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User Reviews for Sun & Moon

Does a hard job well. Best of the Bunch!

I've purchased 7 or 8 sun (or sun + moon) position apps, and this is most useful and easy to read. These apps are all a little different, because the table of compass position & elevation is easy, but the picture of the sun and moon on a map requires requires understanding and drawing ability: Sun & Moon has both the sun and moon (clearly) on a map, AND a list of compass coordinates with elevation. Some apps have both, but this is the one I keep on my phone, to see whether or not I can garden in the sun or shade.My original purpose was for plant position (how much sun or shade in the day), and now I'm figuring out window shading and solar panels. And I like how it works, aesthetically. Good Job.

alwaysmprest, Feb 12, 2014

Such a great app! A videographer and photographers most valuable tool!

EJORO, Apr 17, 2018
Compass is wrong

This app might be fine except that when I went out to use it this evening to see where the moon was going to rise, the lat/lon didn't match the compass in the iOS. That may be why the app couldn't tell me where the moon was actually going to rise, but there may be another problem, as from time to time the moon rise location slid around the compass. In addition, the time display is very crowded where the moon is relatively stable for an hour or so, so the time of the exact location is impossible to see from the compass. I dont' know whether the pro version fixes this, but if you want someone to pay for your app it seems like basic things like correct lat/lon should work in the free version.

elfpix, May 23, 2016
Solid app for quick solar studies

When I first downloaded this app I needed solar angle studies quick and easy and it served the purpose. Every time after I needed solar information I would search websites and look at other maps and then eventually end up at this map to use those same angle studies in plan. Each time I returned to the app I saw a little more about the data it provides and the tools it has. By then 3rd time I bought the upgrade version and now it is my go to. I love it. Nice work to whom ever thanks!

leewithanL, Aug 31, 2019
Sun, Moon, lights

Originally wanted a Moon app, found this has the Sun as well. Exactly what I want and has great ease of use. Then I discovered all its features, what a gold mine.

magray4, Apr 04, 2018
Perfect gardening tool

So incredibly helpful with my bonsais

Mikekoobs, Sep 13, 2013
"Here comes the sun....."

Just like the song, you know time, direction elevation and angle to plan for events & tasks.... Enjoy playing with the app..

Noticings, Sep 16, 2013
Look elsewhere

Terrible app. Can’t change date without deep searching of menu items. Does not know about daylight savings time. All figures are now an hour off. Do Not depend!on this app.

ptaylor999, Nov 04, 2018
Decent for present-time photography

Great little app. The pro version is reasonable at $3. I'm a photographer and for planning purposes it would be nice if I could change the date in compass view, augmented reality, and map view so I can see where the sun/moon will be in the future. All you get is the present day. The only way to make future predictions is to go to the data screen set a new date, (doesn't affect the other views) and look at a list of numbers with no graphical or visual guide. Also an added bonus would be to tell how full the moon is by percentage and whether it is waning or waxing.

So the code is 12345, May 22, 2013
Full of great data and "View" mode is amazing!

REVIEW UPDATE:With the latest update to this app, the addition of the moon tracks, this app really shines. It even includes the moon's location below the horizon as well as when it's overhead (and this is all in the free version). The icon is a full moon, no matter what phase the actual moon is in, but that's okay, it's just the location marker anyway.Another developer request: Could you do a tiny bit of tweaking on the moon feature? It would be nice if you could show the location and time of moonrise and moonset like you do with sunrise and sunset. Also, could you add a toggle in the settings to turn on and off the hourly moon track display? I would be requesting this toggle for the pro version for the sun tracks as well, that is, once I upgrade!ORIGINAL REVIEW:If you're looking for sun angle of elevation information for today only, then this free version is for you. If you need to look in the future or past, there's that rather pricey in app upgrade (which really should be $.99).What sets this app apart from similar apps is the see-through view mode which allows you to point your gyroscopic iPhone (I'm on a iPhone 4S) toward the sky and see three things: There's an icon of the sun that appears exactly at the point of sunrise and sunset and one overhead where the sun is right now. Of course, pointing your camera right at the sun for an extended time is certainly not a good idea, but it really does work in that the icon hovers right over the sun. The only thing I found like this is the app "Planet Finder", but that app doesn't show you sunrise and sunset, only the current position of the sun, moon and planets.In the app upgrade, you can see the track of the sun hour by hour in the view mode from point of sunrise to point of sunset. This sounds really cool, but I'm not ready to spring three bucks for it.Still, this is a great app for free. Check it out!Developer request: In addition to lowering the in app purchase price, could you add the ability to save the screen with the sun icon to the photos library (perhaps a little camera icon in the corner somewhere)? That way it could double as a simple camera app, and also let us photograph where sunrise and sunset are happening. Thanks!

Thorough Review, Jul 26, 2012


Where is the sun? How high will it be? When will it be on my balcony?

If you are a photographer, filmmaker, architect, garden/terrace/balcony owner or any other kind of sun lover, this is your app! Use different Views depending on the information you want: - compass view: see a top down compass with the sun positions. Use it to see the position in relation to your device heading. - augmented reality: hold your device in the air, to see if and when the sun will shine down to you. This is great to plan your photographs, videos or your sunbathing time. - map view: on the map, you can see the sun positions and the beam of sunlight. With a slider, you can calculate the time for the optimal sunlight angle. Of course, you can move the map around to see the effects for any desired spot. - data view: all the detailed position data listed for any time and location.

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