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User Reviews for SUIT-UP

Amazing game, wonderful design

I love Tetris, but touchscreen controls are too clunky for me with no button feedback for my fast-paced playstyle.I love Bejeweled Blitz, but there's no strategy involved, leading it to be more like a hidden objects puzzle.I love solitaire, but it gets old after a while.This.This game is perfect to open for a quick and fun game to play while waiting for something. It requires actual strategy and forward thinking like in solitaire and Tetris while retaining the brain dead fun of match three games. Already a lovely game, but the cherry on top is the design in the polish and presentation - how the game introduces new concepts and ideas through an upgrade shop, allowing you to progress at your own rate. What I also especially love is how the game teaches you - or rather, how it allows you to figure certain mechanics out for yourself, like special cards and how new cards are introduced to the field. It doesn't just push you into the deep end first though, as an initial tutorial teaches you how to do the basic match three mechanic, as it is closer to solitaire than your average match three game.Were this game a person, I still would not cheat on my lovely partner, yet I would find myself in confession every other sunday to ask the lord forgiveness for allowing my eyes to occasionally stray from the one I am commited to.

bat_farme, Jun 08, 2022
Fun, but VERY rigged!!!

The core concept of solitaire and match 3 together is a good one! Gameplay is fun and addictive. However, many of the “jobs” are seemingly impossible, particularly the “place three cards in sequence” job. You’re bound to lose when those show up! Sometimes I think I completed a job, but the game doesn’t accept it. Or, it’ll satisfy another job (example: match 3 of the same suit), but not the job you need - so you die. 😡😡😡Somebody else mentioned that it would be nice to have an option to play a game without jobs. Jobs are a nice challenge, but a job-free option would improve the game immensely! UPDATE:Game is definitely rigged! You never get the cards you need when you need them. The game becomes pure luck at a certain point. Very frustrating!😡😡😡😡😡😡UPDATE 2:This game is officially awful! Developer has no interest in making the game more fair (more random RNG), and I’m tired of playing a game that cheats so shamelessly!! It’s now deleted!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Biggggmannnnn, Feb 06, 2021
AMAZING GAME! I want to talk!!

I absolutely adore this game! My attention was fully captured when I saw that it was match 3 and solitaire, and then when I figured out how the game worked, I couldn’t put it down! It has everything you could want in a good puzzle game: beautiful graphics, phenomenal mechanics, customization, upgrades to the game, and different game modes. It combines the elements of skill, luck and risk perfectly to crate a sensational package that is utterly addictive. All of this, and the game is free!! People would probably pay good money for this type of thing and it’s the type of game that Apple could consider for Apple Arcade, it’s that good!I want to be a app/game designer when I am done with college (I just graduated high school) and I would be beyond thrilled to talk to you about your game. I don’t know how we would accomplish that, but I would be interested in discussing game design, game inspiration, bugs that I saw in the game, additional mechanics and game modes, and more. I think the incredible foundation that you’ve built with this game is the groundwork for something far more immersive. No pressure if you’re not up for it, but if we could get a hold of each other that would be great!Sincerely,Bridger Fronk

BridgerFronk, Jun 01, 2021
Amazing Game, only one flaw

This is a 5 star game hands down. You can pick it up whenever and begin playing a quick and fun game of solitaire. It’s a very unique and thought out sequence that is super fulfilling when you get combos and everything. However, one problem I keep running into that ruins the main game for me is that your job timer runs out as soon as the first match is made and not after the resulting combo. When the late game comes into play and jobs have 1 or 2 turns to complete, it’s impossible to continue without combos and yet the jobs fail even with a very successful combo. I really wish they would correct this and allow jobs to be fulfilled with turns resulting combos.

etherealcobra, Nov 19, 2020
Amazing game

This is an fun match 3 game that I find myself playing over and over during my free time. I have gotten all the upgrades and backgrounds. For the most part, this game is well designed, especially the late game for the normal mode which forces the player to be even more inventive with their plays.Some improvement with wilds and defining what counts as a turn should be made, but other than that the game functions well.

III1III, Mar 03, 2021

As the title says. But there are a few ways the game can be improved. First, I wish there was a way to continue getting the multiplier up, even if it’s by minuscule amounts once the main upgrades are completed. Otherwise I know I’ll inevitably get bored of it sooner rather than later. The other thing is that ironically, the game stopped working after the latest release with bug fixes. I’m not sure I even knew of any bugs in the game to point out before this. But aside from these things, this has been one of my favorite games I’ve ever played on iOS.

JimmySlashGeorge, Sep 05, 2021
Update Suggestion

So this game is absolutely amazing! I enjoy it a lot. I love the challenge it gives and the simplicity of it. One thing I would add, is a easy mode. A mode where you don’t have Jobs. And the only way to lose is if your whole board is full. Obviously you wouldn’t earn crowns that way. But I think this mode would be a hit and be calming. I know this would help with some anxiety of mine. Just a simple easy game mode. No challenge, no timer, just the player calmly figuring out a strategy. Again, just a suggestion. But I think it would be a amazing addition to your already amazing app!

Johnathan Dough, Nov 04, 2020
Great game but possible bug?

This game is very well designed and I am enjoying it very much! However I have run into an issue that I will try to describe here. When I want to complete a job that requires three of the same specified suit (not three of any suit), it will sometimes not count if a joker is used as one of those three. For example if the job required is three clubs in a row, the job will only complete if I uses three clubs. If I use 2 clubs and a joker it will not credit the play towards the job. At first I thought I could be doing something wrong but this has happened in multiple instances. Again I love the game so please work out these minor issues and it will make it even better!

SmolderShark, Mar 10, 2021
Gets Too Difficult

Please, either update the AI or add a new special card that clears an entire row because anytime there's a job for a match 3 for a specific suit, that suit is NEVER put into my hand. Ever. Everytime I play, I reach a point where most of the jobs are like this, and I never have the right cards in my hand, and there's no strategy or rewarding way to make it work. Usually I'll just burn other special cards like the 'flip column' card, which has only ever been useful maybe twice because of how situational it is.

Tophest, Nov 12, 2020
My new favorite game!!!

I love a good match 3 game, as well as a good solitaire game. This is a super well-done mashup of the two genres. I was immediately hooked, and I can’t stop playing. This is clever and unique. It’s a thinking game, but not frustrating. Really good balance of strategy and luck. And I like that there are various play options. The art design is also super cool. I paid to remove ads right away to support such a good developer. This is the kind of game and developer the App Store needs. I hope it is successful. Thank you, developer, for such a great game!

WRS15743, Oct 26, 2020


Solitaire meets match-3 in this addictive card matching puzzler. See how long you can keep going matching both suits and cards. Solve task to stay alive and earn upgrades that will help you stay in the game and improve your high score.

See how you rank among your friends on the global apple leaderboards. Come back every day for a new game bonus and see if you can defeat your previous high score. When you begin to master the game there are 4 game modes to explore: - Endless mode: Go for as long as you can by matching suits and card numbers. - One deck mode: How much you can score with only one 52 card deck - Timed mode: Keep alive by playing fast! - Hard mode: Normal mode, but harder!

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