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User Reviews for Superhuman Mail

Just short of 5-star.

Great app. I tried it about two years ago and liked it but could not justify the subscription. Now I can, email takes no time at all, and as a Neovim user I really appreciate the keyboard shortcuts. It actually feels like vim because of how fast it is. Here are some features that you will be missing, and, developers, please tell us where these are on your roadmap:1. When will we get the unified inbox? This is not too much of a problem on iPhone, but a bit clunky on Mac. 2. I know that Gmail and Microsoft are the big ones, but any other services anytime soon?3. Custom background image?If I think of more, I will update my list. As a developer I appreciate the work that goes into creating new features. But it would be nice to have a public or semi-public roadmap in a somewhat obvious location.

Corps_i7, Aug 09, 2022
Great functionality with frustrating UX

Cool functionality and amazing ability to manage your inbox, but with a UX design that struggles to be clean but with a touch of engineer-centric Emacs (borderline WordStar) key commands on the desktop makes it a clunky experience when you’re trying to use it. By not following standard mobile device paradigms, even the mobile app suffers. You have to relearn all your muscle memory to navigate the application which makes it frustrating. The new features to manage your inbox make you put up with the pain, but they need to hire some UX designers who don’t think like engineers that were trained on command line tools.

DesmoD16, Feb 12, 2021
Way, way over priced. Could have been a great product.

Ok, I get it, I get that subscriptions are the new norms, but we’ve totally lost perspective. Adobe charges $40-$50 a month for their entire suite of apps. That’s almost $600 a year. You used to be able to purchase their entire creative suite for $1,200 which at their current rates is roughly two years of subscriptions. That’s high, but still within a reasonable number, given the fact that you get I don’t know, 30+ apps. So fine. But SuperHuman is $29 a month. That’s $348 a year for an email client. Come on. I don’t care how great it is, no single use app is worth paying over $300 a year for marginally improved features. I mean you can’t advance an email client enough to call it a brand new app every year. Adobe can’t, and they have a lot of room to grow given the features of creative apps. So come on guys, be reasonable, price your app at the $10/$15 a month range. Also, offer a free trial. To have to go through your entire onboarding without knowing the cost is lame. And then to not offer a free trial so you can at least give it a test run and evaluate the cost is super lame.In summation:1. Price it reasonably. 2. Offer a free trial. 3. Be upfront about the subscription cost.

gattacan, Jul 12, 2021
Life Changer

Superhuman changed email for me and made it more efficient and more enjoyable. They continue to listen to feedback and release useful innovations making email faster, easier and more useful. The interface is clean, simple and smart. Use their training game to learn the quick keys, which are the heart of what makes Superhuman useful. Canned responses, quick archiving (“mark done” and “move”) and super fast search are all at the core. Research shows that we waste the most time looking through our emails trying to decide which to do next. Superhuman introduces a discipline of working through your email stack with quick triage tools and quick keys combined with a simple interface that enables focus. We spend more time on email than driving our car. Operating email should be as fluid and thoughtless as operating a car and Superhuman makes it so.

Gearloop, Aug 09, 2020
One of the most bloated and intrusive onboarding processes ever

You’d think that an app or service that wanted to provide a great, Apple-like user experience would make their onboarding equally great and easy. Unfortunately Superhuman is NOT ready for prime time. Applying for an account is about as complicated and nonsensical as applying for a mortgage.They ask very detailed technical questions before they even let you SEE the app on your desktop. From what I can gather, if you’re not running the most up-to-date, advanced and expensive rig, the app won’t even work on your computer.This should have been a private beta so they can work out the kinks before offering this to the public. It’s unfortunate, as this looked like a promising idea.

GodBlessThe80s, Dec 23, 2020
Slower Flow For Me

I LOVE the scheduling and reminder functionality. But I HATE the layout. They don’t have a dual pane view option, so for me to actually see the content of my emails I have to actually open the email. WHYYYYYYY. I find myself making a ton of extra clicks because I’m constantly opening emails to see what’s inside, and then deciding what to do with it, and then clicking back to my inbox. It really is a clunky flow.Also, I just can’t seem to train my brain to embrace the way the actual email threads look like. I am getting lost in the replies and can’t keep the conversation straight.Unfortunately I’m going back to Airmail. I’m just more productive there. Maybe they even have similar shortcuts and features I’ve been ignoring.The on boarding was great, I actually was challenged to think about my email flow and will take some of those ideas with me, but Superhuman just isn’t for me.

Kenny Campbell, Mar 25, 2021
The perfect email client

Ok, I will start by admitting I thought it is just a fad, but wow!! I was wrong. In recent months I tried every email client keep productive channel on YT recommend, to try to bring order into my household stream of various important comms, and all attempts fell short. This one hits all the notes for me:Available on MAC, iPhone and iPad CHECKKeyboard first client (forget your mouse) CHECKShortcuts same and work on the ipad CHECKSnooze CHECKShare link with TODOIST or any app CHECKSplit inbox CHECKFull Label Support CHECKCalendar in app CHECKAnd so so much more, I am floored by how simple it is yet how fast and feature rich it is. It has everything you need to go through emails in seconds.Huge Kudos and worth every penny for the time I gain back.What I would improve:— Move Mac app to be on Mac app store (there is a reason why it would help my and many other people cases)— Keyboard shortcut for share conversational link (no biggie but would help on todoist workflow :))But seriously these are minor, 5 stars and if I could I would give it 6.

Rocksrabbit, Mar 08, 2022
Time saver

To all the naysayers complaining about $30 per month get over it. The time I have saved in just one day with Superhuman is well worth $30 per month to fly through my email. The keyboard functionality is the bomb and totally makes the program unique. The fact that I can maintain my current filing structure is another bonus. I cannot say enough good things about this program. I love it! So happy I found it.

SandyMae77, Jun 02, 2022
I have to assume the iPad app was an intern project

The iPad should be the *best* platform for using Superhuman. Especially with iPad Pro + keyboard. It _could_ be the perfect way to focus and process a bunch of emails from the comfort of, well, anywhere. Instead, the iPad app is a usability dumpster fire. Superhuman works great on laptop, and close to great on iPhone. But don’t bother using it on the iPad for anything beyond the most basic functions. Lists and formatting are totally f-ed, standard keyboard shortcuts don’t work as expected, you can’t use it in split-screen, and a host of other minor points of friction that make it at least 2X more difficult to send emails from SH than any alternative. I can’t believe I’m writing a review to say all this, but it’s been this way as long as I’ve been a customer (three years? four?). They clearly don’t care about this platform. I would take an L and move on except that this goes against the core promise of the product/brand, the potential is sky high and totally unrealized, and I’m paying $30/month.

useroftech, Apr 14, 2022
A joy to use

For most people, email is not something they love...it’s a necessary part of modern communication, but not something I would say most would describe as feeling “productive”. Superhuman doesn’t change email, but fundamentally changes how you can engage with email. It’s a beautiful experience that allows you to triage what’s important, and let the rest fade away. Power users will fall in love with it and it will give them a delightful experience that they have likely tried to cobble together with other email clients/tools. If “regular” users embrace the approach, it will change how you think about email and make it a much more productive experience. Worth every penny of the subscription.

wgkent, Aug 02, 2019


The fastest email experience ever made! BE BRILLIANT WITH PEOPLE Social Insights — Context from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. NO TYPOS, NO REGRETS Undo Send — Work faster, with more confidence than before.

FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS Split Inbox — Respond faster to the people who need you. FOLLOW UP ON TIME, EVERY TIME Reminders — Close more deals, delegate more tasks, recruit more candidates. SEND AT THE PERFECT MOMENT Send Later — No matter when you work, send at the perfect moment. CLEAR INBOX, CLEAR MIND Snooze — Focus on what matters, and enjoy a more productive inbox. BE PRODUCTIVE ANYWHERE Offline just works — Be at your best, wherever you are. Get through your inbox twice as fast! https://superhuman.com/terms

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