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Toca Boca Jr Hair Salon 4

  • Education
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Toca Boca Jr Hair Salon 4

  • Education
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User Reviews for Toca Boca Jr Hair Salon 4

the origin story

i played this game and it was epic. at first… i was amazed by the people! they had blue lips and me personally i do not have. so naturally i got a tattoo for my lips and they were so amazing and epic i was so smart for this! but then i walked out and everyone laughed 😡i was like how dare you and went home my mom looked at me and said ew 😰 so naturally i left the country next on the game filled with so many great fashion trends ( in my opinion) i saw a girly pop with green hair so i got it done and when i walked out looking like shrek i got looks i was depressed and stayed in my room for weeks but an idea popped in my head after watching a five yearolds edit on tiktok about the five stages of what was it? idk? but then it had smth to do with revenge so i took that as a sign. i packed my bags and went on vacation i got the best lipstick out there. red! i died my hair its natural color blue and saw a hot guy i talked to him and he said that he wants to go on a date which mah girl boss said no to 💁‍♀️and ultimately i still want revenge on the people who started my origin i became next level villian TO ALL HUMANITY i said that neon yellow hair is a look and neon pink nails r new hot topic on my newest app✨ vine ✨ anyways moral of the story this app is so amazing def a great thing so yah bye now!

ahhabbdbxbbx, Aug 11, 2023
All Toca games are… whatever is a stronger word for awesome

Sorry I am a third grader. I don’t know a better word than awesome yet if I did, I would say this game is that word. I had this game for two days and it is super fine. The stuff you pay for it is totally worth it. I am serious. This is the perfect game zero ads, you don’t have to pay a lot, and the best part is you can do lots of really fun stuff! I do not usually make reviews, but I had to make a review. There’s only one thing I would prefer you not do. So when I make a hairstyle there for the character, then they just stick out their tongue and say blah. Kind of rude. Otherwise this game is super Duper fun you can dye their hair for no money there’s some free earrings and some clothes and you can give them. I like it so much I have given names of the characters. The blonde character, I name that Julia, I named the boy Vinson. I named you one with green eyes Kate and the one with pink hair Halle I think that is all of them anyways, this is the best game.

Barbiefan0001, Aug 27, 2023
I love this game but it needs some changes

This game is a good game. It really is but I can brush the hair in the way I want to. It’s fun but it’s not as fun as it would be with these changes. Maybe if you could add like a full body feature and you can see how the whole entire outfit looks like. You can make your own pants and your make your own cherub a tie-dye make your own outfit with heels and tennis shoes and whatever you want but then you can also make a full room we can make a room for these people you can get coins. You can make a room for this whole entire thing and make it look the way you want, it was a project makeover project makeover is a game where you get coins and get to make a room and dress these people and get the make up and style their hair and do whatever you want to them but then you also get the same amount of fun maybe if you just added a couple feature similar to project makeover then it would be way more fun. I do give a five star liking I do, but it needs some changes. Maybe if you could just get something different and knew then people would read it better cause seeing a 3.905 reviews and that’s not pretty really good so maybe you could get five to go with you if you just to see things to heart thank you and that was a bit of a bear.

Bido bear, May 30, 2023
So fun

I love this game I love the facial hair in it and the makeup is fun I also really like the thing ware you can put the curser on the rainbow looking thing and get rainbow hair though I do have to say you promote this game to be free with hair and makeup which is kind of misleading because the makeup costs money so maby you should promote it different I also want to say I have spent almost $100On your games all of your game are grate I am upesed with your Toca life games and I like this game and Toca hair salon me a lot to I also like your Toca kitchen games and Toca builder and Toca blocks I know this was long but your games are my favorite of all games when I was younger I had a Toca boca shirt But I grew out of it also is it pronounced taca baca or Toca boca if you respond I am very curious if you read Toca boca please respond this is how I fell about your games 😀😃😄😁😆🙂😊😂🤣😍🥰😋😛😝😜😎🤩🥳😸😺😹👍🐵🐷🐮🐻🦊🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🐯🐨🦁🦄🦋🌟✨⭐️💫❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💔❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝☮️ which translated into English means awsooooooooooooooooooooooome!!!!!!

CatsRule101365, Apr 25, 2020
It’s alright

I’m 19, so hopefully I can leave a helpful review. The best of the hair salon apps, but makeup is the only real new option and it’s priced at $4. Honestly prefer method of charging $3 for a complete app that toca boca used to do. App is valued at $10 with all IAP which is pretty steep given how limited the game is. The hair is as impossible to control as ever. Updos are virtually impossible, can’t separate hair in the front from the back, and brushing the hair doesn’t cause it to fall flat as it always bounces up at the end. Applying makeup is hard because the model doesn’t sit still so applying lipstick will often end up on the face. The hair ties are still purely cosmetic as they don’t bunch hair together and there is only two items in the base game that resemble hair clips so if you wanted colorful hair clips you’ll be disappointed. The game should be fun for really young kids but older kids may get frustrated as making realistic hairstyles is extremely hard. The character models are... odd looking and it would be nice to be able to change eye color.I just want to be able to make pigtails and cut bangs without also cutting the hair in the back.

Corgicute, Mar 15, 2020
fun for all ages but a *few* problems!

omg i used to play ALL the toca games in elementary school. i’m a sophomore in high school now so there’s a LOT of nostalgia with the entire series of toca boca games! if you’re willing to pay a little bit of money (it’s not that bad if you only get a few packs and although i don’t have it, make-up is only 4$) and there’s SOOO much cool customization that is in tune with fashion today! although my one problem is how hard it is to use tools. you have to swipe on screen to look at more tools or go to a different area, but if you’re holding a tool or something if you swipe to move it’ll use the tool! sometimes this is that big of a problem, but i’ve noticed most of the time it COMPLETELY ruins the progress i made and i have to re-do something :( anyway, although it might be the nostalgia for this game dev speaking, this game holds up well and i think they did a good job working with current kids PLUS other ages and their style! i’m giving 5 stars because the tools aren’t *that* bad so if i had to give a more precise rating it would be 4.5/5. keep it up devs, you’re doing great :)

ItsBunnz, Apr 28, 2022
Loving it, not many problems with it!

Toca Hair Salon 4 is a great game for children to truly be inspired to embrace their own ways of beauty! It’s an all out amazing and wonderful game and the character bases are masterpieces of their own. I love how you can save characters and even edit them later, how many hairstyles you can make, change the makeup, and even change their clothes! The photobooth was a great idea too because kids can see all the different poses, backgrounds, and change it up a little bit! However, the three downsides are that you can’t do their makeup without paying money, and I don’t see many adults willing to pay money just for digital makeup that won’t exist if you delete the app and you can’t put their hair up or even turn them around to make some sort of design in the hair also, they’re is plenty of hairstyles, but they aren’t easy to make and not many look that great in the end, but most of all I think that you should be able to do smaller or bigger sections with the hair dye. I think it would be cool to write your name or a heart or just any cool design with the dye and easily do dye it all in one spray. All out, I rate this 4.5 stars and I think they should keep exploring ways to make this app even better than it already is!

just a decade old kid, Jan 04, 2021
Some things to help-emily

As you can see I’m Emily and I am more of a let’s play person 70% and not that much of a rateer but I usually do long reviews but I think this will be medium level of words maybe long cause of this but it’s ok I’m used to it so this game is okay there’s just not much of a good game to play but it’s a bit relaxing to brush and do the hair maybe they could add a back hair option and when you go to favorites you can update it or just have two arrows to show the back and front hair and MAKE MORE PEOPLE we’ve only got 3 pages of costumers how about we make about 50 pages of characters that would be pleasing to the eye to see the characters you make you could also put a scrapbook saying 2022,2023 and on I know it’s weird but I just think it would be cool the characters could give you stuff like rewards you could also add requests from the characters and you could have little hints like what utensil you need to use and you can add levels and each level gets harder and harder (there’s gonna be little of this probably please it’s okay if you don’t want to almost change the hole game sorry!) and for the hints you can watch adds sorry if it sounds crazy maybe I’m sorry but change the name 🥺you can change it to “Toca hairstyle match” sorry if it’s to crazy but sorry please add this anyway it would make me so happy to wake up and see the changes thank you bye

Livia Evans, Jan 08, 2023
Decent Game

So I’m a kid and I really love playing toca boca games. I wish they didn’t cost a lot of money though. Which brings me to one of my problems with this app. It costs money for the makeup station. It doesn’t mention that anywhere which made me disappointed. I really would love to do their makeup but my parents aren’t going to let me spend money on a game that once I delete it, the pack is gone. I really wish it didn’t cost money just to do makeup in a game. Also there’s not many choices for clothing, there all the same each time. Then, it’s hard to pick up items or do something with the longer end of the hair because the items are blocking it off. I also think there should be a redo button to make it easier if you make a mistake instead of having to start all over. Overall it’s a good game, so I give it 4 stars. There is still much things I want to see improved though.

Lovin it🥰☺️, May 18, 2021
Fun app, but a bit frustrating to use tools

This app is a lot of fun, and I play it often when I have a few minutes to kill or while watching listening to shows. Though it’s a great game, I’ve noticed a few issues that are mildly annoying and frustrating. 1.) Some of the tools are hard to pick up because the click box for them seem to be very small (or it thinks I’m clicking something else); for example, it took me a couple hours of playing to be able to successfully pick up the 3rd eyeshadow stick in the eye section of the makeup station. I have small fingers and generally don’t have this kind of issue while clicking things on my phone screen.2.) Related to #1; it’s very hard to maneuver, style, or color the ends of long hair because the styling tools take up most of the lower screen, and it feels like you have to weave and dodge everything on the counter when cutting and styling. I guess my main issue is that the screen feels way too crowded, and doesn’t leave enough room to comfortably work.3.) I've seen someone else mention this and I agree: having a magnifier on the makeup section to allow for more precise work would be FANTASTIC. As of now, it feels too much like real life, where I’m constantly applying eye makeup and immediately reaching for wipes to remove it because I’ve messed up the clean line I wanted 😂.Overall, very nice app, with just a few inconvenient aspects.

Lu_Lu212, Aug 22, 2020


Welcome to Toca Boca Hair Salon 4! Unleash your creativity in the salon and whip up any style you can imagine. Whether you choose a character and create a brand-new look you’ve dreamed up or just see where the tools take you, each makeover is an adventure.

Get creative with makeup, face paint, hair and beard tools, and much more! Toca Boca Hair Salon 4 is part of Piknik – one subscription, endless ways to play and learn! Get full access to the world's best preschool apps from Toca Boca and Sago Mini with an Unlimited Plan. CUT, COLOR, AND STYLE AT THE HAIR AND BEARD STATION Trim, shave, and even re-grow hair anywhere on your character’s head! This station has all the hot tools you need for curling, straightening, and texturizing. In the mood to create something colorful? Grab the bottles of hair dye and choose any color of the rainbow for a bold new look. Your hair salon, your rules! GET CREATIVE WITH MAKEUP IN THE FACE STATION Expand your hair salon by purchasing the face station! You’ll find all kinds of makeup in every color for endless makeover options. Create lush lashes with mascara, and pick a tool to put on eyeliner, eyeshadow, or blush! In the mood for a bolder look? Grab the face paints and draw right onto your character’s face for a creative new style that’s anything but boring. PICK OUT A NEW OUTFIT AT THE STYLE STATION What’s a makeover without some new clothes to go with it? There are hundreds of styles to suit that new look at the style station! Change up your character’s outfit, pick out some stickers, and add a finishing touch with accessories like glasses and hats. SNAP A PIC IN THE PHOTO BOOTH Choose a background, watch them strike a pose, and snap a picture of your character’s new style! You can even save a picture of your character’s makeover in a photo book and return to styling them later. SCRUB UP SOME SUDS AT THE SHAMPOO STATION Ready for a fresh start? Wash hair, towel off, and blow dry at the shampoo station. Watch their face paint and makeup drip away so you can create a brand-new look at the salon! PRIVACY POLICY All of Toca Boca’s products are COPPA-compliant. We take privacy very seriously, and we’re committed to providing safe and secure apps for kids that parents can trust. To learn more about how we design and maintain safe games for kids, please read our - Privacy policy: https://playpiknik.link/privacy-policy Terms of use: https://playpiknik.link/terms-of-use ABOUT TOCA BOCA Toca Boca is an award-winning game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all – we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising.

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