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Tiny Decisions

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User Reviews for Tiny Decisions

I paid $9.99 to unlock the app.

I think that’s a fair price for a neat colorful app that does it’s job pretty well. I have a couple suggestions though and have experienced a few crashes as well. 1) Auto-Spin feature that simply spins the wheel, reveals the outcome, a brief adjustable pause and repeat. Maybe a slow spin speed and a fast spin speed or a slider for a variable spin speed would be nice. 2) Lists of last 500, 100, 50, 25, 10 outcomes. 3) Add an extra option to the narration feature where it reads the question and the outcome out loud. So basically it says the question, waits for the wheel to spin and then says the outcome. 4) More sort options. The only sort options now are alphabetical and shuffle. We need weight and we need the ability to touch, hold and drag items up and down the list as desired. 5) More color templates to choose when it comes to how the different outcomes of the wheel look. I know you can choose the color for each outcome manually and it’s fully customizable but what if there was say 10 different color options built in to the app that you could change and test visually with a simple touch of the finger? Overall I still enjoy the app in it’s present state.

A Real Person #69, Aug 04, 2023
5/5 - Does what it needs to

Great app, simple to work, and it does what you need it to. I paid the $.99 so I didn’t have the rainbow color scheme, but that’s just cosmetics. To the developer - I use this for working out, and it’s amazing for that! Would you be able to add a counter or something at the bottom so I can see how many times I’ve landed on each result between resets? It would be incredibly helpful, so I don’t have to keep a separate log in my notes app.EDIT: I just realized the “do not repeat” option isn’t just for consecutive spins. It keeps any repeats until the whole wheel is done. I can just track how many times I’ve done the whole wheel. :)

Bibbitybobbityboobs!, Aug 18, 2019
Get Pro -- it's worth it.

I am an indecisive person surrounded by other equally indecisive people, so I tend to use this app quite heavily. At only $1.99 for the Pro upgrade, it was really a no-brainer (honestly, I don't even remember what features are added with Pro because I upgraded almost as soon as I downloaded), and has saved me and my friends/family a LOT of time that would otherwise be spent in back-and-forths of, "I dunno -- what do /you/ wanna do?" I also love that you get to watch the wheel spin rather than just hit a button and have the choice appear onscreen (and that you can adjust the weight of each option and see the difference on the wheel). It's more fun that way. And having the coin flip and eenie-meenie-minie-moe modes makes it an all-in-one app for all kinds of decisions. Things like being able to choose a color theme or a custom icon for each list are just added bonuses.

CrazyWriterPerson01, Mar 12, 2020
Read before getting

Okay, I’m am going to say this first, this app is really good no wonder it has 4.7 stars! It is so good of an app and I have a hard time believing it is free well the app not the pro but you should get the pro it’s only 1.99 and it is so worth it! If I could give this app infinity stars I would definitely do it! It helps you decide basically anything! It is so help full and there is already wheels made for you already! In my opinion the best part is that there is “flip a coin”,This thing you can put your finger on and it decides and the wheel I also love how you can do so many things! I would definitely get this app and since I already did I know how good it is! ♡

iiiSpringPotatoiii, May 09, 2020
One of the best decision apps!

This is such a good app! I have no problems. It first gives you a wheel and it lets you write things about your decisions. Like what you are going to eat, it lets you write the things you think you are going to eat. Next is a flip coin and it shows a raccoon head and a tail for heads and tails. It shows how many tails or heads you got and you get to reset it when YOU want. Lastly is this finger picking thing. You put as many fingers and you want on it. Then tap the white circle in the middle. Then it picks a finger. It shows colorful circle things to represent the finger(s). In all this is a great app to have!

jcixygzigzoyzoyyzzyosotsiattsi, Jun 10, 2020
Excellent basic app for indecision

I love how to the point this app is and that I can just buy it to get the full features as well as cut the ads for a low price. This is better than carrying a coin around and sometimes a decision just needs to be made. Glad it allows so many randomizer options. The wheel is great. I love being able to adjust the likelihood that everything will be selected. It might be cool to have the ability to change the look of the coin as a suggestion for a future update. Totally worth the storage space on phone and the price. Glad it isn't overly complicated as that would defeat the purpose for the person that is having trouble with choices. It still has enough customization and different modes to feel like a full app experience.

K.B. Great, Apr 04, 2022

My first time writing a review normally I look at a few of them and then decide if I want to download the app or not or just don’t look at reviews at all, this app is extremely well-made and probably my new favorite app for just messing around with friends, i’d like to see may be a community tab or people compose the wheels they make and others can use them, maybe it’s already a thing I haven’t used it as much as I’d like to so far I do plan on buying the purchase for $1.99(Nice for the one time purchase BTW) and seeing what I can do from there for us I’ll things considered extremely well-made. just to reiterate a community tab would be nice

kspoty, Feb 13, 2022
Love it and have some suggestions...

This app is amazing! It can simply be used to choose for you or play a game of chance with friends, but it can also help you organize. I use this app everyday after school to randomize the order of things I need to do. It has many unique features like adding weight to specific options and even has a flip-a-coin option as well. The only I might recommend changing is the upgrade. I don’t see the necessity. It doesn’t offer much in addition to what comes for free, and I don’t think the app should have adds in the first place because of how simple it is and how little it does. Considering the amount of money the upgrade costs, I would still do it because it’s worth it to add weight to options in your lists, but I propose that you just let the app come with these “upgrades”.Overall, I think this app is amazing I just hope you keep my suggestions in mind because if you do decide to make them a permanent addition to the app, I think the app will be much more appreciated.

Nicheblon, Feb 04, 2019
It’s a pretty good app, but…

This is a nice app, it’s really helpful and quite a smart idea. It can help if you can’t make up your mind on what to eat, what to wear, what to draw, etc. I personally don’t have any problems with it (so far) but I also haven’t really haven’t had it for that long so don’t take my word for it. I only gave it 4 stars because of other reviews which I guess weren’t that bad actually. Some people said there were a lot of adds but I haven’t had any (yet) again don’t take my word for it it may be different for everyone I don’t know but at the same time they may have taken out most of the adds so yeah I guess adds are not a problem in this app. Anyway good app, smart idea and really helpful I will probably use it a lot on deciding what to draw and I hope it helps me out a lot with that. If you read this thanks for reading I recommend this app.

Please consider less adds., May 23, 2023
Great app

When I had a list of things I needed to get done at home but wasn’t very motivated to do them, or when I wanted to make chore time a little more fun for the kids, I would write each chore on a piece of paper and draw one out or let the kids take turns drawing one. It’s amazing how that little game helped us to get things done! This app is an easier and even more fun way to do the same thing. I appreciate that there are now no limitations in number of wheels or inputs (that I have found so far.) I used it so much that I decided to pay the .99 to get rid of the ads but I do wish the Pro had come with a few more upgrade benefits such as color choices. My number one request would be to be able to see my wheels that I have already made on more than one device. Sometimes I am using my iPhone and sometimes my iPad is more convenient. Is that possible?

Prodigyuser, Apr 07, 2019


Tiny Decisions is an app that makes decision-making fun and easy! Simply input your question, add options, and spin the wheel to get a random answer. With Tiny Decisions, making quick decisions has never been easier!

We know how hard it can be to make decisions. Should you get a pizza or a burger? Should you choose grey or black? Should you do one thing or something else entirely? That's why we created the Tiny Decisions app - just for you! Here are some of the app's features: * Create your own wheel * Make decisions with a simple touch * Generate random numbers * Flip a coin * Use built-in decision templates * Choose from different color themes * Add Siri shortcuts for your decisions * Set weights for each option * Backup and restore your decisions If you subscribe via Apple, payment will be charged to App Store Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase. Terms of use: https://tinydecisions.app/terms Privacy policy: https://tinydecisions.app/privacy Please write a review if you like this app, it's very important to me. Twitter: @nixwang89 Mail: [email protected]

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