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User Reviews for Thrive

Okay but limited

Decent app, but not really as strong as others such as Grokker. You’re forced to make one choice and there is so way to search outside that choice. For example, I cannot just switch and start to look at cooking, exercise or movement because I chose Connect. Makes me less likely to use long term.

Ajmart2998, Jun 09, 2022
On my way to changing my life

This app has been a lifesaver. I was lucky enough to have my company provide it for me and I can not recommend it highly enough. Ask your company to get it for you!

Alex5155, Jun 10, 2019
Progress tracking

Loving the new feature where I can see my behavior tracking history!

AlisaDZP, Jun 10, 2019
My story is not over yet!

It’s been an amazing 6 months using the Thrive app. I’m more grateful than ever these days. Believe me it’s all about micro steps. If I can do a 21 day challenge anyone can. I’m living Proof that the thrive challenge works. My family and work appreciates me for taking these steps to better myself. I’m grateful to be able to share my story. You’ll find it on the thrive app. Oh just to share I won a thrive challenge 5 months ago. And I’m still amazed with me results

Anna Masse, Sep 20, 2021
Ready Set Go

This app has been a game changer for me. It has uncovered a new way of making life long changes for a better well-being. No more failed diets, exhausting workouts or laborious mind games but instead small consistent and doable steps to a better you. Learn to stack your accomplishments in various aspects of your life and enjoy the benefits of good health, improved sleep, better finances and smiling family members! What are you waiting for…….Ready Set Go……we all are better when we Thrive!

Arvis114, Aug 24, 2021

Literally all the “helpful” tips for better sleep, are tricks everyone has done/tried before, counting your breath, turning on do not disturb and disconnecting all devices are common sense logic when it comes to people trying to get a more restful sleep. For the finance part, once again, its all basic “tips” like “don’t spend on things not needed”… well duh! We’re looking for tricks and tips on budgeting due to low paying jobs, and the rising cost of life. Obviously someone who isn’t in a great financial bind wont be running around spending money on pointless things that they don’t need.If you have common sense this app isn’t for you. If you don't have/use common sense, this app is perfect for you.

Btchss, Apr 13, 2022
Love the content

My newsfeed has become a stressful mix of mean spirited memes and politics. This feels like a relaxing respite from the madness. Just endless articles trying to improve my life. Love it.

Ellebythesea, Jan 20, 2019
Home away from Home.

The app has a remarkable ability to not only make you the best version of yourself but also fill the void within you to give a new meaning to your life. I would honestly suggest, just download it and start somewhere and you will never regret wasting your time. You deserve this!

sherin7090, Sep 01, 2021
Love the new features

Letting me take quizzes and see how I’m doing is cool + being able to check in for past days

wellnesshjw, Jun 05, 2019

I love this app because whenever I make better choices on anything I have done for the day I head straight to the app for sharing.. Consistency, dedication and commitment is the key to reaching whatever goal you are trying to achieve.. We only get one body and one shot at life. How we choose to treat it and live on this big beautiful place we call earth shows our true character.

yo!yo!yooo!, Apr 20, 2022


Thrive is a behavior change coach in your pocket that will help you manage stress, improve focus, strengthen connections with others, and improve overall well-being. FEATURING: * Small, science-backed Microsteps you can take immediately to build new habits * Thrive Reset: Reduce stress in just 60 seconds using your favorite images, quotes, and music * Choose whichever Journey is most important you right now, and add more whenever you'd like: Recharge, Food, Move, Money, Focus, Connect * Actionable videos, articles, and storytelling, including from company role models, to inspire action and create change across teams and organizations * Immersive learning experiences on timely and essential topics to create meaningful behavior change

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