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User Reviews for TipRanks Stock Market Analysis

Great working app

This covers it a mile wide and an inch deep. It’s a working program designed to refine investing skill. In many ways it’s very accurate, but with some of the basic entry it can be a bit askew. When the ray is over though, it’s got everything a beginning to intermediate investor may want to refine their skills and get the best trade choices. I’ve grown (and so has my portfolio) using this app. I’ve used other apps too, but I keep coming back to this one.

A5tara, Jun 16, 2021
charged during trial period

I had a free trial til august 17th, but on the 16th I got a bank alert that $350 was withdrawn by TipRanks. So I contacted Apple and was confident it would be fixed. Apple emailed me a couple days later and said i would be refunded. This morning I woke up and discover my brokerage has locked me out. Then I realized I forgot I had a deposit that was already mid transit with my brokerage. I was very upset and still am. Because of getting charged before trial ended, I had to spend my time dealing with this with Apple, my credit with my brokerage is no longer good, I have to pay a fee with brokerage and I can’t get into my brokerage account till my new deposit clears in a day or two. Funny thing is I actually liked this app and even emailed TipRanks to compliment about how It had more info on companies than their competitors. But charging users before trial ends is pretty shady and unprofessional and stains the reputation of a company.

chungster007, Aug 18, 2021
Worst customer service ever!

I am an Ultimate subscriber (too level) and have had numerous problems with the app and web versions of this service. It’s a good idea, but VERY poor execution. THE WORST part is trying to get help from these people who have a year of my money! I have submitted at least 5 requests for help. NOT ONE has been answered! I have never had this experience with another expensive service. In fact, today I was contacted on a proactive basis by an “experience ambassador” from my current favorite app, simply wall st. They are a fraction of the cost and offer a different approach. At this point, I’m going to request a refund through Apple because of the inability to contact anybody with the company. Best of luck searching for a service that you really find useful. I’ve also had a positive experience with seeking alpha. Be sure and use the trials!

FriscoCFP, Feb 22, 2022
Revolutionary financing application

TipRanks is nothing short of a revolution in the financial analytics world. Their conglomeration of data puts vital, accurate and valuable information literally at your fingertips, at the touch of a button. This app, in addition to their already extensive website platform, is intuitive and easy to navigate. I never felt more comfortable with my investments as when I used TipRanks to do my research. It’s financial information on steroids! In fact, their tools help guide me towards new investments and understand current trends in the market. After a minute on the app you’ll never make another financial move without first working it out through their rigorous data sets... You’d be foolish not to.

kkkgghb, Jan 23, 2020
Good app, but some issues

When you manually update the portfolio holdings, the app is glitching a lot - the changes either don’t go through (returns an error) or the number of shares / cost per share keep reverting back to old values upon reopening the app.Another issue that’s really annoying is the fact that the app doesn’t automatically adjust for stock splits. I had to manually update the shares / basis for my holdings in AAPL, IHI, TSLA, which affected the portfolio stats (average return and sharpe ratios) even though there was no real change to my holdings.

Lyon4ik, Jul 29, 2021
Overall balance not correct

My overall balance as it was imported into TipRanks is not correct… I emailed their team and I haven’t heard from them, it’s been 2 weeks. It is a pretty expensive app, so I was expecting some type of customer service. But what i received is no customer service - my question was simply ignored. And what’s the point of paying $350 a year for an app that shows you the wrong data? And if something as simple as my overall balance is not correct, what about the other data? I really wanted to like this app given the information it provides, but I am skeptical about the data they are showing us now, and also for what you’re getting, it is not worth the $$. If I could get my money back, I would have. I would pay not more than $20 for this app if I knew I was going to deal bugs, wrong data and no customer service!

Myaben3, Aug 02, 2021
Billing/subscription not straightforward

After a day in the TipRanks ecosystem, I do like the service and the app quite a bit. I had shopped around and pretty much settled on TipRanks to get my stock game to the next level.That being said, I went to subscribe to the Premium service on the website and then found it was a bit cheaper via the app. The button on the app said Free Trial or something similar. As soon as I clicked that I was billed for a year immediately. I was expecting a 7 day window to try things out, but billing was immediate.I am happy with the Premium service but the wording about free trial in the app is misleading. I could also do without all the ads/buttons/banners touting the Ultimate service on the website. I know what it is and I’ll upgrade to that later if I think I can use it. But I’ve paid enough money already to not be blasted with promotions for a higher tier.

Shawn c, May 07, 2021
Great Service; Mediocre Tech

I’m enjoying the service, and am realizing the value. Unfortunately, the mobile app and web service are really frustrating in some key ways:- the watchlist doesn’t sync. The web & mobile watchlists are completely distinct. To get around this, I created a custom portfolio to use as a watch list because it syncs.- there’s a glitch (maybe?) with the measure performance chart’s numbers. The comparison has a really good number (i.e. +20%) while the most recent bar is negative 8%. At best, it’s accurate but confusing.- it repeatedly doesn’t sync with my portfolio stocks. There’s supposedly a 24-hour delay, even though transactions have completely cleared my account, and I’ve manually synced it with TipRanks.- some accounts fail to link entirely: Voya, and MN-PERA. They says successful, but then they’re nowhere to be found. I contacted customer service about this and they were unhelpful, quoting the 24-hour delay. If that were the issue, I wouldn’t have reached out.All of this adds up to not realizing the full potential of the analytical features for my portfolios, and a frustrating experience. But all that aside, the info I’m able to get from the service has proven financially valuable. Wish I could take it to the next level.

snowidog, Mar 27, 2021
Excellent Customer Service

This is one of the best resources I use for trading currently. I recently had a syncing issue with my broker and customer service was on top of it immediately. The speed at which they replied was probably the fastest of any service I have ever used, literally. If you’re a trader looking for a good amount of resources rolled up into one site with a dedicated app, then this is it. Lastly, some of the other services have a separate subscription fee for their website and their app and that is crazy to me. TipRanks gives you both with one subscription, love it.

Words1k, Feb 17, 2021
Overall very good service

I like the value of the premium package and I benefited from the subscription. A few comments for bug fixes and improvements: - the total value of the portfolio is incorrect in the app and is showing the correct value on the web access- The gain per position is incorrect in the app as it shows the value change since the position was added to the portfolio and not since it was purchased. - show the ranking of an analyst in the email notification as part of the data on the analyst.

Yt1960, Oct 14, 2020


Join millions of users who use TipRanks to track stocks, manage investment portfolios, access financial business data, improve investment strategy with Wall Street analysts' and financial experts' tips, and stay on top of stock market news. TipRanks is a one-stop finance and stock market app that offers a suite of simplified stock research tools, including: • Analysis of market trends and opinion from industry analysts • Data-driven scores based on market factors • News and research about your Watchlist stocks • Quotes, charts, and data for your favorite stocks and indices • Stock Alerts, Stocks to Buy, Hot Stocks, stock prices, Trending Stocks, etc. Whether you are an aspiring investor or an experienced investor, you can leverage investment opportunities and invest like a pro when you have access to the best data and research tools.

RESEARCH TOOLS & REAL-TIME DATA - Find out what experts think are the best stock picks, based on their top ratings - Analyze data according to your investment strategy and gain a comprehensive real-time view of stocks - Utilize our smart, data-driven score, based on different market factors, to gain immediate insight into your portfolio stocks PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT & STOCK WATCHLIST - Sync or create a portfolio for a full analysis and actionable insights - Build your own customized Watchlist and keep track of stock quotes - You may access your Watchlist at any time for current stock prices, and your Holdings portfolio provides you with a 24/7 view of your total asset value STOCK MARKET NEWS & ANALYSIS - Get the latest market news including insightful stock insights, top analysts' recommendations, and Strong Buy and Strong Sell stocks - Learn which corporate insiders are buying stocks and follow their transactions - Keep track of top daily gainers or losers, upcoming events, IPOs, earnings, etc. STOCK ALERTS & CHARTS - Receive push notifications or email alerts about your favorite stocks and experts - Keep track of all your notifications with our handy Alert Center - Obtain key information about stock charts, including statistics, earnings, dividends, stock price targets, and forecasts from expert analysts PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION • Advanced Stock Research - First-class market intelligence, sourced from unique algorithms • Analysts' Top Stocks - Put the best Wall Street analysts to work for you and get access to the stocks they rate as Strong Buys and Strong Sells • Smart Score Stocks - Discover stocks, using our data-driven scoring system • Daily Analyst Ratings - Reviews the daily Buy and sell recommendations of over 7700 analysts • Stock Screener - Use our simplified screener to search for stocks according to your preferences • Insiders' Hot Stocks and Trending Stocks - Monitor insider activity and discover best-rated stocks by analysts, from the last 72 hours • Stock Comparison - Discover each stock’s price target as well as recommendations by top Wall Street experts Make sure to download the TipRanks app and stay up-to-date as the stock market moves. Privacy Policy: https://www.tipranks.com/privacypolicy Terms of Use https://www.tipranks.com/terms

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