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User Reviews for TOR Browser - Onion VPN

Awesome app          

Actually much faster than some of the other torr browsers I've seen. Works great and it's nice to know every little thing I do isn't getting tracked. There's so much of it now adays that this is like a safe space haha ​​  ​

Allard Maura, Jul 22, 2021
Like the PC Tor browser? Well, I don't know if they're related but it's a good idea      

I have been using the PC Tor Browser and have had no issues. With the impending repeal of the net privacy act in the USA I feel it's necessary to hide my data. I didn't like the pop up ads on the iOS version but it said if I wrote a review it would upgrade to Pro version without ads, so that seems fair. Thanks! ‌‍ ‍ ‌‍ 

annelledriverj, Jul 20, 2021
Mehdi khosroshahi.   ‍    

This vpn is so fast and wonderful that i hardly can say the right word for it I really am so lucky to have chance to work with it. Thanks for the makers , they are really genius..This This vpn is much excellent that i really can not define it, l can only say , thanks for the genius makers.I have been using this vpn for all my work , it is wonderful and recommend every one to use it ,thank you so much for letting and allowing me to use it.l again give my regards to all people working in your holdings to make us to feel happy..     

Battle Rosenbaum, Dec 04, 2021
The best ever vpn that i have used in china without any problem       

This vpn is so useful. Whenever you want to connect just less than a second it connects and in china that the great wall blockage is so strong but this vpn works amazingly. I highly suggest it. 👍🏼✌🏼       ‍ 

Bunting Paddy, Dec 26, 2021

Without any VPN configuration, the app failed to block 90% of trackers with a test I conducted. With a separate VPN configuration other than the built-in browser one, the app failed to block 40% of trackers, which means the inherent tracking blocking capabilities of this browser were lacking. My control, Firefox and Brave, blocked 100% of tracking requests with my personal VPN. How can this be possible? Finally, with the built-in app VPN it blocked 100% of trackers as expected, with the exception being its own ads which require a premium to remove. A completely unethical move. Also, why is the Google homepage set as the default start page and search engine in this browser?? Is privacy really in mind here?Off topic: I am looking alternatives to Brave because I want to move away from a chromium based browser. Firefox focus doesn’t feel as private as Brave. Thought this Tor browser would be the answer, but nope it’s a premium focused service.

Jay techie, Oct 13, 2021
It’s doing very well  ‍ ‍​  

It’s long time since I’ve been using this app. I do like it because of its fast connection, not facing any interruption while connecting to the servers and unlimited service provided by the app. Brilliant.    ​

Loomis_Bambii, Nov 20, 2021
Works‌  ‌    

It works. The adds are a bit annoying until you get the paid version, but the free version allows you to test it out before paying the $2.  ‍      

MaganSongx, Jul 21, 2021
Really Great.

I love this app because since you have to pay and get a subscription using money to do anything, it really shows how good the service must be. Ah yes, the exclusivity really increases the quality of the service because I know that I’m getting something better than everyone else. Again, due to the exclusivity created by requiring you to pay for a subscription to use the service, it just makes it that much better.

nousermamasvalaible, Aug 29, 2021
Privacy Becomes Important Again  ‍ ‌‌ 

A Tor browser is more crucial than ever since our privacy is up for sale and we live in perilous times. That said, I hate change. So I'm glad to say making the switch to Tor Browser has been seamless and the "learning curve" is negligible. I'm a very new user, but very happy so far with settings, performance and. functionality  ​   

sherrill_shaniquaf, Jul 20, 2021
Seems legit     ‍​

Don't know much about the security side of things, but seems to at least be an improvement over other browsers. Usually isn't much slower than other browsers, and free is a good price. ​  ‌   

Siobhan Hansen, Jul 20, 2021


Official Tor Browser app from Tor Inc. Tor Browser is the most secure browser which allows you to browse the web anonymously. Attain your personal online freedom and connect to hundreds of VPN servers for FREE.

Main App Features : - Hide your Online Identity - Secure Internet Access - Modern Featured Browser - Block Ads - Support for Audio and Video - Simple and Clean UI - No Logs - Automatically Delete cookies, cache and third party data. To use Premium features you need Tor Premium A purchase amount of $6.99 will be applied to your iTunes account at the end of the trial period of 3 days if selected the trial option. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription. Premium Subscription for Tor Premium is offered in 1 Month periods. 1 Month Subscription price is $6.99 per month. For more information read : Terms of Service : www.torbrowser.org/terms.html Privacy Policy : www.torbrowser.org/privacy.html

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