone and be certain of a satisfying helpful result.

Jane Mcnaly, Oct 02, 2023
Inaccurate info & voicemail issues

I downloaded this app on my personal and work cell phones as I was receiving harassing phone calls from someone that continued to use other phone numbers after being blocked. The app seemed ok at first but the caller ID data is often incorrect. My own mother called and it’s recorded her under a few different names. I would understand if she had a relatively new number but she’s had the same number since she had the clunky bag/car phone in the 90s. I cancelled my subscription and uninstalled the app on both phones. I started noticing people would call my work phone multiple times and never leave a voicemail. I do get some spam calls but I didn’t receive a single voicemail over a few weeks. I figured out my voicemail wasn’t working at all. I tried all kinds of fixes and updates thinking it was caused by and iOS update or carrier issue. Wrong. It was all caused by Trap Call. I finally located a fix on their site and the issue was resolved but getting to that point was time consuming and my business had already been negatively impacted. Do not use this app.

Katyw713, Jan 14, 2020

I got this app after some kids prank called me about my missing cat. It did what it was suppose to and unmasked blocked calls. But when I decided to cancel my subscription a few months ago, my voice mail stopped working and my phone wouldn’t ring for calls. After some Googling, I managed to get my phone to ring but it still wouldn’t take voicemails. I went to the AT&T store and they couldn’t figure it out, to the point where they told me I needed a new phone. I GOT A NEW PHONE and my voicemail still wouldn’t work! So I finally decided to look into this app. I looked at a bunch of reviews that all say the same thing, it’s hard to unsubscribe and it will mess up your voicemail! Finally I figured out how to “unregister” my number and my voicemail finally works after 3 months! I bought a house in that time and got a lot of snotty emails from my underwriter about how I don’t answer my phone because of this app. Thanks for that.

Lahgirl, May 11, 2022
Caution: the ring back notice does not work

Because the ring back notice does not work, you will undoubtably miss important calls. I have missed calls from mechanics, delivery services, restaurants, potential employers, and even my mom! Trap calls says that any Un-identified call will ring back after being id’d. That only works once in a while. Mostly it just blocks the call and you’ll get a text message from trap call about it. Also- I’ve heard from people I was actually expecting a call from that they were not given the option of leaving a voicemail. Obviously this is not ideal. It does block calls pretty okay. And if you don’t use your cell phone for calls then this will work for you.FYI: I was on the premium plan, paying $10 a month for at least 6 months and this continued to frustrate me. Also even though I paid this month, when I cancelled it cuts off immediately. It does not even honor the full month you paid for! Make sure to do a lot of research before deciding this is the best option for you.

Mishka99, Feb 14, 2019
False Advertising - DON’T GET THIS APP

I have the monthly subscription, and payment was withdrawn from my account a few days ago. My subscription is supposed to still be active until October 21, 2019, but my app tells me my subscription expired and gives me two subscription renewal options, the monthly one and the yearly one. When I click on the monthly one it tells me my account is active until 10/21, if I click on the yearly one it gives me the option to pay the yearly fee. I still can’t get into the account, even when I’m still active. This is clearly a scam from this app to force you to buy the yearly subscription. There are similar reviews in here, which shows they are doing it on purpose to scam people. There’s is no customer service number. You have to write a question and wait for an answer. The answer I got was asking me a question not related to what I was asking. I responded to the email and never got an answer. I also asked for a refund, which I didn’t get. It’s a shame they want to scam people financially, they will get more money if they have more clients, instead of getting less with their yearly subscription scam.

Mon PR, Sep 27, 2019


If you’re troubled by harassing blocked calls or the dreaded "No Caller ID," TrapCall will solve your problem. Sign up & get freedom from unwanted Blocked, Unknown, and "NO CALLER ID" calls! TONS OF AMAZING BENEFITS: √ Find out who’s hiding behind "NO CALLER ID," Unknown, & Blocked calls! √ Track down digital stalkers √ Protect your privacy and safety √ Get the evidence you need to file a police report √ Make annoying unwanted calls stop √ Automatically block over 200,000 known spam callers and telemarketers √ Continuously updated spam call protection √ Record your incoming phone calls for evidence √ Avoid needing to change your number! √ Get your voicemails as text and SMS or email √ Turn unfamiliar numbers into names, photos, and addresses with Live Caller ID This is the only app in the world that protects you from harassing or threatening calls by revealing the Caller ID of people who mask their number.

It’s a must-have for anyone who is concerned about their safety, trying to track down a digital stalker, or wanting to put an end to annoying phone calls. How's it work? Easy! When you receive a "No Caller ID" aka blocked call, decline the call so it can be sent for unmasking and within SECONDS the call comes back to your phone — with the number unmasked! You can even get the name and address associated with the number instantly via SMS! TrapCall's spam call blocking will automatically block over 200,000 known spam numbers to your phone, so your phone will stop ringing with unwanted calls! When your phone does ring, you can be sure that you'll know who it is, even if the Caller ID was masked, thanks to TrapCall. **** To decline a call on the iPhone, press the Power button on the side or top of your iPhone two times! **** AS SEEN IN: √ The New York Times √ Wired √ MSNBC √ CNET √ Gizmodo √ The Washington Times In-App Purchases: TrapCall is a free download, with a free trial period to use the app completely risk-free, before purchasing the service. If you purchase the service, you will be charged a monthly or yearly price according to your country and which item you purchase. The price will always be shown in the app before you complete a purchase. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your TrapCall subscription automatically renews at the end of every billing period (as determined by your purchase of monthly or yearly service) and your iTunes account will automatically be charged within 24 hours PRIOR to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Terms of Service: https://www.trapcall.com/terms Privacy Policy: https://www.trapcall.com/privacy California Privacy Notice: https://trapcall.com/privacy#section-8

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