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Timmy's Kindergarten Adventure

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Timmy's Kindergarten Adventure

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User Reviews for Timmy's Kindergarten Adventure

Best game ever ⭐️

Hi It’s me Kara I love this game I love math And this app is very fun 🤩 I can even paintAlso going up the mountain is so funI can even learn to do sight wordsI love painting so I can paint in this game it’s so funI love this gameThank you for making itBye 👋🏽

DJ kuldip 🦇, Feb 26, 2022
Kids love it

Bought the full version

HockeyNCDad, Jul 15, 2012
Pretty good

I like this game it helps my kids learn my 6 year old is learning words she has never Sean in her life and learning them!! She is going to 1st grade but if your child is in 1st grade they may still play even know this game is for kindergarden and Preschool kids they can play my 7 year old plays it so anyone can play and also they need to start to make ones for 1st graders 2ed graders 3ed graders and the hole way to fifth graders!! But other wise there is so much to do and nothing is boring but one this the mountain it takes too much time to walk up the mountain and jump down from the mountain but other wise this is a great game!!

Hushjs, Jul 20, 2014
Best Kindergarten App!

For me, the proof is in the results! My 5 yr old is solving the subtraction, word and time problems faster and still enjoying herself! It's fun, it gets progressively more challenging and she loves the interactive store at the end!!! She chooses to play this game over all the hundreds of other apps we have!!! Thank you for this!!!

MicheleD1234, Oct 18, 2012

This FREE app is not worth it...it is over in 3 minutes. However, it is a good app if you buy the real app for 1.99 then it extends and gets harder as the child does better work.

ptbptb, Jul 11, 2012
Love it!

What a great game! Eventually I may be able to put it down long enough to let my kid play it. It's worked wonders on my addition and ability to tell time! This is a visually stunning game, one of the best I've seen on the ipad. Animations are smooth and there isnt a bug to be seen anywhere. I think there's even more treats awaiting in the paid version, I better go pick that up while it's still on sale!!

Seestur, Dec 27, 2011
Good way to waste time!


Ted19632005, May 05, 2014
My 5 year-old loves this game!

This is great example of how gamification can help motivate people to do otherwise undesirable tasks. The player must complete math, word identification, phonics, and time-telling activities in order to play the fun mini-games that are at the end of game. Also, by performing the academic tasks well, the player accumulates credits that can be used to ‘buy’ trophies (don’t worry, no in-app purchases, it is purely symbolic). This has teaches the value of saving toward a goal, and greater rewards for good performance.I’m pretty impressed by some of the math problems, which border on basic algebra (solve for ‘x’), like 2 + x = 5. I don’t think he’s been exposed to this kind of problem before, and it was pretty cool to see it register with him.On Saturday he asked to watch only one TV program so that he’d have more time to play this game. I’m sure any parent of a 5 year-old can appreciate it's significance.

Urlgrey, Jul 03, 2014


This is the preview version of Timmy's Kindergarten Adventure. It's limited in functionality but will give you a good idea what to expect in the full version. Try before you buy!

There's never been an educational game like this before. Kids of all ages will enjoy learning their basic skills by guiding their player on a kindergarten adventure! Created in partnership with a teacher, Timmy's Preschool Adventure focuses on the basic skills needed for Kindergarten: Basic Math, Sight Words, Spelling, Telling Time, Counting Money, Color Mixing and more. Win coins for completing challenges on your way to school. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 different challenges with varying difficulty to practice basic skills ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • Math Birds - Some pesky birds keep taking your fruit. Learn subtraction by figuring out how many fruit are left. • Word Mountain - How do you get over the gaps in the mountain? Touch the correct dolch sight word to jump! • Word Maze - This corn maze is tricky but if you can identify the object that starts with the letter spoken, you'll make it through. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ School activities to help enrich your child's creativity ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • Painting and color mixing - four sized brushes can be used to paint pictures. mix the 5 basic colors (red, blue, yellow, black, white) to create new colors to paint with ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What is the game like? What can I expect? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - The game starts outside Timmy's house. Tap on the School sign when you're ready to start. - Timmy will need to complete 3 challenges on his way to school. Each time you start the game it will pick up from the level you completed - At the end of each challenge, you'll win a coin. If you make no mistakes, you get two coins. These coins can be used to purchase mini games back at home. - Once Timmy reaches the school, tap on the calendar day to select the activity you'd like to play. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you have feedback? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We love seeing your reviews, but if you have a complaint or feature request, please let us know directly. We want to make our games better, what you think is really important to us. Facebook - http://facebook.com/TantrumApps Twitter - http://twitter.com/TantrumApps Direct - http://TantrumApps.com/contact

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