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Farm Animals: Kids' Baby Games

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Farm Animals: Kids' Baby Games

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User Reviews for Farm Animals: Kids' Baby Games

Best game for baby’s who like animals

I downloaded this app and my baby brother loves it I bought the full version but he only seems to like the barn for some reason ha ha either way this is the best game for baby’s and toddler’s

(. ; - ; ), Nov 27, 2022
$3 for one unlocked theme and it didn’t actually unlock

It is $3 for only ONE theme besides the barn, and after I paid it still wouldn’t unlock. Very disappointed, and hoping there is a way to either make it work or get a refund.

2019mom!1, Feb 16, 2021

App will steal your money if you try and unlock he full version. Won't give refund either. Paid for the full version and never unlocked the full game.

372618492800, Jul 11, 2022
Superb game for toddlers

My 18 month old grandson LOVES this game! I highly recommend and for just $2.99 (one time fee) I found it to be a wonderful bargain!

Awledt, May 09, 2023
Does not work well

The concept is good but it does not work well. I tap on it several times and it will not switch over. I first thought my kid was not touching the right spot but it won’t work for me either.

Bopbopkat, May 14, 2023

My daughter loves the app, except that you have to tap the screen a million times before it does what you want it to. 👎🏻

Briterbraters, Aug 01, 2020

I purchases the app but I have only the animal games and the refrigerator , shouldn’t I have the other games as well, such as leek a boo , etc? Thank you

ckhorn17, Oct 22, 2020
Very nice!

I absolutely love this farm baby game! As someone who grew up on a farm, I appreciate the attention to detail and accuracy in the various farm activities. The graphics are adorable and the controls are easy to use, making it perfect for kids and adults alike. I especially enjoy the mini-games and challenges that keep things interesting. Overall, this app is a great way to introduce children to farm life and the important role farmers play in our society. Highly recommended!

Dr.gil, Jun 09, 2023
Not a complete game

The purchase price only unlocks one game. The rest is in attempt to get you to buy more animals and other items.

FaninIllinois, Sep 04, 2019
My baby sister loves this game she likes to shout.

She kind of does like it

lolo6green, Dec 13, 2020


What will your child learn today? In the app there are 6 different categories: more than 90 kinds of animals, insects, fruits and vegetables. Kids will encounter the world of nature and learn many new words with learning games!

FARM Meet the lovable residents of the farm - a pink pig, a cuddly goat and a friendly puppy! SAVANNAH Go on a journey into the endless savannah. The kingly lion, spotty giraffe, stripy zebra and other animals want to meet you! FOREST A brown bear, a gray bunny and a fluffy squirrel are living in the forest together and waiting for you! GARDEN Be sure to look around the garden, because creatures are hiding there: a green caterpillar, a gorgeous butterfly, a little ant and many other insects! FRIDGE Fruits and vegetables are concealed in the kingdom of ice and cold! Juicy tomato, crispy carrot and sweet apple - find them all! BONUS GAME - "SHOW WHERE?" Choose between the images that the speaker says and watch the fun animations! Did your child learn all the words? Now learn them in a foreign language! Press the Language button on the Options screen to try them out: - English - Spanish - German - Russian - Italian KEY FEATURES: • More than 90 sounds and animations. Due to the quality speaker’s voice the child will remember every words. Colorful animation and funny sounds of kid games amuse your little one! • Learning in a game form. Bright illustrations and interesting missions of boy games will attract the child's attention, helping to develop fine motor skills, memory, attention and perseverance. • Easy to control. A user-friendly interface will allow your baby to use the application without help. Purchases and settings are reliably protected from accidental clicks of a curious toddler! • Play offline and with no ads! The game works fine without the Internet! Play free kids games at any time and anywhere - on a long journey or in a long queue. And no intrusive advertising! Access 20+ educational apps for kids with an Amaya Plus subscription! Ignite your child's imagination and develop their essential skills with our game collection. Play offline, anytime, anywhere. Connect up to 3 devices for seamless fun. Join now and embark on an exciting learning journey for your little ones! A few words about us: Our friendly team AmayaKids has been creating applications for kids for more than 10 years! We consult the best children's educators, create bright, user-friendly interfaces and develop the best applications for your children! We love to make kids happy with entertaining games, and also like to read your letters! Send your suggestions to: [email protected] Subscribe to our news! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmayaKids Terms of Use: http://amayakids.com/terms.html

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