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Swipr - Make new friends

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for Swipr - Make new friends

Haven’t used it so far but trying to make a profile an having a hard time

Ok so it’s going fine but when it came to my gender I’m a Demi girl so I didn’t know if I should put female or Demi gender cause that’s more close to non-binary an I don’t know if there interchangeable an then with sexuality I don’t blame you guys but don’t know if I should just put queer cause I’m omnisexual an it’s not talked about as much so I understand so I’mProbably just gonna skip the question but maybe add a option for those like a extra for things that aren’t as known like neopronouns an the like an things that aren’t known of well

(´。✪ω✪。`)(✿◠‿◠)(≧▽≦), Dec 11, 2021
There’s a problem…

I do love this app, it’s great for finding friends etc and I love the layout. But we have a severe problem. We need something that would keep certain people off this app. Like homophobes, racists, transphobes, etc. Something like a personality test. I have experienced every day, someone has harassed me over my gender expression, and/or sexuality. Sometimes I would even find people who degrade women as a whole. I also get super sexual messages when I did not ask for them. Most people do not care when I say no. I know this happens to many others, as I have talked to a few who have experienced the same things. To keep the app safer for teens who don’t have a home In where they can come out/live the way they feel (referring to gender or sexuality) we really need to do something about it. I know I can always block them, and I do, but it gets beyond upsetting to constantly get messages like this. Every single day I get them. No matter what I write, or say, or anything. Please PLEASE consider something to help this situation. It would be greatly appreciated and it would keep teens safer.

Bee🌻🌹, May 05, 2022
Decent at times

It does work better than a lot of apps for finding people who you can conversate with, but there are a lot of fake/spam accounts on it, and the worst part is half the female on there are only on there to try and get you to follow or subscribe to their accounts or send them money on cashapp. There are also too many people on this app pretending to be 18+ when they’re not . I would say it was better 6months to a year ago than it is now. But I hope it will pick back up and more people will use it for genuine connections instead of clout and $

Bsbshshshahshahah, Jun 25, 2022
Here’s some valid information

I had this app for maybe a month or so I found that you can indeed add a lot of people that are real but you’ll get blocked by them fast af but most of the people that I add either are in to prostitutionOr they sell nudes and want you to buy stuff and on top of that there’s these “sugar moms” that’ll use your information and say they’ll send you money when they never will but other than that I made maybe 20 to 30 friends off of this app just be carful who you add you may see someone’s stuff if you know what I mean and also watch out for the scammers that’ll try to hack your snap I recommend two step if you use this app I look forward to seeing a update for more of a real person verification or age restriction.

BUSHCAMP_snip, Mar 08, 2021
The diamond situation.

Why does it cost 30 diamonds to message someone with the risk of them not even answering back? Then when you watch a add to get 50 diamonds back, you have to wait 5 minutes to do it again? I get you want people to buy diamonds with real money but like not everyone can afford to. I just feel the wait time to get more diamonds should be smaller and it shouldn’t cost so much to talk to somebody. 30 diamonds is a lot to lose especially if they don’t even reply back. Also for the daily diamonds. Whenever someone gets the free + version for a few days instead of the 500 diamonds. You should let them choose which they want. Even If it’s free for a couple days it wants to charge afterwards and I don’t have the money for it to charge. I actually really love this app and ads don’t really bother me. I just feel that it shouldn’t cost so much to talk to someone especially if they don’t reply back. If this gets resolved this app is easily 5 stars for me but I just can’t do it at its current state.

chayseLaw, Mar 20, 2022
Total scam like all the rest!

I spend time and money for a company that finds, seeks, reports and shuts down foreign apps with the sole purpose of scamming young American males for any and all reasons! This is one of those apps, no one is real, you may accidentally come across another person who thought this was a real app for its intended purpose but this is in fact another app who’s sole purpose is to scam you out of you’re money! All the females say the exact same thing and require you to contact them from another app and for the love of god don’t do it because they will steal you’re identity and take hundreds before you know what happened! Working in this field for the last 16 years there is no legitimate dating app I have found and I have investigated thousands! Untold billions of dollars are just stolen! I’m breaking protocol but this is ridiculous! This one is the worst, please take this warning and do not give these apps anymore money! At least 90 percent are all Chinese hackers!

Concerned and fed up employee, Aug 02, 2022
Here is an idea

If u could let people add others instantly instead of. just waiting until they reply which in most cases they just sign up create the account then leave the app the account is still there with there contact info with there media so ,why brother with the whole u have to first add before talk systems. u could do that instead if u are talking to some one do a quick message say would u like to add this person with them still keeping conversation going but Im impressed with this app .

daniepacheco230318, Jul 15, 2022
Exceptional customer service

So I normally don’t write reviews but I felt compelled to do so here. First of all, the app itself is probably the best of its kind in terms of functionality, ease of use, and quality of members. Their are still the mix of fakes and scammers but not near as much as you will find on others.Beyond that, I ran into an issue with my status as a paid member constantly being dropped and making me restore purchase to fix it. After a day or so of this I emailed the customer support. Within a few hours I had three replies to my email, each one asking a few questions which they were able to figure out without my replies (I was sleeping). The last email stated that they found the problem and it was something on their end. Problem was fixed and they credited me with so extra stuff. Definitely recommend above other apps of this kind. 👍🏼

foxandwolf214, Dec 30, 2020
Snapchat possibly hacked???

** READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH ** So I downloaded this so I could make friends, but because I couldn’t choose when I gave my location to said people (I didn’t feel comfortable giving it out to just anybody) I deleted it. But since I technically already logged into it and made an account, through Snapchat, it’s still there. Well later on I go to get on my Snapchat, and it’s logged out. I try to log back in and it says “it looks like your account may have been compromised. Just to be safe, we have forced a password reset on your account.” And then gave me the link to reset it. There is no other way or reason I can think of this happening. I haven’t gotten any other new apps, or gotten on any new sites that have to do with logging in with Snapchat. I made my account with Snapchat, instead of apple or google. I will be changing my password, just warning others.

lex_0003, Jul 16, 2021
Best, meet people, app

Normal apps like this bombard you with adds but this has a nice flow of them where they are not too obnoxious. It freely allows you so ad people and send messages without adds, my only problems are an ad every time for Snapchat and they changed the time takes to load a new ad for diamonds ( the adding people currency) but it’s not terrible nor unusable, I just wish the wait wasn’t 2:30 and was back to just 30sec

Payton Resnick, May 25, 2021


Swipr - Best app to find new friends Wanna find new people and meet your lifelong best friend? Simply SWIPE right and start to make new friends all over the world! Swipr makes it super easy to find a friend who is perfect for you, and you for them!

On Swipr you can… ► SWIPE Swipe right to the one who deserves a Like! Find Friends who share your interest. Easily swipe left or right to find your potential new best friend! ► MAKE FRIENDS Find people, meet new friends, and build real, positive, and valuable friendships on Swipr! Simply swipe right to anyone you like. ► CHAT Chat on Swipr right now to get to know your new Swipr friend better. Open up your chatroom to send messages immediately with your Swipr friend! ► QUICK ADD ON SOCIAL NETWORKS Make new friends on Snapchat, grow your audience on Instagram & TikTok, find your best gaming partner on Discord, and much more! Simply send a request to exchange IDs on multiple platforms. Connect with your new best friends on all your favorite social networks! ► HMU Enjoy real-time chat with anyone you like before you make friends with each other! Now start to boost your HMU and promote yourself to thousands of people looking for new friends and convos. Watch as girls or guys from all over the world start to message you! ► KEEP CONTROL The dominant right is right in your own hand! Swipe right or left to make new friends. Convenient and free from burden or pressure. SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Swipr intends to provide an excellent experience for users from all over the world to make new friends and connect with new people on Snapchat. User safety is always our top priority. We only allow positive communication and feedback. Inappropriate behaviors such as Nudity or sexual content, Spam, Fake Profile, Illegal activity, Threats, violence, or insult are all serious violations of our Community Guidelines and will be permanently banned from the account. We strongly urge our users to carefully consider when sharing their privacy, such as their location, full name, and other personal information with new friends they just met. Lastly, Swipr strictly prohibits selling, offering, or requesting nudity or sexual content that violates our Community Regulations. Please make good use of the report function when seeing any concerns in Swipr. Our team will make every effort to maintain the safety of the environment! Obtain diamonds with interesting mini-tasks! Unlock more convenient friend-making functions. Send relevant information to [email protected] to share more user experiences and suggestions for improvement. Privacy Policy: https://swipr.cc/privacy-policy/ Terms: https://swipr.cc/terms/ *This app is not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok, or Discord.*

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