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User Reviews for tap tap tap (game)

5-Stars for Creativity, Yet Simplicity in UI & Design

Wow, I believe I’ve stumbled upon a Developer who really ‘gets it!’ So, if the Editors of the App Store don’t do a feature on this Developer and his Apps, I’m going to throw a legit hissy fit! That’s right, I’ll stomp my feet, hold my breath until I turn purple and pull out my hair! 😆 Actually, I won’t. But, since I began using my first iPhone before the App Store even existed, hopefully they’ll show me a little respect and look into it. Now, playing this game is simple - playing without making an error, this is not so easily accomplished. While this is not like the Tap Tap Games of the past it is original, fun and increasingly challenging. It starts slowly, but soon you’ll wonder how long your mind can continue to follow the instructions and whether your fingers will move accordingly. I’m definitely going to check out this Developer’s other Apps!Highest Recommendation.

America's App Advisor, May 09, 2020
Crazy fun!

My kids and I are bonkers for this game, one of our favorites most of which are made by Bart Bonte too ;-)

cheshirecatsbaby, Mar 30, 2015
Super Underrated

I'm a big fan of Bart Bonte games. Every time he makes something new I only expect it to have a great sense of humor and be extremely memorable. This is no exception to that: I was even more surprised at how pleasantly addictive this game is, and the variation of difficulty. My only gripes are that when dragging close to the corners of the screen for swipe or drag prompts it can be mildly unresponsive, and the full screen ads have frozen up on me while sending data after trying to close them. Other than that, this is a finished, polished, and fully realized title that I am so in love with right now.

Choc' Bochs, Jun 07, 2015
Hilariously Fun

I love this game! (Actually, I recently discovered Bart Bronte and I love every single game I’ve tried so far.) My 5-year-old and my 9-year-old also love Tap Tap Tap. They giggle every time they miss a tap or a swipe because they find the robotic voice saying “oh no oh no oh no” absolutely hilarious. The game is simple, addictive, colorful, and fun for ALL ages! This genuinely is my favorite kind of game. 😄

JKnight1229, Jul 12, 2022
Love the game but ...

I LOVE THIS GAME!!! It's so addicting and I only got it about an hour ago! The only problem I have is I can't her the music. First I thought it was because my ear buds weren't working when I took them out it still wasn't working no matter how high the volume was. Other than that I think it's an amazing game. So if you are reading this and trying to decide if you should get it or not you definitely should.

Love dogs 1435, Jun 29, 2015
All I can say is... Thank You

This is probably one of my top favorite games. I wish I could get rid of the ads. The color games are amazing too! It's like they are programmed specifically for my brain.

pdeaf, Sep 22, 2020

Had an issue with the game not wanting to load horizontally and being half off the screen and the developer actually responded saying thank you for the info and it had been repaired! I adore this game AND the developer!!!!!

Pequito gato, Feb 24, 2018

Not often do I say a game is perfect but that is the word I would use to describe this game. This is one of the most unique and original ideas I’ve seen for a game in quite a long time. The gameplay is really simple you just have to follow the commands like tapping and dragging (and more) to the beat of the music. A robotic voice will tell you what to do and the way he speaking and the command is timed to the music is perfect. It is really addicting as well and so far I have had no problems. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

PickAny21, Apr 18, 2021
Edit: fun Broken

Edit: they updated the game and now it’s fine! Not as fun as I thought it’d be but I didn’t really know what it was so it is really cool and I like the music a lot •When I open the app, half the screen is black because the game is trying to show horizontally on a vertical screen. If I flip my phone it doesn’t move. So I can only tap half a circle, because the other two aren’t on the screen!

RosalinaKick, Feb 24, 2018
Only one word to describe this game…

Spicy!!!This game will really heat up as you go along, and I love it!

SuperStv123, Dec 26, 2021


Hey girls, hey boys, you can dance (if you want to) but just do what I tell you: tap tap tap! Take your smartphone to dance in this free game for your iPhone or iPad. Tap and swipe and drag and drop and get the highest score in this musical action game by Bart Bonte / bontegames. 'tap tap tap', the endless music action extravaganza!

Enjoy! @BartBonte

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