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User Reviews for The Card Table

Almost perfect

Only thing I'd love to see added would be the ability to play without requiring my friends to have iOS devices. It works great with everyone being able to see their own hands, but how about a way to play on just the iPad? For games like blackjack where I could use the iPad screen as the table without connecting to anyone else. Or just times when I want to play by myself?

ABQGOD, Mar 15, 2014
Great Concept, Needs Improvement

I have been looking for something of this sort for a VERY long time, and I was filled with joy when I stumbled upon this app. I began right away and played with two of my friends, having to single my third friend out because we didnt have enough devices, as his ipad was the table. It was very fun to have the freedom of all card games with no cards. We did think cards were a bit quicker and easier to handle. The main reason I got the app was to be able to play cards with friends wherever I went, whether in the car or on vacation or even on a long plane ride. BUT, in order for devices to connect, it requires all devices to be connected to wifi. Because of this, most people will only be able to play in settings where it has a wifi router, which usually means its in a place where physical cards become more relevant. In short, i love this concept, but it needs to need no wifi connection and rely solely on bluetooth connection in orde to play. Thanls dor reading.

Codfish3, Aug 28, 2014
Great but needs more...

Gameplay is quite awesome, swiping cards from device to device is a beautiful concept. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options make even Road trips possible when Wi-Fi does not exist. However there are some small flaws that need fixing and some recommendations I would like to make. Each time I start the game I must repurchase the free card table background. This is a minor inconvenience but fixing it would make it a lot better. I understand the game is free, but please let me purchase an ad free version. I use this with my family and would prefer not to have advertisements popping up on their displays. Please add some type of auto stacking teacher for playing games such as Rummy. When throwing down cards and games like Remi, there does not seem to be enough room on the "iPad table" for two players let alone four players. Overall this app is excellent and I would like to give it five stars, if you would at least allow me to purchase an ad free version. Thank you for the great game.

FrankenMod.com, Dec 24, 2014
Perfect for when you don’t have a deck of cards!

This app is great for when your in the car or on a plane and you don’t have a deck of cards or using cards is a hassle. It is also great for playing cards around a little kids who get too grabby with the deck!

gat3keepr, Jan 26, 2022
Fun App

I like how unique this app is. It's easy to use, pretty to look at, and most importantly - fun! My favorite part is how it let's me really just focus on the game I'm playing and doesn't get in the way. The recent update has improved the experience even more.I have a couple requests that would make it even better. 1) Sometimes the iPad and the iPhone disconnects in the middle of a game. If I restart the app on my phone it picks back up where I left off so that's good. I think this might just be a general Bluetooth issue, but if you could find a fix that would be great. 2) I'd like the ability to play with multiple decks. I would probably even pay for this feature. 3) I like the different custom styles I can choose from. It would be cool if there was even more or if I could customize my own cards. That would be really fun. With those additions I would give this 6 stars if I could.

GMA03:), Mar 12, 2014
Buggy and maybe deceptive in app purchase feature

I went to get the free green background while in this app, and it said I still had to login to my Apple account to get the free background. No problem, this is common. After I entered my password I got barraged with "confirm purchase pop-ups". It did not matter if I clicked "confirm" or "cancel" it kept asking, over and over. So I'm clicking "confirm", "confirm" then I noticed its asking me to confirm a $1.99 card design, then a $1.99 something else. I almost hit confirm (I might of) but I then started hitting "cancel". The pop-ups started coming faster now--I could not even delete the app, or open other app it was blocking my system. It was a nightmare. I had to do a force restart. Of course the first thing I did was to delete this app from my iPad and iPhone.

Johnny_Austin, Jan 20, 2015

Wow! This is the best card game app on the store. I hate how other card game apps make you play a single game and how you usually have to play against people you've never met. Aren't card games better in person? I like that Card Table lets me play whatever I want and with people in the same room as me - the way cards are supposed to be played. I'm never buying another deck of cards again!

Megawatt17, Mar 10, 2014
Love it!

Changing my review from one star to five. When I purchased this app a year ago, it didn’t function at all. With the latest update, it works perfectly. I use it to play cards with a friend who is paralyzed, and we love it. The app has multiple decks to choose from (Standard, Uno, Phase 10, and more), score keeping, shuffling, and even hiding your hand before setting down your phone. Thank you for taking the time to build this app and fix the bugs! My friend and I will use it often :)

NatureShlee, Jan 01, 2022
Super Fun- you can play anything :)

You need to have the app on all the devices involved, which must include at least 1 iPad and one other iPhone or iPad & have wifi and/or Bluetooth enabled on all devices. We bought, downloaded & were playing in minutes. Played Uno & 7 card gin rummy. Loved the flexibility in Freeplay to play any card game. Use the app tutorial to help you set up the card game of your choice (# decks, # cards in the deal, piles on the table, etc) & it's a breeze. Um, you DO need to know how to play the card game of your choice YOURSELF, it's not an app that teaches you HOW to play a game, but rather a VERY AWESOME app that you can use to replace a physical deck of cards to play ANY card game you like in a FUN way with your Apple devices. Can't wait to play with more family! This is a keeper.

NocheKat, Jan 19, 2015
Great Potential, Needs Scalability

Great concept for a multiplayer game setup that allows us to pick the game without having predefined rules. We were able to setup quickly and get a game going quickly and had fun playing. There are a few features that would be good to see that would allow this to really succeed. First, we need an ability to organize the cards in our hand, without it it is difficult to follow what cards we have for specific games. Second, depending on what game you play, you run out of card table space very quickly. We played gin with 2 players and were running out of space, if we were to play with anymore players, there would not be enough room. Adding pinch zoom capability to allow us to scale the board would fix this. Third, having a cancel button that takes you to a home screen would be useful. Fourth, having a notepad style popup that would allow us to tally scores would be very useful. If you really wanted to get fancy you could have some predefined score sheets for specific common games that could even keep track of player totals so the user don't have to be responsible for the math (hopefully ending arguments :) )

servuscmj, Feb 13, 2014


It’s not a card game. It’s every card game. The Card Table gives you a virtual deck of cards so you can play any of your favorite card games.

You are in charge of the rules, such as how many cards to deal, how to keep score, and how to take turns. If you know how to play a game with a physical deck of cards, you can play it with The Card Table—without needing to shuffle! An iPad or Mac becomes your card table, players keep their hands on their iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iPod touch, and you “pass” cards between devices. Players’ devices connect to the iPad via Bluetooth and/or Wifi. The magic is in the direct communication between devices. When you pass a card it doesn’t go through a server—it goes directly from one device to the next! Now you can easily play your favorite games on road trips or airplanes. *** At least one iPad or Mac and another iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with at least iOS 13 or a Mac with at least macOS 10.15.5 required***

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