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User Reviews for TelloFpv

2 min flying limit

When using this app takeoff starts a 2 min timer and then the drone lands I have heard good things about this app but I had no idea of a stupid land every 2 min !!! Useless app for me I want to fly not watch a timer tick down just so I can cancel and keep flying STICK with the pen app at least then you can fly until you drain a batterie

B.D. Smith, Jan 30, 2023

I didn’t know how to ask without writing a review but I just bought this for my daughter’s Tello and got her a VR headset for her phone but one problem I can’t seem to find how to turn this app into FPV mode even though I keep seeing it’s an available option it’s not exactly clear how to switch

JohnyJacques, Jan 22, 2022
Nice app But !!

I can see a big difference in the motor RPM The motors work a lot harder Snd faster. Don’t know if this is good or bad . Next it’s jerky like if you use a controller . Has nice options . Not sure witch one I will use Any thoughts

Lar12345668, Aug 29, 2022

Can you bring back the option to customize throttle , pitch, yaw, and roll? Looks like the older version has the feature. I would like to customize controller and control the drone like I am playing 3D video games like Halo or Fortnite Thank you

Mike Y Tello, Dec 25, 2022
Not happy.

Won’t save photos/videos. Screen shot doesn’t look like downloaded app. Can’t update to newest version.

mrsr71, Mar 12, 2022

Great app for Tello. There are some bugs though. Flight log doesn't show anything other then a big white space.

RunningUtes, Jun 21, 2022
Better app for Tello

If you have a $100.00 drone and you want that it make things of the drone $1,000.00, buy this app.

sonarfleet, Jun 27, 2022
Essential if using an external controller - but still a few bugs

This is so much nicer than the official Tello app, and being able to control so many functions with the buttons on controller is a complete game changer. Worth the money even with the bugs I’ve found so far, which are:1. Any time you end a video or snap a picture, you are kicked out of the app. Seems like something with saving the file to your photos. I have to double click the home button and renter the app - which then reconnects and you have control again. 2. Boomerang autopilot mode is missing the 360 rotation. Just flies away and then returns. Didn’t have opportunity to check all autopilot modes yet. Further suggestions 3. Limited button mapping. I don’t need 8 different flips mapped to buttons, but would love to be able to map the different autopilot modes and the 360/pano function to controller buttons instead of having to use the phone screen. 4. It would be great if the follow me/orbit functionality were built into this app. I will likely get that app soon but fear that I will have to choose one or the other app to use before a flight. Much simpler if this could be a module within this app even if offered as a upgrade and pay the additional cost. This is a very new app, so a few bugs are expected, but with the limited time I’ve used it so far, I couldn’t recommend it any more strongly. Love the return to home and keep poi in view functions. If you have a Tello - you NEED this app.

Teleric, Feb 01, 2021
You Need This

If you have a Tello you need this app. I originally bought this four years ago along with a GameSir T1d and flew it with my Android phone. Just bought this updated version for my iPhone 14 Plus Max and it works flawlessly! Had connection problems with the Android but no problems with the iPhone. Tello was my first drone and even though I have over three dozen drones now including a DJI FPV it’s still fun to fly the Tello especially with this app! Buy it!

UAS Pilot Robi, Nov 30, 2022
Best app ever!

I have this app on my iPad and my iPhone it works perfectly and it is very awesome. It gives great high end drone features too a drone that I fly every day.Thank you! ;)🙏😀

Zaiah 117, Sep 24, 2021


Tello FPV is a control app for the Ryze Tello camera drone quadcopter offering many additional features and more control. Feature set: * Enhanced telemetry (distance, altitude, pitch & roll indicators) * Home indicator showing you the way back home * VR FPV Mode, supports adjustable views * Advanced video options * Trainer mode: Teach someone else without risking your drone (external controller required) * Three flight profiles: Sport mode - video mode - cine mode * Wired and wireless gamepad controllers (ONLY controllers supported by iOS) * Gamesir T1d, T1S and Parrot Flypad * Flexible stick & button mapping, mode 1-4 * Headless mode * Autopilots: - Return to home - Circle at any distance - Lock heading on POI - Long distance dronie - Boomerang: dronie + 360 + return - Orbit: dronie + circle - 360° video - panorama photos (no automated stitching, external stitching app required!) * Flight log * Full PDF manual included in App! Required privileges * Storage - Storing photos and videos * Bluetooth - Only required for T1D, T1S and Flypad Important: When using this app consider safety your responsibility and use the drone and this app at your own risk!

We shall have no responsibility for any damage caused to your drone or any damages or injuries caused to you or anyone else. This app comes without any warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. By purchasing and using this app you declare to agree to these conditions!

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