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User Reviews for The Birdcage

Love and hate

I absolutely fell in-love with this game.... it’s addicting and challenging and overall one of my favorite games. HOWEVER, the “free” levels... there just aren’t enough of them. I ended up purchasing the complete package of levels, that was SUPPOSED to be on sale for only $2.99. It ended up charging me the full $4.99 price. I want to download the 2nd package but I just don’t feel like the number of levels that there are, is worth the price. If there were way more levels, or if the packages were cheaper.... I’d give this 5 stars and would buy the 2nd package and future packages. On a side note, there are only 2 levels that couldn’t find all 3 jewels to get the epilogue level opened up and I have tried at least a dozen times to find these last two jewels. Thoroughly annoyed by that.

Avhucbjiisdvjnn, Dec 10, 2019
Beautiful but BORING

This game is stunning visually and has some interesting story bits. Unfortunately all of the puzzles were meant for a 6-8 year old child level. AR is kinda cool but annoying since you have to keep moving the camera. Not a bad game to occupy young kids but as an adult or smart child you’ll get 0 satisfaction or sense of achievement from this. I kept playing in hopes of the puzzles ramping up in difficulty but they never did. Even the gems are basically found in the same few spots every stage. Some puzzle designs utilized some refreshing mechanics, but was completely underwhelmed by how straightforward and easy they were. They literally plaster all the answers right in front of your face. They also reuse the same type of puzzle mechanic over and over again. So if you want something pretty that can waste about 10 seconds of your life per stage this good. But if you’re looking for a challenging puzzle look elsewhere.

Disappointed and disgruntled, Sep 25, 2018
Love this developer

This developer has to be one of my favorites in the escape game genre. I was pumped to see a new game out! Although this game is completely different from the "can you escape" series, it did not disappoint. It is pretty easy compared to the other games, but still very entertaining. The puzzles have a similar feel to the Faraway series, so if you like those games you should definitely check this out. Hell, even if you don't, I'd recommend giving this game a go. I finished it pretty quick, beating the whole game in an hour or hour and a half. For as inexpensive as it is, it's completely worth it. Thanks for another great game, I look forward to what you come up with next!

itschrusciel, Jul 08, 2018
Beautiful game, but the puzzles were seriously lacking

The graphics of the game itself is quite beautiful and the AR works quite well once you set it up by placing the birdcage where you want and at the height you want. However this is a puzzle game and I feel like the puzzles where seriously lacking. Some puzzles where so ridiculously simple that they could be solved in under 4 moves. I prefer when puzzles are challenging enough that you actually have to think about the answer rather than being able to solve it after a glance. If you are looking for something that won’t challenge you then this is a very good choice, if however you are looking for something more difficult and substantial then you should get The Room. They both use similar concepts but the difficulty is vastly different. I hope this helps.

Kelamis, Sep 19, 2018
Beautiful game, but needs to be more challenging

The illustration in this game is lovely and the background music is very soothing, so overall it was a really enjoyable game. I meant to only give it 4 stars, though, because the storyline is a little week and then just drops out altogether on the dove level, and the puzzles need to be more challenging. Normally, I would expect the puzzles to grow more difficult with each level or at least with each pack, but in this game the difference between packs is just that the puzzle theme changes, although somewhat inconsistently. My suggestion for future update packs would be to increase the difficulty and variety of the puzzle types. Add elements like you would find in The Room and The House of Da Vinci. one thing I would love to see are more puzzles that are auditory or musically based. There doesn’t seem to be much out there in that genre, and it would definitely add a unique dimension. Since this is a game focusing on birds, maybe do something like locks opening through matching or replicating birdsong, for example. I will look forward to future updates!

MomMonster2, Dec 15, 2018
Has potential

I think this is a good puzzle game for those who are new in the puzzle genre. I went through the puzzles relatively quickly and the in-app purchases are cheap compared to some escape room/puzzle games similar to this. It kept my mind occupied and I found many of the levels replay-able. It’s not bad but an expansion would certainly be appreciated. Also I did run into a bug on one of the levels where the item display stopped working and I had to exit out of the app. Prolonged gameplay is likely to make the game bug up in small ways like this but nothing that an exit-and-swipe-away before coming back to the app can’t fix. Overall, I would recommend to busy people newer to puzzles who want a relatively easy escape-room-esque kind of game to play (and by easy, I mean that the clues in the puzzles are relatively easy to pick up on). I enjoyed it as a puzzle enthusiast, however, like I mentioned, I went through each level relatively quickly, quicker when replaying to get all the gems for unlocking the epilogue; you’ll have a harder time finding all the gems than beating each level. Those who desire head-scratching mega-puzzles may not find this difficult at all, especially since many of the puzzles have a theme and/or repeats types of puzzles.

NeonDragoness, Jul 07, 2018
Great but could use a few changes

I absolutely love this game and I’m happy that they made a two and I think they should make more I like that you can still play a decent amount of levels without paying (tho I did buy the rest of the levels and I recommend it) I’m normally not into puzzle games but I really like this one and I think having an AR mode was an awesome idea and and there’s barely (if not none) any adds and I like that you can get a hint but I think the levels should get a little harder later on but not to much harder well not until the way later like atleast and it would be nice if you could leave a level without it resetting but that’s about it I think the game is (mostly) AMAZING!!! Ok bye ^^

qwerty is weid, Oct 24, 2019
Puzzles are fun, need more levels

This is an app I downloaded for my kiddos-and found myself playing as well. The puzzles are relatively easy for someone used to playing this type of escape game genre-but are fun for the whole family-from my 4 yr old up to an adult. My 10 and 14 year olds LOVE to play everyday! I think there definitely needs to be an expansion pack-the levels went by too quickly. Maybe adding an option for difficulty-with harder levels having timed completions would be a little more challenging while still offering free play for younger or less experienced players. It would also be cool to have more if the hidden items/gems-and a way to see if they were all completed or not. Overall-GREAT app! Waiting for the new levels to be released...

raynam07, Aug 28, 2018
Need more levels for the money

Paid the “no ad” upgrade and then the levels dropped off after the dove level, Was disappointed in that. Felt like for $5.00 upgrade the levels should continued further. Such as ongoing past the ones shown. I liked the design and loved the puzzle aspect of the game. But I agree with other reviewers that think as the levels went on the puzzles should’ve gotten more difficult as well but not just end and then start another “The Birdcage 2” that’s going to do the same thing. Not paying for the levels past the crow level(Free) in Birdcage 2 because for $6.00 to have it end after the 4th bird level is not worth the money. If it was ongoing and didn’t also involve spiritism then I might consider it but Birdcage 2 went to a dark side and am not impressed. Loved, Loved, Loved The Birdcage and would play it if more levels were added to it, but will not move ahead with The Birdcage 2 past the free levels. Don’t like the direction the story went or the fact that it’s more $$ to come to and end as well! Do better developers! 😔😔

talongirl38, Mar 27, 2022
Awesome little game

Great graphics with easy maneuverability!Some say it's too easy but I don't think so. If you're just getting into AR and you haven't been a fan of room games before, I think this is the perfect game to introduce you to a new gaming experience.I have the Room Series and some of the levels weren't all that intuitive, nor that way that you didn't have to rack your brain a bit. I have to do that enough so when I sit down to relax I don't want something that's going to do anything but help me relax. Ok challenging but not so much that it loses the fun. When something is too hard and you keep getting stuck on levels and having to do them over again & again, then maybe have to go to a walk through to get thru that level...what fun is that? Certainly doesn't do anything to build you up after a hard days night ya kno?Summary; I think it's great the way it is, hard enough that it's not 1-2-3 but easy enough to accomplish. Then the only thing missing is >>>>>>>>>>>MORE LEVELS<<<<<<<<<<<<<< PLEASE

tbnfl, Aug 13, 2018


The story spins around a heartbroken King who lost his young son in a climbing accident. He locks away that which his son loved most - the ocean-colored birds that populated their kingdom. In doing so, he stole the very wind from the sky.

Release the birds and unleash the wind once more. Prepare yourself for intuitive touch controls, mechanical puzzles and thinking outside the box. In order to finish this puzzle game, you need to use all the room escape skills you have! AR MODE Experience another dimension of puzzle solving. STUNNING PUZZLES Solve the smartest puzzles and riddles you have ever seen. EASY TO START Easy to start – impossible to quit. True story! INTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROLS Experience the feel of the surface to sense the authentic atmosphere. MYSTERIOUS STORY Unravel the mystery behind 26 golden cages, and story about birds locked inside. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Enjoy atmospheric audio and chilling soundtrack.

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