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The Chosen: Stream the Series

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User Reviews for The Chosen: Stream the Series

Even my 14 yr old son couldn’t stop watching!

I watched the first season marathon style while stuck at home after my son’s surgery. He would wander in the living room and end up staying a while, asking questions, laughing, and (here’s the kicker) not looking at his phone! The last 2 episodes he stayed for the entirety of the episodes. He asked questions that could only be answered by starting over - which we did! This gave us a wonderful opportunity to not just share the gospel story, but explore the humanity of Jesus, discuss the history of the time, and answer all of his questions about the “flash backs” to the Old Testament. My son doesn’t sit through ANY show - even major motion pictures unless we are at a movie theater. The fact that this series had him fully engaged to the point of asking questions and talking about it with me after is HUGE!! I am struck by how any license taken with the backstories or the characters personalities never veered from the biblical script - it just filled in the blank. I was expecting some deviation as we’ve seen so many times in Bible movies and mini series of the past. You only ENHANCED the biblical script and didn’t change it in any way. I am downloading the app to watch season 2. I am 100% behind you and this movement, and I am diligently praying God uses this to mount a spiritual revolution calling people to Christ and deepening the faith of believers everywhere. God bless you and the work of your hands!!

Beware in-app "purchases", Apr 18, 2021
Just what we need

This show is absolutely amazing!! The writers, director, cast, crew & spiritual advisers are a gift to all of us. My sister has dyslexia & had a difficult time reading the Bible…I sent her the information on the The Chosen app…because of the wonderful way the show is written, she binge watched & is now understanding the Bible, Jesus & His disciples in a way she didn’t think was possible. I am so grateful, my sister’s husband passed away in 2020 & she is a recovering alcoholic…needless to say she has been walking through a storm for a while….can’t thank all of you enough🙏🏻. I believe the Lord’s hand is definitely involved in The Chosen. He always gives us just what we need & in His timing, which is impeccable. I believe He hand picked all the people involved in this TV series. I love, respect & appreciate The Lord’s diversity🙏🏻. It seems, from interviews I have seen with Dallas Jenkins & cast members, that everyone involved with this TV series is grateful to be a part of it & they work together so well, regardless of where they stand on their spiritual beliefs or lack there of…..I love it! Too bad all people in the world couldn’t do that…how sweet would that be!! I will continue to pray, as are millions of people everywhere, for everyone involved in the series, personally & professionally….may the series go through seven seasons & beyond, according to the Lord’s will🙏🏻. God bless you all 🙏🏻 Many thanks & gratitude 🙏🏻

faithfulv, Nov 06, 2021
Friday Morning Group

There are just a few of us but that’s the way Jesus started gathering His disciples. We start off with The Chosen…discuss our reactions. Then we conclude with Ray Vander Laan’s series,That The World May Know. “Life And Ministry of The Messiah”. Ray Vander Laan is an historian and Christian teacher who takes groups of people to the Holy Land, Egypt,etc. I had hoped the lessons would be coordinated by so that the location of the tour and happenings would match where The Chosen is at in the Bible. Well God had this all planned before me…and it is the way I hoped for. We have one person who has visited The Holy Land and can give us her experiences there. She has some good insights and stories that help us to be there with her. This past Friday one of the ladies shared her grieving and depression at the death of her husband three years ago. I had just met a lady, Michelle, whose son, Ben, died from a brain tumor a year ago. I prayed with here and was able to relate that to The Chosen and Living Water episode with Ray Vander Laan (his series is endorsed by Focus On The Family. All of this is bringing me such joy. I need your prayers to keep in mind that I am merely His messenger and not a preacher. I hope to ask two friend who are part of this to make sure I am humbled. As I watch this first series over several times and especially with others, it is becoming more powerful. Thank you for making this possible.

I don't have another., Nov 01, 2021
Such a well done series

I had someone tell me about The Chosen.. Truthfully I tried to watch the first episode and struggled to get through it. As with any series it takes time to introduce some of the characters and set the stage for what’s to come. After the first episode I was hooked. I have now watched the first two seasons 4 times. When I feel like a need a boost and want to feel closer to Jesus I watch. All the actors and actresses are superb. Above everything else I love that the scriptural portions are true to the Word of God. I had a friend that was expecting a documentary and I had to keep reminding her that it is a narrative. That’s the best part! It’s so real.. We get such a snippet of the lives of the disciples and Jesus in scripture. I feel that the way Mr. Jenkins and the other writers portray their everyday lives is the way I would think it would be. I also so love the humanness of Jesus. I did a book study on Beloved Outlaw by John Etheridge. It all about the human side of Christ. So this series fits right in. My favorite parts are Jesus’ sense of humor and when He winks at someone. So so good! I’m now a contributor and pray that others will continue to help as they can so that season 3 and the remaining 4 will come to fruition. Thanks again to everyone that is responsible for this amazing series. I will continue to pray for this mighty work to move forward and reach the entire world!!!

jeannebran, May 29, 2022
Yes yes yes!!!

I’ve seen this multiple times over and I’ve been an advocate for it for months and months. It feels like pulling teeth to get people to watch it... but once they do! Support this project. Help others see Jesus through the eyes of those that followed Him. It’s not dry material, it’s incredibly deep and the character development is miraculous but not unbelievable. Director and creator Dallas Jenkins and team have done an incredible job at showing how God truly makes us new as He comes to us and as we get to know who He is. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve been convicted, I’ve fallen in love, I’ve suffered, I’ve questioned, and through each episode, Jesus shines as an equalizer that turns everything for the good of those who love Him and are called (“Chosen”) for his purpose.As an app, this is definitely unique. Since when do you find yourself not having to pay a subscription, wait through advertisements, create an account that requires your firstborn, or jump through a variety of multiple hoops? It gets cumbersome for people that haven’t seen it to convince them to download it. People act like it’s such a hassle. But it’s one not a single person I have convinced has regretted. And in all reality, it’s not any harder than downloading redundant apps like “Google.” Not to dog Alphabet/Google or anything...

jellypoh, Apr 19, 2020
Faithful and plausible content!

This review is based upon The Chosen’s first season only. At first I was skeptical about whether a credible and faithful production of the ministry and life of Jesus Christ was possible. I had doubts and questions. Will Jesus’ character speak only the “red letter” dialogue from the Bible? Would this production be a reinterpretation or embellishment of biblical truths, and if so, by watching it will I be guilty of giving credence and support to false teaching? How can this production fill several seasons worth of episodes about Jesus Christ’s relatively short ministry and life without embellishing? I was pleasantly surprised when my doubts and questions were either answered or quelled fairly quickly. I love the idea of a Christian show using crowd funding to get Christian content out to the public and this production seems to be faithful to the Bible by using knowledge of the past culture(s) of Jesus’ day and locality to flesh out the shows characters, their daily lives, and their actions. So far, the show does not seem to take liberties with Jesus character and sticks to the biblical stories. The characters are plausible and interesting and I am enjoying the shows immensely. While I will watch The Chosen series keeping a critical eye, I will continue to watch, and for now I will continue to encourage and my friends to watch also.

Lakelov'n, Oct 04, 2021
Even bad App reviews LOVE this show!

I’ve loved this show from the very beginning and every “extra.” The interpretation of Jesus is how I’ve always felt him in my heart and mind’s eye. Many of the poor App ratings are because they can’t get the new shows fast enough or with captions for the deaf. Since they release each show as soon as it is produced (and Season 2 was just completed) while more languages are being translated all the time, with captioning being planned but not available yet, I see this as a huge recommendation for the show and more like it! As far as “Pay it Forward” goes, Dallas makes it clear the decision to make the show FREE was to make it available to as many people as possible without regard to income. Since it costs a lot of money to produce a quality show (more now thanks to Covid), those who want to and can afford to donate are the ones who manage this show financially available to everyone. (Thank you!) Since I am disabled and financially unable to contribute financially, I rely on them as well. Even so, sharing the show with others IS something I can do! *I have found it takes an average of three “prompts” after TELLING someone about the show before they have actually WATCHED the show, so a sincere, “What do you think about The Chosen?!” or, “Which character on The Chosen do you identify with most?” can be a great reminder in their busy lives. Once they watch it, YOU won’t be telling THEM about it because it will be the other way around.

Laurie007, Oct 13, 2021
Second season responses

At first I didn’t feel anything could compare to first season. I was so wrecked in an awesome way by several of the stories. Mary meeting Jesus, Nicodemus especially the night he met snd talked to Him. The second season took an adjustment at first. I’ve watched each season fully 8-9 times. Never get sick of it. Always finding something new and fresh to glean. I had trouble with Mary going back into her old life. Seeing her drinking and gambling etc. I couldn’t watch that Episode again for weeks. I felt she was so delivered she would never go back and scripture doesn’t say she did. But like Jesus said to her , if you can lose what you got that fast how good was it. Did you think you’d never sin again? lol I don’t fully under the animosity between all of disciples and Matthew. Andrew is my least lovable character. He’s a nervous wreck. I hope he chills out next season. My favorite episodes are when Jesus said to James and John, Fire, you want to call down fire from heaven snd burn them up??? Great episode! Also I love the last episode with Matthew when he speaks the Beatitudes. So profound and meaningful and deep. First class produced but very authentic and genuine acting . Amazing sets too. Love your work. I want more and more. Best presentation of the Bible I’ve seen . I love Quintus as well and his interview with Jesus. Love all of you. Cindy Hoesly

papijk, Sep 27, 2021
Dear Dallas and Friends

. I lost my husband of 44 years to lung cancer last October. But He is so free and healed and with Jesus. The long months alone would have been horrific apart from my kids and grandkids and THE CHOSEN. I can’t even tell you how many times I have watched over and over and over again each episode. They have brought me peace in my sorrow fed my spirit and soul entrenched in my being the truth of the Word the simplest lost sheep and how to pray. I have fought praying sitting down and praying never could find the right place until one day I heard for the umteemth time Jesus say go in your room and close the door and talk your father in secret. My prayer life has changed my whole life has changed. My little neighborhood Bible Study is watching the first season at my house. We are going to see Episode 7 my favorite of the first season next week. Oh you guys thank you for hearing the Holy Spirit and doing this incredible work. I love each of you with my whole heart and I pray your whole life completely changed doing this mighty work for Jesus about His Kingdom. #8 is my favorite of season 2 yes snd Matthew is my favorite and so is Precious Nicodemus. I love you all forever. Love in Jesus Debbie really You all are my favorite especially you Dallas and your sweet family. When you do your work the Holy Spirit transforms you. Jesus is so Holy!

selah belle, Oct 21, 2021

I love this show so much. It’s changed my life. My relationship with God has become so strong. Now, I continually want to please him. He is my Light and my Salvation. Thank you to Dallas Jenkins for listening to the call and following the leading of the Holy Spirit in this project. It has brought so many of us closer to our God, and renewed our focus on the Almighty. Reading my Bible is more enjoyable now, and I can understand things in a way I didn’t before. This show is great at bringing out the humanity and struggles of the disciples, as well as that of Yeshua/Jesus… being that He was God, but in a very human body. Everyone is so relatable and I see my own life in some of the stories, like Mary of Magdala, Nathanial, and even Nicodemus in some ways. There isn’t an episode that doesn’t choke me up, and it’s the same no matter how many times I watch. I’ve watched this series about 6 or 7 times now, and I will continue to watch when I need to put my focus back on God and less on the problems of life. What I love most about this show is that it’s the most Messianic version of Jesus that there has ever been. Jesus was a Jew and so many forget that, especially those that have made Jesus films in the past. This is the most middle eastern depiction of Jesus and His disciples that had ever been made. I appreciate how much time and effort that Dallas and His crew put in to get this all right. Thank you all again for your work. It’s been amazing!!!

VantasticFreedom, Jan 01, 2022


See the record-shattering series about Jesus that has a 9.9 on IMDb. Watch full episodes for free, stream on your iPhone or cast to your TV! The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus.

Created outside of the Hollywood system, The Chosen allows us to see Him through the eyes of those who knew Him. No matter where you are in your journey with Jesus Christ, this TV show is for you. MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR I’ve been a believer my whole life, I’ve attended Christian schools my whole life, and I’ve heard the stories of Jesus countless times. I’ve also seen every Jesus movie and miniseries ever made, and there have been dozens. So why a new TV show about Jesus? Because I have a passion for people to hear the “old, old story” again … for the very first time. When I see Jesus movies, it’s sometimes hard for me to feel moved or excited. I've heard the stories before, and many Jesus projects just take you from Bible story to Bible story, not spending as much time on the humanity and backstories of all these characters. And they sometimes feel stiff and formal. So when we started to write a show that explores Jesus through the eyes of those around Him, we were repeatedly moved and excited. We explored the backstories of Simon Peter, Matthew, Mary Magdalene, Nicodemus, and a few of Jesus’ miracle recipients, and in turn experienced Him in the way they did. We couldn’t help but identify with their recklessness, rough pasts, religious piety, and desperation for life change. And ultimately, their redemption. One of our favorite responses from an early screening? "The story of Jesus that actually appealed to my teenagers!" No matter where you’re at in your journey with Christ—whether you’re one of the many people in the gospels who encountered Jesus after a horrific past without Him, or you’re a Nicodemus who’s been a lifelong member of the God team—Jesus proved over and over that we have so much to learn and innumerable traits that need change. We hope this show allows you to see Jesus as they did. The end of the trailer tells you how to watch this show right now.

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