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User Reviews for ⋆Sudoku

Simple, relaxing, easy

Of all the versions of Sudoku I’ve tried, this one is my favorite. A lot of the others have intrusive noises when you make mistakes or music. This app is very calming, doesn’t show the timer unless you want to see it, and gives you a very gentle red number if you place something wrong (which you can turn off entirely also). I don’t feel badly for making mistakes in this app. I find the game easy to control and even the markups are easy to do. This is also the perfect example of well placed ads in a mobile game. They’re entirely non intrusive, only playing when you start a new game and don’t auto play sound. I don’t mind watching the ads at all. Great version of a classic game! Keep it up!Update: Recently the style of the game updated and I don’t like it as much. The previous graphics looked better and more relaxing IMO. I wish there was an option to switch it back, like a “classic” or something. One of the things I really liked about this version of sudoku was that you could always see what numbers were fully discovered, even if you had a tile selected. Now you have to unselect a tile to see which numbers are still in play.A bit disappointing since this was far and away the best sudoku app IMO. Now it’s just eh like the rest.

ArtsyAxolotl, Oct 16, 2021
Captivating time

Using this game makes my spare time go by quickly. It may take five or even ten minutes to complete a game but to me it never becomes boring and as you may know, I have been playing this game for years. The designers have done a great job at making it easy to continue on from your acquired level. The new design makes it easier to see the overall picture of the game. It has proven to be a very good entertaining and satisfying past time. It stimulates my brain power and helps keep me alert in other aspects of my life. I like it and would recommend it to anyone who has a knack for number games. Have fun as I have been and still intend to.😊

cosmicac2012, Oct 30, 2021
Best of

This is the best sudoku app in the App Store! The rest have intrusive ads popping up at all time, huge paywalls and non-intuitive UIs (User Interfaces). The ads on this app are fairly non-intrusive - only a brief one in order to start a puzzle. There is a great hint system to help teach the logic behind solutions, which comes in very helpful with particularly challenging puzzles. And it looks nice. There’s always room for improvement, of course, but this is generally a great app! The one thing that is driving me CRAZY though is that there doesn’t seem to be any sort of logical criteria for the Gold or Silver checkmarks obtained from Daily Puzzles!! Last night I finished a Medium level in my fastest time ever, 4:03 (which is well under half of par!), and got a Silver Checkmark!! Right now I finished another Medium level in 21:40, WITH an accidentally pressed mistake, and got a Gold Checkmark!! Whaa…?? I don’t understand. 😕 What’s the reasoning?! I just…don’t get it. It’s baffling me. 🤷🏼‍♂️Edit:Thank you for the Developer Response, explaining the checkmark system on the Daily Puzzles.It makes sense now that the Gold is only awarded the day of the puzzle.I wish that it was explained somewhere in the app, because as it stands none of that is elucidated anywhere.But thank you again for answering!

drGreenesax, Mar 21, 2022
Would be 5 stars with a few improvements...

I have tried quite a few sudoku apps recently, and this is the one I like the best. There are a few things that could be done to really perfect the experience for me:- Allow me to just buy the app and remove all of the annoying ads.- There needs to be a way to color the fields different shades to assist with solving puzzles when looking at number chains.- I want to view the puzzle without anything (cells) highlighted.- The contrast between the highlighted cells and the numbers is not very good, making the numbers hard to see.- If a cell has a number in it, it would be nice to have the cell “lock” so that you cannot put a pencil mark in the cell without first deleting the number. (Sometimes, I inadvertently hit a cell that has a number in it, overwriting the cell with a lone pencil mark.)- I like the hints, but it would be nice if the hints could also provide definitions for the terms for the various identified patterns.- The gradations between the difficulty levels could use some help... I can solve all the hard puzzles and the expert are all unsolvable for me without help. Feels like there should be a difficulty level in between those two. I had a sudoko app that I really liked, but it does not scale on my new iPad. Wish I could keep using that one. This particular app is a close second, though. Make the changes I suggested and the app would be 5 stars for me.

FFWest326, May 26, 2019
How to ruin a wonderful app 101:

This was hands down my favorite sudoku app on iOS. The new redesign is awful. Sure it’s pretty to look at, but none of us were playing sudoku for the graphics in the first place. Why is landscape mode gone? Why can I no longer easily glance down and see what numbers have been completed for the puzzle? Why does everything highlight in the blue color regardless of the color theme selected? Why are the highlighted cells different now? Why did you completely remove the menu screen? Why does removing ads cost $12, that is ludicrous. Sad to say I’m no longer going to bother with this app when there are others that are now just as capable without the awful design flaws this one now has. Worst part is that you literally didn’t need to change anything. You were comfortably sitting at almost 5 stars on the App Store with positive reviews almost across the board. You went and changed it completely for no good reason.

msead18, Sep 15, 2021
Best sudoku app I’ve ever seen, with a tiny quibble

I love the features here, like the number paint tool and the auto fill so I can get right into the meat of the puzzle, and I love how the hints are educational about the puzzle theory, instead of just telling me what goes in that square. I appreciate that the ad plays before the puzzle instead of part way through breaking my concentration, or after the puzzle and downing the happiness of solving it. I also like that the majority of the ads either have no sound, or are muted by default. I love this app so much!!The only issue I have is what I think is just a bug, where on my iphone 6, I can’t access the leaderboard, but I can see it just fine on my ipad. When I click the scores button, it just flashes the animation, but doesn’t actually take me to the screen. Since I mostly do this from my phone, it’s kinda disappointing, so I would love if that was fixed sometime.

Nivella, Mar 07, 2018
Great App, No Complaints

This is the first sudoku app I have tried but I don’t have any desire to try others for comparison because this one has everything I need. There are 5 difficulty levels which is great because it allows your to progress to harder levels subtly instead of making big jumps to games that are much harder. You can take notes in the squares easily. The hint option provides small, piecemeal hints that give you a chance to figure out what to do once you know where to look instead of just telling you what to do. The hints sometimes also give explanation of strategy that teaches you how to figure out how to approach a situation in future games. I like this app a lot!

rhombus09, May 21, 2019
Playing it for 65years

When I was 24, I went to Tokyo to buy artificial flowers and Christmas tree lights! Walking along the “Ginza”, I stopped to have a drink at a street bar, and saw people playing a game I never saw before! It was Sudoku and as I watched I noticed it was played with much skill and with no emotions! Japanese people never show emotion in public, but their skill was unbelievable and I wanted to learn! All being very polite, I asked how to play and to my surprise, an older man giggled and asked me to with him! Slowly not talking as I couldn’t understand him nor him me, he showed me the technique pointing his finger as if I were playing! Starting in rows then columns, back and forth until I saw a pattern, and then he started another game and as he played he would point to me the a number and then ask me to hit that number wherever I saw it! Slowly I saw the pattern and although I really didn’t learn at that meeting, I thank him bowing and bowing!

The Screener, Jan 12, 2022
Incredibly bummed :(

Although I highly recommend this developer and have and very much enjoy several of their games I have now run across another minor thing that bums me out. I like to play the daily challenges. And during the month you can pick any day you want from the first of the month till the current day. I was happily working on March and now we are in April and I can’t go back and finish March :( :( I didn’t realize I had a time limit to finish the month. *sigh* I would love to go back to the very first day this game became available and try to do ALL the daily challenges up until today. I can easily do a few a day. Please keep this in mind for us OCDers :)— update. I want to give this game 5 stars. The above still holds true. I want access to past daily puzzles! I also see on the calendar how many gold circles I got. But not silver per month. I really want to keep doing old puzzles. However I do feel like medium is really not a challenge. Even a lot of hard ones. Once you learn a couple tricks that is. One last suggestion for now, I would like to choose a difficulty before the puzzle starts. Not have to start a puzzle then change the difficulty. Anyway still highly recommend this developer. I find myself playing this game more than anything else lately.

Urtinyfriend, Jun 17, 2022
Miss old color scheme - I’m color blind !

I’m color blind & the old color scheme B4 the last update worked great for me ! I could see the numbers in the different rows & in the 9 different cubes all at once. Now since the update the columns of numbers & the cubes run together as they don’t pop out to this color blind person anymore.I contacted customer support & asked if I could have the old color scheme back, they said that that was no longer available.Customer Support did ask if I had checked out the different options on the new update - & I told them that I had already tried, & non of the option seemed to help.Then Customer Support asked if I had tried adjusting the color blind settings for my IOS device. I told them that I didn’t know about that setting. I played around with the different options & it seemed to help a little bit, but nothing like the old color scheme B4 the last update.I’m still having some problems seeing the rows ,columns & cubes.Because the numbers no longer pop for me -thus it takes me longer to solve the puzzle’s. Still can’t beat my old record times before the last update.Also I would like to be able to compete with my friends playing the same games - even at the exact same time & I don’t see any settings for competition like that.

Z Jar Head, Nov 29, 2021


Sudoku by Brainium has updated the classic Sudoku puzzle game you know and love, with a clean, modern design, calming backdrops, and intuitive controls. With endless number puzzles and five levels of difficulty, our Sudoku is perfect for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick game to help you relax, or an expert level logic challenge to train your brain, there’s a board for you.

Brainium Sudoku also features the first and best smart hint system available. It goes beyond simply giving you the answers. Instead, it helps you learn and improve your skills by teaching you “why” the answer is what it is. With every puzzle, our “Hint” button provides the techniques you need to make progress even when it seems like your path is blocked. The instructions are easy to understand, unique for every puzzle, and presented with easy to follow, helpful animations and colorful visuals. This feature will improve your Sudoku skills whether you’re a first-time player or a seasoned expert. It’s the perfect companion for anyone looking to take their number game or logic puzzle skills to the next level. Enjoy a clear, easy to read, and customizable Sudoku board with visual guides that make reading the board and figuring out where to place your next numbers a breeze. Our input system is designed to make entering numbers and notes simple, and our user-friendly scoring system makes it easy to compete with yourself or friends. Starting and keeping a daily habit of mental exercise is easy by playing Sudoku’s Daily Puzzles, which are sure to keep your mind sharp and at ease. Track your progress with onboard statistics and unlock fun achievements along the way. Brainium’s Classic Sudoku Features: • The world’s most advanced Sudoku learning tool and hint system • Hints that teach you the logic behind the answer • Five perfectly balanced difficulty levels from beginner to expert • Daily Puzzle Challenges - complete them to earn points and gold checkmarks • Two beautiful grid styles • Nine relaxing backdrops • Light or dark grid fonts with adjustable size • Auto Light/Dark mode adjusts the theme based on your device settings • Unlimited collection of brain training logic puzzles • Game Statistics to track progress • Auto-Fill Notes option • Auto-Clear Notes option • Auto-Check Errors option • Number Painting option allows you to rapidly fill open squares with a selected number or note • Universal App looks great on iPhone and iPad • Global and friend leader boards • Portrait and landscape play options • Right or left-handed option in landscape • iPad keyboard compatible We hope Sudoku by Brainium brings you endless fun, relaxation, and a challenge for your mind. More Fun & Free Logic and Classic Card Games from Brainium: • Solitaire • Mahjong • Spider Solitaire • FreeCell • Pyramid • Blackjack Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/BrainiumStudios Follow us on Twitter @BrainiumStudios Visit us on the web https://www.Brainium.com/

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