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User Reviews for Sudoku ▦

Sudoku: Loads of Fun & Therapeutic too!

After having had 4 mini-strokes, I like to keep my mind active. I have trouble with my short term memory but with sudoku I can see where all the numbers are & figure out where to place the next number. If I can’t find where one number goes I just look for a different number & keep on going until the game is totally completed. I used to buy books of sudoku games & pencils by the box, along with a pencil sharpener & a good eraser; but this is so much better! I never have to worry about breaking the point off of my pencil, Or spilling the pencil sharpener’s shavings all over the place, Or forgetting where I put the puzzle book or my pencil when I want to play a game. It is right here on my phone & even if I receive a phone call, I can talk to whom ever & then go right back to my game without missing a beat! I LOVE it! Thanks!!!

Concerned Greatgrandma, Apr 10, 2019

The game is fantastic - but the option to have a paid, no ad version should be there. I have no issue paying for a good game, which this is. The ads are the only thing taking away from my experience. Otherwise this is a 5 star game without the interruptions. Will absolutely buy if this option/version is released.Edit: So looking through other reviews, it looks like this is the number one issue being mentioned. Please seriously consider the paid option to remove ads - it’s a nice sentiment to try to keep the game free, but what point is there if it becomes unplayable, which it is due to the constant ads popping up? It literally is the only thing holding back an otherwise great game you guys made.

JohnnyVazquez, Jul 10, 2020
Freezes up

Update; The app ran fine for a while, with the occasional freeze. But lately it’s gotten a lot worse. When I start the app, it will not fill the whole screen, and I have to restart the app. Then the adds. There are days where I’ll have an add between all levels, even when I’m done. The app keeps seizing up on me, even when I turn off and restart my iPad. It really takes the fun away from playing. I can tell when there has been an update of the app. The app will not run, it freezes up, ads will get stuck and I can’t return to the game. Every time this happens. I don’t mind the ads, they are not as annoying as in some other apps, but the freezing just ticks me off. Fix it please!

[email protected], Feb 18, 2022

I have been enjoying this game for some time now. Today when I opened it up to play the daily challenge, I find I’m forced to play four games, three of which I really don’t want to play. Not only that, but the banner add, now placed across the bottom of the screen, covers part of the boards I am trying to play. Why do we have to ruin things with someone’s idea of an upgrade when the game as it was played was just fine? Can the ad placement be placed so it doesn’t cover part of the board (at least on an iPad Pro 11”). And can we be allowed to choose which of the four daily challenges we want to play, instead of being forced to play all of them? Just sayin’.....Update: the ad covering the bottom of the puzzle has been corrected, thank you. Still don’t like being forced to play puzzles I don’t want to play. On the other hand, it’s still a good game.

Melclot, May 12, 2020
Too easy

As a long time sudoku junkie, I’m picky about my apps. I personally love this app and the way you can easily switch between pencil marks. I also love how simple the app is and that it runs quick and smooth. The only two downsides I’ve found so far are:1. You can’t cancel the excessive ads. I would gladly pay a dollar or a few to permanently remove the ads, but there isn’t an option. Not to mention, I get an ad every time I end and start a game. 2. As with many sudoku ads, Expert mode is far too easy. I can finish it under five minutes without even having to find hidden triples or use any special techniques. Just a few simple pencil marks and it’s over. I wish they’d make it a little more challenging on “Expert” mode.

PaulDPark, Dec 27, 2019
Play on airplane mode to eliminate ads

I always do Sudoku puzzles when I am waiting or doing stuff that doesn’t require much attention. The puzzles on this app are great—challenging but not impossible. The hints button is helpful. I’d love it if you could load all options to skip the tedium of adding them all yourself, as the interesting parts of Sudoku for me is the analysis once all the options are noted. This app does gives good feedback on how well you did on each puzzle, including the percentage of people that didn’t do as well as you did. I discovered that when you play on airplane mode you don’t have to put up with the all too numerous and tedious ads that take a long time before you can skip. Without so many annoying ads, I’d rate this 5 stars.

Stuckimoderate, Oct 14, 2021

This game is such a good time-passer! I love how it is so fun and easy to play. It has different levels for each individual person. If you are not as skilled you could play one of the easier difficulty. Personally I like to play the “easy” level. There is harder one where you have 3 mistakes and you’re out. The easy level does not have that on it, which is why I like to play that version. But I like the other ones too!! The game is so fun and my go-to app for entertainment. I highly recommend using this game if you like brain-testing games!! I could go on and on about how much I love it because I like writing but I will save you the time and just stick to what I got already! But again such an awesome game and HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it for anybody who has free time on their hands or just for anybody who likes playing games lol. Also this game could be good for your kids! Because it also tests their brain but at the same time entertains them and leaves you alone (if you are a parent). Thank you for reading to the end!!

ut ruf seutviaefbjewc usar, Mar 21, 2021

So personally, I really like this app. I really want to play Sudoku in memory of my grandmother, so that’s why I got this app. I enjoy everything they give you and all of the choices. But the mistake limit is driving me CRazy! In my opinion, if you are a beginner like me, you should be able to disable the mistake limit. Now there is an option in settings, and I would press it over and over again to disable it but the mistake limit would still be there. Please help me or fix this because now I have to watch a million ads just to continue my game.

Valerierocks2011, Jul 24, 2021
Would Recommend

Surprisingly intuitive program with a clean, simple interface. I do sudokus to relax, and this app seems to work well for that—you can do daily challenges, but it doesn’t feel like it’s pressuring you in any way.The only thing I would keep in mind is that this app will let you know as soon as you make a mistake, and it will only let you make 3 for a given puzzle. Not sure what happens after the third one, but if you’re the kind of person who wants to do it all on your own without help/hints and find your own mistakes, that might be a consideration. There’s a very convenient “Notes” function you can turn on/off with one tap which lets you write whichever digit you think fits in a box before committing to it, so that frees you up a little to “pencil in” your best guess and see if it works.The Expert puzzles are challenging and the Daily Challenges are relaxing. Would recommend.

ZackB3ard, Feb 14, 2021

I love this game! Last year i have a stroke at 44 years old. My world was upside down im still recovering. Im lucky to have a strong family that has been with this would time. I had to relearned my abc and numbers .... i could not recognise numbers thats when doctors had me challenged my brain with reading , puzzles etc. i spend not hours days with sudoko, my daugter bought me sudoko puzzles , she got tried of going to the stroe so she downloaded this sudoko app. Every morning i get up pray and next i spend hours with this grae app.

zscdfrtqwrtungt, Jul 08, 2021


Sudoku ▦ is one of the best loved and most popular puzzle games in the world. Now you can play the classic paper and pencil puzzle game right on your phone! With our simple and elegant design, Tripledot’s Sudoku▦ for mobile is the best way to play this timeless classic.

Challenge your problem-solving skills with an expert-level game or take a break with a quick game on easy mode. Whether you’re a hyper competitive puzzle solver or just looking for a way to relax, a beginner or a master puzzler, Tripledot’s Sudoku ▦ will let you play the game your way. Choose from four different difficulty levels, and customise your experience with features to help or challenge you. Key Features: - Thousands of well-formed, totally free puzzles - The classic Sudoku design, beautifully recreated on your phone - Use the pencil to make notes right on the puzzle - Highlight duplicates to help you solve the puzzle - Challenge yourself by limiting yourself to three mistakes - Use hints to help you find your way through difficult puzzles - - Play Sudoku your way with our finely tuned customisation - Four perfectly crafted difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. - Highlight duplicates to avoid repeating numbers in a row, column, and block - Automatically Check for Mistakes: Enable auto-check to easily spot your mistakes, or disable it to play a more free-form game - Optional Mistake Limit: challenge yourself to play a perfect game, or relax with unlimited mistakes - Pencil mode: Use the pencil mode to make notes on each cell, which automatically update as you play the game - Statistics: See your best times and streaks for every difficulty level - Autosave: Your puzzles save as you go, so you can come back anytime - Hints: Hints can guide you through the puzzle when you are stuck - Eraser: Made a mistake? Get rid of it by using the eraser feature - Unlimited undo's: Eliminate errors using our unlimited undo feature - Customize appearance: Choose from six different beautiful skins for a game that is as easy on the eyes as it is to play By using Sudoku ▦, you agree to our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines available at https://www.tripledotstudios.com/tos Questions? Email [email protected] for help!

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