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Kevin Mangan
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User Reviews for Trace Table

Great but it doesn’t prevent the screen from dimming

It’s great for trace but I’d like an app that I can also use as a reference without having to touch the screen. Someting that would override the sleep settings on my phone

1312allgodsareactualydogs, Jul 06, 2020
I never write reviews but this is so useful I have to

In embroidery circles, we are always looking for ways to transfer patterns to fabric and this has by far been the easiest way. I pull up the PDF and put it directly into Trace Table and it works perfectly. I’ve recommended this no less than 50 times and I will never stop. Huge help!

CarrieGgggg, Jan 28, 2019
Perfect for inking art!

I’ve been using my iPad as a makeshift on-the-go tracing table to transfer my digital pencils to bristol board to ink my final drawings. Previously, I had to trace with the Apple Pencil while keeping my fingers and palms lifted from the tablet, so as not to shift the digital art, which was VERY difficult and usually failed every ten seconds or so. I needed a program that would lock my image in place so I couldn’t accidentally move or zoom in/out with my hand while tracing with the pencil. This app is PERFECT for what I needed, immediately simple to use, and has several additional functions that I haven’t used yet, but will probably be very grateful for when I do! I’m so grateful this app exists!

dcorsetto, May 17, 2020
Crafty gift from the heavens!

I originally downloaded this app in order to do some hand drawn art. However I discovered another use for it when I was going through some DIY Clothing TikTok‘s and I realize that I could copy images onto tissue paper to embroider onto my clothes. This is really great for anyone who has seen a TikTok DIY where they magically put images onto clothes but don’t tell you how. I was able to use all the features, the light box, the flip, the lock, and make different sizes of the same image for different pieces of clothing. I’m excited to put an anatomical heart on a sweatshirt, on one of my baseball caps, and on a tote in the future. I will also be making stencils for some bleach art. Thank you Kevin! I am going to add myself into the people that appreciate you making this app, in addition to your wife!

Ezzy F., May 03, 2022
Incredibly useful

Several great features. You can lock (and unlock) the image with one click so you don’t move the image around when you try to trace. Yes, iOS has a feature to lock the screen (I have been using it) but it is much more cumbersome to use than this app. You can also reorient your image (horizontally to vertical etc.) just using your fingers to rotate. Yes, you can do this in iOS also, but again, much more cumbersome to do. Lastly, one click switches your image to a line drawing, again making it much easier to trace. Well worth the small fee.

Gloe Worm, Sep 25, 2018
Useful app…

One major complaint, there should be a way to completely lock the image. Effective for the most part, but as others mentioned, one can accidentally close/minimize the app or jog the image inadvertently by accidentally actuating the home function… Consider a full lock, so when the image is locked, the user cannot minimize or close the app without unlocking the image. Not sure if that is possible, but would get 5 stars from me if updated in such a way.

GroktheStranger, May 09, 2019
Too Cool!

What a wonderful idea! This is a great way to improve your drawing skills! This app can be used for all sorts of things. It should come included with your iPad! I dare say kids can come up with all sorts of uses. Generate a list!I think it is SO admirable that these developers haven’t charged even a little bit more. I’m not alone in saying we’re tired of being taken to the cleaners by just some of these business people.I just now installed Trace Table and I can guarantee I’ll be using it a great deal.One caveat… I almost wrote on my screen with a black pen. I had intended to grab my Apple Pencil!Terrific job! Keep up the great work!!!

IrishPirQueen, Jun 17, 2021
Just does what you want

It’s a magical moment when you hope there’s an app for that and then there just… is! Reminds me of the good ol’ days in the App Store. No ads, just $1, just useful.To the developer: thanks for making this. 🙂

joelisfar, May 08, 2021
Slider doesn’t do anything! UPDATE

Previous comment: Just that.... has anyone had any luck using the slider? I have tried every imaginable combination of functions, but I do not see where the slider has any effect at all. Clicked on the link to the developers web site, but that was no help as there is no way to contact the developer. Does the app work? Yes. Is it supported? No. Would I buy it again? No.Just downloaded the update. The slider now works! That helps a lot. Two problems:1. The width of the slider went from wide to narrow. Makes it harder to use. Needs to return to a better width.2. When using the slider, it does not brighten or darken evenly. From being light, it seems to take effect on the right side of the image first. And vice versa. Inste needs to brighten or darken evenly.Programmers - please fix!

Reviewer NJ, Jan 23, 2018
Now I can trace on iPad

Before I got this app I would open a photo that was mostly white space, but it always giggled around or would close when trying to draw. Then I searched, how to use iPad as a trace box and found out that 'there's an app for that'. This app works perfect. Thank you very much. Well worth 99cents too, as a small stand alone light box could cost twent in thirty bucks.

roger325, Jan 29, 2019


A simple, effective light box for tracing drawings and artwork. Trace drawings, photos, tattoos, flash, lettering, inking, line work, comics, homework, anything! Trace Table maximizes your screen brightness, so the lines are easy to see.

Lock your artwork in place, so your hand doesn’t accidentally move it while you are drawing.* Outline Mode easily adjusts photos to help you see lines more clearly. Features: - MAX brightness management. - Trace artwork from Photos or Camera. - Outline Mode makes it easy. - Resize, move, and rotate artwork. - Flip the artwork for reverses and transfers. - Lock the screen so nothing moves while you’re tracing!* - Home screen swipe protection on iPhone X, XR, XS. “I originally made Trace Table to help my wife draw cartoons on notes to put in our son’s lunchbox. It really helped her drawing confidence and speed. I hope it can help you with your art.” — Kevin Mangan, Trace Table Developer

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