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Thor HTTP Sniffer/Capture

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Thor HTTP Sniffer/Capture

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User Reviews for Thor HTTP Sniffer/Capture

Great app!

From a first test, it’s perfect! I highly recommend this for devs and network engineers!

Appiciando, Dec 15, 2018
Fast, simple, and wonderful

Not as powerful as Surge but much easier for non-professionals and good for when you need a quick cap. Well worth the low price.

Fuhaku, May 24, 2018
Installs and Uses its own VPN

This looks like a very capable program. But I need to debug HTTP traffic through my company’s VPN. Thor uses its own VPN, and you can’t run more than one VPN at a time. If I had known about Thor’s VPN earlier, I wouldn’t have tossed away $13 on it.

HorseBadorties, Apr 24, 2020
Not good sort

Please add Sort by time of request no time out exaple request 1,request 2Sort by requestReq1Req 2 Your app sorting bye time out and its not good.

I0SDeveloper, Jun 24, 2020
The most I’ve ever paid for an app

Worth every penny. Developers, pentesters, and people who just wanna see what apps are doing in the background on your device, this app is perfect. Watch Facebook constantly do stuff you told it not to, watch apps monitor your location, see shady telemetry performed in real-time!

, May 01, 2018
I havn't got my bravery to use it

It's Thor and it's the Hammer,seeking its qualified master.Don't complain,it shames you.Be humble, be powered.

Kosettelin, Jan 02, 2020
Recognition of excellent work!

This is the best gift to iPhone users who care about their privacy! Excellent tool to detect and document suspicious network activities on your device. Thanks for the great work!

MedOne001, Nov 03, 2018
Great app but......

The app has plenty of options, but for a novice, it is to advanced. Is there anyway for a refund?

Michigan News Fan, Apr 11, 2018

I don’t know what to make of half of what I see in the sessions recorded by this app, but still for some reason I am infatuated with all the random network data this app can see. Its so cool knowing what apps are doing when you run them.

Serenityx1234029483828, May 27, 2018

Must have app for debugging

xslidian, Mar 06, 2018


- Apple Silicon Mac supported - Full support for dark mode & context menu Feature: - Request Rewrite with Breakpoint in Session Filter - unlimited HTTP body size capture - preview all kinds of HTTP body data - Debug/Filter traffic with flexible rules (e.g. block hosts) - records export and import as .p4thor, .har - capture websocket from webview - high stability with amazing performance Flexible filter rules: - filter records by domains, keywords, methods, protocols - group records by file types, urls, methods, protocols - keywords search (support HTTP body) - filter export and import (.f4thor) Compression file extract (password supported): - gzip, brotli, defalte - zip, rar, 7z, tgz, tar, bz, tbz, gz, lz4 - extracting files in other Apps by opened in Thor Excellent performance: - thousands of records logged without pressure - keeping Thor active all day without any side effect HTTP(S) sniffer: - sniff and debug HTTP traffic on other devices in same LAN - decrypting https traffic in real-time - HTTP pipelining - websocket traffic captured - network traffics won't be interrupted while sniffing - HTTP archive (.har) export and import - .har file can be standardized by importing to Thor and exporting a new one - .p4thor export and import - record status updated in real-time - clear records while sniffing - log latest records on widget in notification center - split screen on iPad - add bookmark and memo for record File preview: - json/xml/html/css syntax highlight - certificate preview and format convert (der, pem, p12) - font preview with sample text - all kinds of files in other Apps can be previewed within Thor TCP and UDP traffic will not be sniffed.

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