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Time-lapse Calculator

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Time-lapse Calculator

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Dax Mackenzie Roggio
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User Reviews for Time-lapse Calculator

Best time-lapse tool

After wasting my money on several other time lapse apps, I finally came across this one. It’s the only one that makes it easy to calculate the interval setting for my DSLR. The interface is fast and clean. I recommend it for any photographer’s tool kit.

CaliPhotog, Aug 05, 2014
Great add to my digital toolkit

For both professional and amateur photographers, this app is an excellent way to dial in your intervalometer to achieve a know duration and not overshoot. As an editor and photographer this is very useful. Nice clean interface. Thanks!

Cameron Pearce, Jun 16, 2014
Does not work

I usually never by apps. This is maybe the second app in 5 years I have ever paid for. And guess what, it does not even work. Now that's disappointing! The problem is that when I try and enter something in the information fields nothing happens. It will not allow me to enter anything. There is no response, nothing happens. So, I bit the bullet and paid, now I feel like they just stole my dollar. Is there any support to get this working??

comjnky, Jun 14, 2017
Very useful, easy to use clear results and parameters

I love this app. Does what it’s intended to do efficiently and intuitively.

DamesNY, Sep 30, 2020
Not bad but...

This app does what it is supposed to do. It has all the features you need and creates the information that is essential to making a good time lapse film. However, the arrow buttons used to input information such as seconds, minutes, and hours are too small and too close to the input display. When pushing these buttons, one cannot see the input display, so one has to constantly remove their finger to see the display. This can be very frustrating.

Door 24, Aug 10, 2018
Slick, but only up to 99 days

We're operating on supercomputers that can handle large numbers? Why limit the calculations to event durations up to 99 days?? Im trying to plan a shoot for 8 months. Everything is slick, but users really need to be able to enter larger values. If there is a space constraint, change the input or display style.

Must for Droid converters, May 13, 2015

Love it. Works just as intended and it’s nice and simple.

P.U.P., Apr 08, 2020
Basic tool / works well

Basic tool - works well. 2 dream features I’d love to see : #1 Would be nice if down arrow would cycle from zero to max value of field (say 0 seconds & hitting down arrow would go to 59) #2. Allow 1:1 time parameter so this can be used as a data calculator tool. ( 1 hour event at 1 hour playback at frame rate and res would yield data calculation). Just a thought … would make this a one stop app!

SY-IMC27, Mar 19, 2023
Works great

Granted, part of my motivation for writing a review is to contradict the obvious spam review. The app works great keeps my feeble mind from having to calculate so many zeros and decimal points and then wonder if I did it correctly. For the price it is well worth the ease of mind to know you got a legitimate calculation. Works well, works easy, works predictably. Nothing fancy just basic math.

Tanks Dad, Dec 04, 2017
Doesn’t work

Nothing happens to when you hit the calculate button.

Tog606, Apr 28, 2023


A quick and easy time-lapse calculator with three modes. The default mode allows you to determine the shutter interval (time between shots) that is required to achieve a desired video clip length for a given recording duration. The Time-lapse Calculator can also be set to calculate the necessary event duration (recording time) or target duration (video clip length) based on the other variables.

Most time-lapse utilities only allow you to enter the recording duration and shutter interval. Then they calculate the duration of the video clip that would result. That is rarely useful. If you know how long you would like the final clip to be, your video frame rate, and how long you plan to continue capturing exposures to cover the event, then it is the shutter interval variable that you need to calculate. If you know what shutter interval you would like use and how long your video clip needs to be, it is the recording time that you need to calculate. In addition to the intervalometer functions, the Time-lapse Calculator estimates the memory card storage capacity that will be required for RAW or high-quality JPG image files, based on the megapixel count of your camera. Features: • Calculate shutter interval, event duration (recording time), or target duration (video clip length) • All standard NTSC, PAL, and film frame rates (FPS): 15, 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 48, 50, 59.94, 60, or 120 • Memory card data estimator • Home screen quick actions using 3D Touch: Shutter Interval, Event Duration, or Target Duration mode • Copy to Clipboard with one touch (inputs and results) • Maximum event duration (recording time): 999 days • Clean, intuitive interface is easy to use while offering features for professional photographers and videographers • Universal app for iPhone and iPad • Responsive layout optimized for all device sizes and models, from iPhone SE through iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, and iPad mini up to iPad Pro

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