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Touchscreen Test

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Touchscreen Test

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Vishal Singh
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User Reviews for Touchscreen Test


Very useful app for testing iPhones, especially to those who are planning to buy the refurbish or taking from thrift store, or buying from a friend, or just trying their own iPhones.

Burnaok, Sep 04, 2019
great app. definitely necessary for device testing.

this really is a great app. it can help you test everything on your device.the only thing it’s missing & the only reason it’s not 5 stars is because it doesn’t have the pixel test. i used to have a Battery Life app that’s no longer on the app store that would test the screens pixel display. basically it would show the entire screen in different colors you could tap through to make sure the pixels on your screen aren’t dead. it would show all green, then you’d tap & it would show all blue, basically let you go through every color to see if a pixel is dead on your screen. i purchased it thinking it would have the dead pixel test as part of the screen tests. i would 100% give it 5 stars if this was added in the next update & i imagine it would be super simple to implement. please do consider adding this. thank you.

dannyamusic, Aug 10, 2020
Very nice, easy to use & understand issues if any.

The share report page, u press share w the arrow top right corner. The app quits & closes. I found interesting diagnostic.Days later as I closes many browsing. Closed extra apps & programs opened on iPad Pro and good as new again.

E85meBaby, Feb 04, 2019
Hope this works on iPod.

(This review will show you the exact text my iPod types when I am experiencing touchscreen issues)•••••••••••••••••••••••••At times, when I am charging my iPod 6, the screen goes hectic when I sit and just put my fifer on the screen and hold I it still. I really annoys me, and I just hope this app fixes this issue. I've had this problem with my iPod 5, also. Never had an iPod that went on the fritz. Apple should really look into finding men the pfk wpm dsj prov ln .

JeremyIsTheFordEscapeFan, Mar 07, 2017
Works well

This app was useful in determining where the damage to a broken touch screen had made it quit working. Definitely worth the modest price.

m0j0TX, Oct 09, 2020
Well worth it, lots of info in one place

I hardly ever write app reviews but this app is worth it. I was looking for an easy way to test all segments on a suspect screen and was surprised how few options seemed to exist in the apps store. I went with this one because it was the only one I could find with decent reviews. I’m glad I bought it as it has so many tests available for all the discreet sensors, speakers, microphones, camera, and screen functions. Well worth it and useful!

Mfida, Aug 31, 2019
Helped me fix my iPad

I used the screen test to figure out I had a problem with my screen. The day before I had sweated on my iPAd and so there was definitely condensation in the areas where the screen was not working. I took off the cover and let the area dry out and no my iPad works like a charm!

Nilknoc, Oct 31, 2020
Worth it!! 🍾🍾

Great app, helped me test the touch screen of my phone when my phone fell into water. Covered all the possible scenarios to test the touch screen.M glad i found this app👍👍👍

Samue3101, May 23, 2018
Not useful for phantom touches

I was hoping this would help document phantom touches on my 11” iPad Pro but the touchscreen test looks for dragging. Touching the screen does nothing so phantom touches wouldn’t be detected either. I’ll up my score if this test is added in a future version.

sdlsaginaw, Feb 23, 2020
Worked as expected

I had a question about whether my relatively new screen is defunct. It turns out my screen is fine. It turned out that since I replaced the screen, I had to take off my protective cover and my hand was pressing the side when I didn’t think it was (causing it to do weird things). Thank you!

ShawnJSpencer, Apr 30, 2019


This is a very useful and straight forward app to ensure that the touchscreen of your phone works fine. Features : • Touch Screen Test - This Test will help ensure that you phone's touch screen works fine. • Multi Touch Test - This test will help ensure that multi touch gesture of your phone's touch screen works fine. • Pinch,Move,Rotate - This test will help ensure that Pinch, Move and Rotate gesture of your phone's touch screen works fine. • Brightness - This test will help ensure that brightness of your phone's touch screen works fine. Some Additional Features : ▶ Sound You’ll be able to check if your phone's earpiece, speaker, headphone, microphone and vibration are functioning correctly.

No need to make any calls to check phone's earpiece and microphone/speaker, with this app you can check these components directly. ▶ Camera You’ll be able to check back/front Camera, turn on face detection switch to test if your camera correctly detects face. Also you’ll be able to check flashlight of your phone. ▶ SENSORS 
You'll be able to check which sensors are supported by your phone and test if the supported sensors are working correctly on your phone like accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and proximity sensor. You can also generate report and share with others.

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