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Technopoly – Industrial Empire

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User Reviews for Technopoly – Industrial Empire

Pay to win… eventually

Interesting game a bit like a very very kiddie pool board game. Pretty linear progress without too much thinking. But still pretty fun. In the end though you really are forced to pay. AND watch innumerable ads. To be fair the way the ads are delivered is palatable but make no mistake you will be watching hundreds to thousands if you want to win. In particular starting at Iron island you reach a point where progress through passive or even active ad watching income is nowhere near sufficient. It takes weeks for even one upgrade. I didn’t even mind watching the ads. But it becam3 The Who,e game. Lot of potential here. And an improved model for watching ads. But in the end the game is just like any other P2W. I loved this game. That alone gets it 4 stars. Tweak the game balance in the later stages please!

Al1223, Jul 07, 2022
The game isn’t bad but….

So your not forced to watch tons of ads. As far as I can tell your not forced to watch a single ad. Though the game is borderline unplayable with out watching 1000s of advertisements. You need bridges to get from island to island to continue your factory building. You get one for free every 8 hours or so. That might not be bad if you stayed on any one island for a length of time. In a couple hours I’ve likely spend more of it watching ad after ad to earn bridges then playing. Sometimes a ship brings a bridge for an ad, sometimes you find one in a floating treasure again for an ad, if neither are available you can watch 6 ads in the lighthouse for 1. Watching ads for cash or research points do not count towards the 6 required ad views. You can also buy them with the premium currency at an increasing cost the more you buy.So my evaluation is the game itself is fun. But bridges need to be more available. Give more per ad view or lower the cost of bridges when using premium currency or maybe lower the wait time from 8 hours to maybe 30 minutes or 1 hour. Short of that you get about 5 minutes of play per hour of ad views.

Daved1058, Feb 25, 2022
Good but ad driven

I don't like ad driven games, I'd rather pay a couple bucks and just play the game... so it loses one star for that.But the game itself is good. For an idle game it's not very addictive (this is a good thing!), it lets you play at a relaxed pace, a little bit each day. That's what idle games SHOULD be like, not sucking up all your time and constantly distracting you.The island and production management is a nice puzzle, optimizing your layout is fun. Connecting all the islands up takes time but is satisfying.

iestynne, Jun 11, 2022
normally dont have good things to say about mobile games

this game is simple. you build, idle, unlock islands, build some more. somehow the music though repetitive is just so relaxing. it brings you down to earth and helps you unwind. Everything about the gameplay is everything that you could expect. And the amazing thing is that there is no forced ads. when a game forces an ad believe it or not I'd delete it. It's just completely stupid and I am more prone to pay a little bit of something for a game that does not force advertisements on me because I'm not gonna play a game that's just a simple piece of crap just to make them money. But this game I have bought the five dollar pack which isn't a lot but I'm sure is enough for them. The game actually makes you want to watch the ads as well and I have watched plenty of ads or at least let them run through for the extra coins extra bridges etc. I'm a little over 2/3 way to unlocking everything completely. i will be happy to unlock everything and maximize efficiency to have the most income possible on this

liljames326, May 11, 2022
A continuous puzzle!

I have had this game for a week now, and I will say it has become my go to. Exploring new islands, running out of land space, then finding new ones, great concept. I enjoy searching for treasure and collecting bottles. And I have a feeling that nothing comes easy in this game. Finding the perfect ratio of production to buildings is a bit tough, you run out of space to build quickly. The only advice I have for the developers is that when you upgrade the buildings, the production should increase along with the profit. Other than that, it’s been a wonderful little time eater. Thank you!

Nyctoflora, Aug 02, 2022
About as generic and money hungry as you can get

The gameplay is a pretty basic idle game with the catch that there is limited space to place structures to produce different resources. It’s a nice foundation for a good game but within playing for 15 minutes there were no less than 30 objects/deals to try and get me to make in game transactions. I didn’t even get to the fourth type of building before being bombarded with this. TL:DR: just another basic game trying to get that easy money. Don’t get there are better free idle games with less predatory practices

PupOnDRun, Feb 02, 2022
This is embarrassing

I normally don’t pay to play but I had a moment of weakness while playing this game and bought the #2 package, needed the coins to progress and there was some side stuff halfway interesting. Well I got the side stuff but no coins! These coins are completely worthless of course, equal to the worth of the letters in this review but the people who run this game would still rather rip people off than provide the costless to them coins! Amazing really, anyway the game is interesting if you are bored but eventually will require endless grinding or purchasing of coins which they won’t even provide, give this game a pass.

Sad Krusty, Jun 13, 2022
Game is fun

The mechanics of the game are simple but this game differentiates from other idle games. In this game you need resources to build some structures and those resources are provided by other buildings making the game objective not only to get the most money but to find the perfect way to optimize your buildings. The only problems I found are the only thing that connects islands and their benefits between each other are very tedious to get. One choice is to wait up to 8 hours just to get one bridge or watch ads until you have enough coins to get the bridge. Other issue I found is the the money you get while being outside the app is 3 times less than what you get if you were on the app and to get 3 times money from being idle you need to pay 30 coins, which there are only three options to get these coins. By purchasing with real money, by watching three ads or to press any bottle you see on the ocean which is randomized between money or coins with more probability of getting money. And every time you need to pay this 30 coins you can’t do any of these options because you needed to have the coins beforehand.

SheetMallard78, May 13, 2022
Great game, needs more space

Honestly, I absolutely love this game, but sometimes, I find my self just barely squeaking by with just enough resources to move on. I understand it’s strategy, and I’m probably just bad, but I’d say you might need to add some more land. Especially on the food island. There is not as much room for farms as there is for other islands. Otherwise, highly recommend!

Stupid Mobile Games, Jul 03, 2022
Incredibly chill empire building game

I love 4X games, but I don’t play often because they involve a lot of focus and intensity. This game brings many of the things I love about 4X while being so chill. The ambient music is amazingly relaxing, I’ll leave it open just for that. You don’t lose resources when you sell something you’ve built (money gained from selling is the same as it costs to build), taking away the stress of having to get things perfectly optimized the first time and the strenuous calculations of if a revamp of an area is worth it. But you still have the drive to perfectly optimize. The cost and income progression seems fair so far, i haven’t spent any money but I’ve progressed quickly. We’ll see if that stays true as I keep playing. Overall, it’s been years since I was this happy with a free game. Get it!

warr49, Apr 21, 2022


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