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Ticatly - Movies hub

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User Reviews for Ticatly - Movies hub

Why is it so hard to watch a movie?

You have to watch stupid ads in order to play the movie and it won’t play until that’s done. I’m uninstalling.

Cake Cake Cake, Sep 28, 2021

For the love of god this app is confusing to navigate and requires you to watch ads almost every time you press on the screen. Do you love advertisements that probably want to steal your credit/debit information? Then oh boy is this the app for youAlso, the only reason this god-forsaken app has any 5-star reviews is because after a while the app basically demands you leave one.

F. Gryphon, Nov 15, 2021

This app use to be really good. I didn’t mind the adds as long as I got to watch any show or movie. I couldn’t watch movies anymore bc it told me I need an update. When I tried to update it, it kept taking me to some weird website. I deleted the app and downloaded it again. BAM. The app had completely changed. It wouldn’t let me search movies or shows anymore. When I tried clicking on a movie that randomly popped up, it showed an irrelevant trailer. I’m highly disappointed. GUYS DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. It’s trash now.

idfc lolololol, May 31, 2022
To many ads

Honestly not even worth one star. The app was only installed for about 10 mins. So many ads I never could get past them to try out the actual app. Uninstalled. Do better

kdwill2022, Jan 01, 2022
good app despite the ads

yes this app has a lot of ads but they have a free ad blocker called blockada and it blocks all the ads so i don’t get any anymore so for me it’s a great app to watch new movies and shows for free 100% recommend

killerbling1, Feb 20, 2022
Trash app

I just downloaded the app and everything I clicked on brings up an add and it is impossible to use it brings me to the same screen no matter what I click.

l rated this, May 07, 2022

They ruined the whole thing you used to be able to watch movies now you cant.

lee clint, Feb 21, 2022
Just don’t get it 😐

Bro why it has levels that’s literally so dumb and there is so many ads it’s so annoying just don’t even get the app

Nani❤️🖤, Mar 17, 2022

Why are you updating this app within ads? Like it shouldn’t have any adds at all delete the adds so we don’t keep on having watch adds every second…

OofersPlayz, Mar 26, 2022
My complaints

I hate the new version of this app now I can not watch any movies or tv shows without having to answer these stupid questions the first version of this app was way better.

qeertyuipkkhfd, May 06, 2022


Ticatly Space introduces a unique game concept where movies fans are challenged to guess movies by watching their official trailers : - in order to go from a level to another one you need the get 100% score. - Each level is harder than the previous one - We update video trailer and question in a weekly basis. - We really recommend to watch to full trailer to be able to answer.

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