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User Reviews for Superimpose


Pankaj Goswami has contributed notable talent, generously, to humanity as an artist in all aspects applicable.Fortune had allowed the purchase of Superimpose and Superimpose X, two genially devised apps by this developer.It took over 30 years to finally have the ability to create my digital representations of modern human society. I believed in the past, this was preserved only for the privileged few. Today it seems the playing field is closer to being leveled out, in my humble opinion. I wish to apply these tools for the purposes of generating imaginative possibility for the betterment of human artistry.Thank you, dev, for all your efforts and beautiful work, inside and out. Hope this review will encourage artists to practice their craft and help in the pursuit of cultivating a wonderful world. The gift is ours to borrow. We know what we have to do!Now about the actual apps... I didn't know much when I began. I figured out as much as I could and utilized most aspects needed at the time. Wasn't long until I found the online video tutorials. Everything works perfectly and is simply laid out for anyone who seeks. Basics of function exist and as of today, more tools are being added. I would get in on this now before the deserving increase of price. Best of all, you can do anything freely and privately as you wish!

Aerith Lives, Dec 24, 2018
Love this app

I’ve been using this app probably almost 10 years now and I’ve loved this app so much. I edit pictures a lot, and this has helped me soo much throughout my life. It does things most apps can’t do. You’d have to have like 20 different apps to be able to do what this one app does. I love it. If you’re a person in a fandom (like my early years using this app) this is a good app to make photos. If you don’t edit pictures very much it will still help you a lot when you do. I now use it for my small business and it still helps me so much. There’s so many features on this app that helps make the perfect images. I love everything and use almost every feature in one way or another. Thank you for this app!

Ashley Hayes ;), Dec 31, 2021
Must have😊

I’ve been using this app A LOT for 2+ years. Never had any problems with it. It does so many things so much better than other apps that do similar things. I haven’t found another app that I’d even consider replacing this one with. It’s easy to navigate, and I don’t know how to do photoshop and other complicated photo editing stuff. But I can figure this app out easy enough. Though I haven’t used all of its tools and tricks that it has available. I’ll leave that to those who know more than I about that stuff. That being said, it does everything I need it for and then some. I think it would be just as useful for the more advanced user as well, have to guess on that but I would recommend it to the advanced user as well as beginners. If you need it for fun or for more serious/formal uses, give it a try. Comes in handy at times. It’s one of those apps that I install on my phone first whenever I upgrade. I have got a lot of good use out of it and won’t be without it. Thanks for such a great app and a good job on the updates too. I’m always afraid one of the updates will mess up one of my favorite apps when a change is made to something but I haven’t had that happen here. I only have good things to say about it. Believe me when I say if there was anything I didn’t like or thought anyone should know I would not have a problem saying it. Like I said, it’s a must have app

CharmieLady, May 19, 2022
The King of Visual Design apps!

I’m quite the app-aholic and especially when it comes to photo editing apps and no matter how great and new and shiny the other apps may be, ( I’m looking at you Makaron ) I come back to SUPERIMPOSEX every time. My whole instagram is indebted to this app; you can see for yourself ( at cosmic_pursuit ). Not only can you remove backgrounds from any image but you can customize the tools in which you will mask objects and you can keep a former mask shape to create cut-outs for later use. You can custom color-map images , distort images in countless ways like ripple or glass effects and transform your mask shadow any which way. In addition to my art , I’ve created so many flyers and images for promotional materials for work. It’s complex but designed so that you learn once and keep getting better and better. Any questions for real ask me cuz I’m logging some serious hours.

CJameZZZ, May 29, 2019
To many bugs!

I’ve been using this app for years now and the amount of bugs and annoyances has stayed fairly consistent. With some big fixes and updates the app appears better and with other (such as the most recent update) it appears to get much much worse. Currently I have a big wear every time I attempt to add a new foreground the whole app just freezes and it’s been fairly consistent with crashing every single time I attempt to do this and it’s really irritating. Like I said this app has a lot of potential and has been the primary source for a lot of amazing and enjoyable projects I have created however I feel like the apps coms recently have outweighed the pros and are in reality making the app practically unusable.

DJ-Lopez, Dec 20, 2019
Worth it!!!

I love this app it gets really easy to understand after a while. I keep finding out more and more different edits i can make with this app and its soooo cool. I can put it into words. There is just two things i think would make it way better. 1.) to save a project because sometimes i cant finish it and have to go places and it deletes all my work. 2.) if we could record out screen. This would be so helpful since we could do video of us editing and give tutorials. I mean a lot of editing apps are going that now and its so cool and helpful. I hope you think about it!!❤❤

Hello104030206050, Jul 18, 2017
Great app!

I downloaded this app years ago and it’s one of the first things I make sure to transfer over anytime I get a new phone. I am not a big photographer or artist but love to work on things now and then, and this app is perfect for it! The tools are extremely easy to use and the apps interface is really easy to navigate. Even with no knowledge of photography or photoshopping, I was able to learn it all pretty quickly. The masking tool picks up on objects & color great and makes photoshopping really easy. Highly recommended over Adobe! I find Adobe PS too confusing & over saturated with tools - plus not willing to pay monthly - another great thing about this app - it’s free!! & they don’t constantly push for you to pay for an upgraded version.

Miranda Ives, Feb 26, 2021
The best

I never waste time writing reviews and when I do it's usually because the app is really terrible. Let me tell you about this app..it took me years to find the perfect photo edit app. The ease of use is outstanding. I used to only download it when I needed a quick fanfic photo edit/superimpose and would always forget the name when I need to download it again. I have tried so many different superimpose and edit apps looking for this one and NONE of them come close to this app. No joke. I love this app and refuse to tell most of my fanfic friends about it because my stuff usually turns out better than theirs and I want to keep it that way.(lol) I've gotten a lot of likes for my superimposed fanfic photos. Love this app.

Pineapple_Orc, Dec 24, 2018
Great app

This is a really good application. This is a honest review. I downloaded this app about 6 years ago. I haven’t stopped using it ever since. There has been major changes in updates but nothing that won’t help the viewing experience. It is easier to navigate through than it was years ago so I do give the developers props for continuing to keep this app open. This app is a good app for editing pictures. Multiple pictures too because there is layering abilities. You can crop pictures in anyway imaginable. There are tools on this app that you won’t find in a basic editing app. The SuperimposeX app is an upgraded version of this one. I have kept most of my editing on this app because it’s what I’m used too it and it doesn’t what I need anyway. Good app. Worth the purchase.

riseofthe roxis, Mar 27, 2021
An incredibly easy yet powerful app to create composites

I first tried Superimpose 3 years ago, then had upgraded to The more powerful sibling, SuperimposeX.Today I got a chance to revisit Superimpose, and was stunned to see how much it has evolved over the years. It is easy to use in that it includes all the essentials you need for composites - various masking and blend modes. It’s even great for creating art as there are so many tools and special effects built in - dozens and dozens of fonts, shadows, blurs, transform perspective, glass, reflections etc... the list goes on!This in my opinion easily blows away other simple tools that new users try, like magic eraser or similar apps.Two features I miss from SuperimposeX, apart from the obvious option of a dozen layers, is (1) the “automask” that uses Artifical Intelligence to mask people, pets, cars etc, and (2) sessions, which preserve layers and masking, and lets you easily re-edit past projects.

SebAnt333, Nov 28, 2020


Superimpose lets you unleash your creativity with your photo editing skills. Combine multiple photos to create artistic double exposure, surreal or just fun juxtaposed photo. Superimpose provides a very simple workflow, which almost anyone can follow.

Yet, it provides a wide range of tools suitable even for advanced users, to create complex compositions. Blend/mix/combine/cut/copy and paste one photo on another. Creating double exposure photo is as easy as loading two photos and then choosing opacity and blending modes. With advanced masking tools, you can manually or semi-automatically erase portions from one image and then blend that with another photo. From magic lasso, that cuts out an image from a roughly painted boundary to a simple brush masking tool, you can use wide range of masking tools to create all sorts of masking, using this app. The app has tons of masking tools like brush, smart brush, magic wand, magic lasso, lasso, polygon, rectangle, ellipse, linear and radial gradient and color range. Text masking tool and you can even create a mask from an image. And how do you cut out hair or fur of your pet? You can create fine mask of hair, using hair masking tool even to cut out hair! To keep the flow simple, Superimpose works with two photos at a time. But you can keep merging and keep adding more and more layers of photos to create complex compositions. To blend two photos even better, the app supports a set of adjustment tools like exposure, saturation, hue, color balance, curve etc. Apart from blending, advanced masking and filters, Superimpose comes equipped with assorted set of editing tools like perspective correction, adding text with extensive text settings and tools like motion blur, zoom blur etc. Creating a natural shadow of objects that you blend with a photo is easier than ever. A dedicated tool just to create a shadow. Store all your cut outs, stickers or masks in a built-in mask library. For example, you can take photo of your products, mask them and then save them in the mask library. You can later add those cut outs on a background you want to add it to. Create a fun photo by adding one part of the photo as a foreground and another photo as a background. Save images in high resolution either in JPEG, PNG or HEIC format.

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