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User Reviews for TDF Tracker

Perfectly simple

I send my hours to my bookkeeper each week to prepare my invoices: takes 30 seconds. Easy to track individual clients / projects for nice detailed invoices without any back-and-forth conversations with my bookkeeper, and I no longer waste time painfully adding up hours from my calendar + memory. Entering mileage as I accrue is very efficient, for expenses I still use my business CC statement but this is great for paper checks / cash expenses--doesn't eliminate the need for receipts and invoices, DOES eliminate the need for using that pile of receipts to add up expenses!Overall it has made my life much more organized, I'm invoicing all clients in a timely manner and I'm not loathing my next income tax filing. Yay!!!

AngeliqueR, Oct 29, 2010
Time, Expense, Mileage Tracking and Reporting made simple

I've been using this app for about 2 years. I'm a technology consultant that deals with multiple clients. TDF Tracker is so incredibly easy to use. The report function provides the right details that my clients need to see to support my invoices. I also have done some general construction contracting on the side and was able to track my workers time and produce reports that supported what their pay was for the week. My wife uses it in the role of paid trustee of a trust to support her billing for time, expenses and mileage. A very, very versatile application. Best of all, their is no online service that you need to pay a monthly fee for like most of the other time tracking options. If your an individual that just needs to track your own time and expenses or just a few other people, this is a GREAT way to go.

czsm, Nov 11, 2015

I’m enjoying this app so far. Very helpful maintaining exact times for clients that question time

Harley22!, Jul 20, 2022
Loving It

YES! Finally, I can concentrate on the Project, Client and Trip all in ONE Application and it doesn't need me to baby sit. All you do is plug in the details (things like names etc are saved for future use) and "boom" TDF tracker does the rest! I have found it stressful in the past having to MANUALLY write down mileage for every trip, but with this APP your tax preparer and employer will be impressed. I don't normally write reviews, but because this is simple, useful, and automatically keeps track of timed projects and meetings I JUST HAD to share this info for those who may be considering. Now there are not a lot of bells and whistles with this application - But it gets the job done and professionally. In the future, it would be nice to have some customizable drop-down options such as (Project, Meeting, Conference, Training, etc...)

ICYSTONZ™, Jan 05, 2011
Brilliant! Perfect for consultants, designers, contractors

As a decorator, home-stager and independent consultant I have had difficulty keeping track of my time, mileage and expenses when working for multiple clients, let alone one! I hated having to lug around notebooks that carried random notes "client X = 9:00 - ???" because while I was able to remember when starting something, I forgot when I stopped or took a break. With this APP, I have a detailed report for each client and it takes me 2-seconds to turn the timer on or off. I have a much more accurate understanding of my time allotment per client; now I use it to track projects that aren't work related too! Worth the money spent, totally!!!To programmers: can you please come up with a task manager as handy as this one? Thanks!

Islandgrrrl*, Jun 28, 2011
Needs a lot of improvement

I'll start with the good points:1. It will create a report and allow you to export it by emailing2. The report format is a .CSV file that you can open in Excel3. It's the best expense app I've found for the iPhone - but that isn't saying muchNow the weaknessesThere are very few expense fields - all it has is the date, client, project, amount, expense type and a notes field. I need a lot more fields like:1. Location of expense2. Report number field3. Currency (Euros, Yen, etc)4. Exchange rate5. Vendor (restaurant, hotel, airline, etc)6. Client name (person's name for entertainment expense)7. Client title or function8. Receipt ID (number or file name)As it is, the only way to add this extra information is using the Note field; but that's a lousy way to do data entry.It would also be nice if there was a field for the mileage reimbursement rate. This isn't absolutely necessary because it can be added in Excel when the report is export to my computer, but why not?This program seems to be well written and easy to use, but really lacks features, especially considering the high price (by iPhone app standards). I won't be using this app as currently written. I recommend buying Documents-to-Go and making a simple spreadsheet to record expenses.

Jim Jacoby, Jul 04, 2010
Getting sick of problems.

I’ve been using this app for a number of years, and it’s been alright. The last few months, when I enter information into these windows, be it notes, set the time, or name a task. As soon as I right aero out to the day showing jobs, then click back to that job I manipulated. It doesn’t save the information. In most cases if I have a lot of notes to enter. If I don’t block that information and copy it before exiting out to go to another job. I have to rewrite all I just entered. I’ve recommended this app to a lot of people. If that frustrating addition to this app isn’t solved, I’ll be forced to delete it forever.

Jonleestaples, Jun 01, 2018

I have been looking for an app to do what this one does for a long time. It's simple yet powerful and the interface is fairly intuitive. If you have multiple clients, with multiple projects or jobs and several tasks for each and need to track time, expenses and mileage then look no further.Yes, the app is 10 bucks, but if you miss billing or getting reimbursed for 20 miles, one lunch or an hour of work, you've lost more than that. The reports are clean, well laid out and have the option to preview before submitting or printing. The app also links to Dropbox for backup. I've had probably 10 other apps trying to find one as perfect. Save yourself time and frustration and look no further than here.

Kersmudgen, Nov 10, 2015
Good start!!!

I don't bill by the hour. I work in a network mktg company & this app has been nice for tracking the personal hours, mileage & expenses I put into growing my business & client base. It would be great if the app would export mileage & expenses directly into Turbo Tax (or similar).Oh...lightbulb...what if it could recognize a text, email or call being sent/made to a particular client or business partner that is already in your TDF Tracker app & input that info into the TDF Tracker for you. Then instead of having to send an email, and go back into TDF to log all the info, we could just click "confirm" if we agree with the suggested entry. Right now when I have back to back calls, emails, texts, etc., it can be time consuming to have to go into TDF & log all the details in & sometimes the time is forgotten & not logged at all. It would just make a more accurate picture of my business for me & what is actually taking place in a day. Also, I would love it to include client data management....bday reminders, personal contact info for the clients. I've added on a separate client app, but that is cumbersome when I need to streamline things. Good luck. Keep up the good work.

Paycheckswithpower.com, Sep 29, 2011
Liked it in '09. Don't like it in '10. Reasons why...

I started using this to keep track of my time and miles starting around Oct-Nov '09. Loved it as it helped me keep track of the hours worked and the miles driven on a every week, monthly or (Other) any custom date basis. Since the new year, it would not allow me to use the custom date to report the hours worked starting any date in '09, i.e. start October 01 '09 - end January 25 '10. Just can't select October '09. It would roll over to a month in '10. That means you just can't get a report for the # of hours worked on a Fiscal year basis. Very frustating. The other thing I noticed is that it is very bad at tracking miles if you use two vehicles. The Autofill - Last Entry, does not work if you have used two vehicles. It keeps putting in the highest mileage from one of the vehicles even though you have switched to the lower mileage vehicle. The entry has to be modified every day to reflect the correct mileage for the lower mileage vehicle. Again very frustating.Hope it gets fixed or I will have to look a better product.

SalAhGin, Jan 31, 2010


TDF Tracker is an easy to use, powerful tool for those who need to keep track of time/expenses/mileage. Potential users include consultants, lawyers, accountants, contractors and freelance designers - but can include anyone needing a flexible tool for tracking such items. While you could buy one app as a tracker for billable time, another as a mileage reimbursement log, and yet another for reimbursable expense record keeping - if you are looking for the simplicity of one combined application to truly save you time - then TDF Tracker is the perfect choice.

Features • intuitive interface makes it easy to be up and going quickly • quick entry of client, project, and task (time) / type (expense) / purpose (mileage) • quick time entry - can be entered using the timer or manually entered/adjusted • flexible timing increments • basic time tracking by duration or more advanced tracking that includes start/end/break • single or multiple running timers • along with time, you can easily track business expenses and mileage for reimbursement • supports both miles and kilometers • support for multiple currencies (Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen, etc.) • add notes to any entry • daily summary visible on main screen • quick and easy reporting system • daily, weekly, monthly and custom reports • reports can be filtered by client/project • detailed reports can be emailed - in a format that allows pasting into Excel • reports can also be included as csv attachments • backup/restore your database to Dropbox • backup/restore you database via email • supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion If you have a suggestion for making TDF Tracker better, please visit our website www.tdf.com/feedback and submit a feature request. We are always looking for ways to improve TDF Tracker. You can also contact us if you are interested in helping translate/localize for your language.

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