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Jacob Wilders
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User Reviews for The Trivia Bar

Something for everyone!

I love it! The Office is my favorite show and they have tons of Office contests. You can go for the huge 10k, 20k, 100k contests and you can even try some FREE ones! There are lots of different categories so you're bound to find something that you're passionate about. I also really like that the app AND community is getting bigger and better. They are expanding into more categories and have been working hard to make a better user experience. There have been some small glitches/problems that they've fixed, which shows that they listen to feedback and really care about putting out a fine product. I even emailed them with a question and they got back to me in no time. I am so glad that I found The Trivia Bar!

Ben MacArthur, Feb 26, 2022
I have screenshots showing how they ripped me off

This game is a great idea in theory if it weren’t a total hustle. How do you place 58th when there is supposedly only 22 ENTRIES. The app glitches constantly and will mark the incorrect number of correct answers. Instead of taking down the game to try to fix it they instead let it rip off their users. The app creator is incredibly rude and refuses to acknowledge the people with complaints. Instead throwing insults. When you enter a contest you will get a perfect score yet beat out by someone with 20-50 entries, is that the scam… no. The scam is playing multiple games where the number of ENTRIES not entrants is listed as one number that actually played. Then they blame it on your internet, even though you closed out the app multiple times and took screenshots over the course of a half hour. You will waste your money if you play this game. Bet.

cair420, Apr 10, 2022
Amazing App!! Totally legit!!

This app is awesome! I have been able to make some serious side cash with this app! I am currently in-between jobs so this app has helped me out a TON! After winning trivia games on some of my favorite topics like Harry Potter, Friends, and the Office, I got my cash immediately (within SECONDS) and was able to transfer it to my PayPal (also within SECONDS) and then transfer it to my bank. Easy as pie! To anyone feeling worried that this app is a scam, it’s not. There are contests in which people can enter multiple times for more chances to win $$, which is not a bad thing in my opinion! Like I said, being able to enter these quizzes has helped me have a real side hustle that is fun and easy! Anytime there has been technical errors, the Trivia Bar team notified us immediately, and let us know they were working to fix it. And any time I contacted them they were quick to respond! I definitely recommend this app and my family and friends have been amazed that I’ve been able to make side cash doing this!

cecelialalala, Feb 28, 2022

This is a scam site!! I played and the top 25 winners were all the same “person”! Response to developer: You should have a way I can respond to your message, instead you get to put a sob story up to make me look like a jerk. My issue with ur game is not just the multiplayer win (which is my main issue) but also I didn’t get credit for all my correct answers, I got 2 wrong and ur site said 4. Normally no big deal but this is for money and that needs to be investigated as to why I didn’t get credit for my answers. Not that it would have made a difference, just principal, wonder if I got them all right would it have said I missed 2? I’m not the only comment that agrees this is a scam, but you bury all the bad reviews! So this sob story had $300 ($25x 12) to play a trivia game, must be real bad off!

CWP33, Jan 13, 2022
I’ve never made $165 so fast!

Quick, easy, and a great variety of content! No zoom calls/ video like other trivia games I’ve played online — and that’s great for those with social anxiety! An easy-to-use app and gameplay interface. Only ten minutes out of your day to play one game of thirty multiple-choice questions (15 seconds to answer each); perfectly manageable for this mom of three at the end of the day! And I can enter multiple games at once because all of the answers transfer simultaneously. Who said knowing tons of movie trivia doesn’t pay?

edritenour, Mar 13, 2022
Great Idea!

This is NOT a scam, don’t listen to the other reviews. I love this trivia! It’s so much better than the usual trivia apps. I’m able to join contests based on topics that I’m interested in. The format is user friendly and straightforward. I can’t wait for this app to grow and add more contests! Part of the reason I’m giving this app 4 stars is because of a contest I participated in last night. Even though I answered 28/30 questions right, the app said I answered 25/30. This seems like it’s been a regular issue with some contests, based on other reviews. The Trivia Bar people were immediately on the issue, communicated the problem to the players, and are still working on a solution. Aside from that, this app would be worth 5 stars. It’s so much fun! A couple of critiques: I wish that one person couldn’t enter 25 times. I understand the reasoning why multiple entries are allowed and I appreciate the other contests available that don’t allow that, but the limit on the number of entries should be lower. I also wish the contests were listed when I clicked on a category. I’ve played a few Harry Potter tournaments and on the day of the tournament, there are an addition 5-10 contests available (that weren’t listed when I clicked on the category earlier in the week). Sorry for the long review, but this team deserves more than the crappy reviews they’re getting. They’re doing a great job!

Elizabeth Burton, Feb 05, 2022
AWESOME App, Better Service!

This app is so fun for ANYONE who loves Trivia (and winning good money if you’re decent 😋). They have a bunch of different types of contests from free to enter to thousands of dollars in prizes. I love the different categories too! There’s something for everyone and I like that, although I play all The Office games because that one’s my favorite! But the best part of all…the creators. If you have any question, concern or confusion, you can reach out to them on Facebook and they will respond to you in a very timely manner, and they are SO nice. Some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life, and they’re just there to help in whatever way they can so that you have the best experience. Great people, great app, great everything! You’ll love it. 🥰

Kaitykiiins, Dec 04, 2021
Good idea, awful execution

This seemed like a great idea at first. Customer service is super prompt. But unfortunately that’s about all it has going for it. My biggest problem? I only got 2 answers wrong on a game but it said I got 7 answers wrong; so now I’ve just missed out on potentially hundreds in prizes because of a “glitch.” Support said they’re working to fix it, but honestly looking at the other reviews I can see this issue has been going on since at least a month ago. Why, HOW, in good conscience they can continue putting games out when people are getting screwed out of money is beyond me. The $100K prize pools are super disappointing because they don’t fill up so the top prize ends up being $3K instead of $10K. It’s still a young app, I get it. But then why not make a smaller prize pool so it doesn’t look SO misleading. What a let down. And lastly, the complaint many people have - unlimited (okay, the cap is FIFTY) entries. They say it’s because their user base isn’t big enough so it’s a necessity. According to their fb they reached 30 thousand users a couple weeks ago. Honestly I think MORE people would participate if the multiple entry wasn’t so extreme. Cap it at 5. Anyway. Deleting this now because why in the heck would I spend my hard earned money when correct answers AREN’T RECORDED CORRECTLY.

LP888000, Feb 06, 2022
Not a scam, but still problems

The positives first: this is a legit app. You absolutely can win money from it, and they do pay out, pretty much immediately. They had some technical issues that didn’t surprise me as a new app, but great customer service in response.Aside from a couple minor things that are really just my preference (hate that you can’t change your answer even if there’s time left), I have two major issues:1. The amount of entries they allow one user to purchase in a contest. I have answered every single question correctly on a quiz, placing fifth based on time, and did not win anything because the four people in front of me bought 75 entries between them What’s the point in even playing?2. Some of these users seem to be bots, at least that is my assumption based on the speed of responses. I don’t see how a person could physically be capable of answering 30 questions in 32 seconds, yet two did it in the same quiz. Significant drop back after that, with third place taking 45 seconds. The only thing I can think of is a bot. Again, why even bother at that point?Overall, I think the app is a great idea. It’s definitely been fun to use. But considering the downsides I’m not willing to put up my money to continue playing.

megstauden, Apr 25, 2022
This app is amazing

This app is going to be the best app of 2022. So much fun, and yes the layout is a little different than other trivia apps, but that’s what makes it fun. The people giving bad reviews and saying “scam” are only saying that because they haven’t won. If you are into movies or TV at all, this app covers everything! Even music! I try to play at least a few entries each night and have won almost every time, even the times I don’t do so well, I always end up with a little something. Just try it out and make yourself a little side change!

RAgey323, Jan 29, 2022


The Trivia Bar brings the fun of a bar trivia night to the palm of your hand! Play in our free contests for fun or in our paid contests to win upwards of $1,000,000! Our categories include the most binge-worthy T.V shows, cult classic movies, 80’s & 90’s, American History, Bible and more!

Play in a featured contest against thousands, heads-up against a friend, winner take all, in a small field contest, or all of them at the same time! Once you sign up, pick your favorite trivia categories, then you’ll be notified when a contest you’re interested in is coming up. Make a deposit to enter the contest, then wait in the contest lobby up to fifteen minutes before the start. Answer questions correctly and quickly to make your way to the top of the leaderboard then... get PAID! The Trivia Bar is revolutionizing one of America’s favorite pastimes! No more boring & ridiculous questions. No more splitting prizes with thousands of others. The Trivia Bar is the NEW trivia headquarters. "Apple is not a sponsor of and is in no way affiliated with The Trivia Bar or any of its' contest or content." For any questions please email [email protected] and a representative will respond within 24 hours. Privacy Policy: https://thetriviabar.com/privacy-policy-2/ Terms of Service: https://thetriviabar.com/user-agreement/

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