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User Reviews for SuccessFactors

Easy to use and ALOT of access to info

I’ve used this app over the years and it has continued to add good easy to use actions as an employee. I often times use the directory to quickly view a coworker to get a mobile number rather than use our portal site.

4321MS, Mar 20, 2023

This application allows me to take care of business no matter where I am in the world! The intuitive design makes it super easy to find what I need! I can quickly get to my team and provide meaningful feedback and provide feedback to other team members. I don’t have to pester the payroll admin to get to my pay check and pay history. I can update my personal data, and make it effective when I need it to be. I can assess candidates! I can even take learning courses and review analytics to gauge the heath of my organization. Wow! The list goes on and on!

ConsultingTechNut, Oct 23, 2019
Horrifically Unoptimized and Actively Harmful

After months of trying to use this application I was injured on the job and told to use this app to get the paperwork and it, unsurprisingly, doesn’t work. I’m fine with difficulty or poor customer experience, but if your product is actively preventing your customer from accessing legal paperwork and medical information - you’re not a “bad app”, you’re borderline illegal and at least unethical. If your company requires this app, quit and find someone who cares about their employees more

Derekjbh, Jun 10, 2023
What a worthless tool that is obviously spy wear

This stupid thing claims to not know the people I work for even exist. This should be illegal. I should get my checkstubs through the mail or sent to my email. I’m sure this even existing is breaking some kind of law. I’m not going to download 5 different apps just so I can see my pay stub. I better be able to pull it up on my companies website or get an email for it. Because this is simply withholding information that I’m legally entitled to and companies like this holding my stub ransom should be shut down and it’s owners arrested. I better be able to get my check stub within the next 24 hours without having to jump through anymore hoops, or I’m calling the fbi. Something scummy is going on here.

Joeshadowman, Oct 14, 2022
Great way to manage the Team

I’ve been using this app was required by my organization and it works great, just like the computer app on my laptop, but I am able to access now on my iPAD to get easier access to my team.

KDiVin, Oct 06, 2022
Best efficiency delivered!

I use this app every single day. It makes it easy for me to navigate my Organzation, look up team members, directly connect with them by phone, text, Skype and more. I can also keep track of my large team and give feedback in real time to all of my direct reports and extended teammates. Mobile learning keeps me up to date on all of the compliance and development training. So much more, but this absolutely makes my employee and leader experience better... and simple!

landryDL, Oct 23, 2019
App crashing

I’ve re-downloaded the app several times, and it seems that on every subsequent launch of the app it continues to crash. It only ever works right after the initial download. It’s only been happening after this recent iOS 14.2 update on my iPad. Additive else hands the same issue?

Maurenito, Dec 10, 2020
Simple but effective

I am one of those people who use apps heavily. I have used this app ever since I heard of it several years ago. The app is not fancy. But it gets many employment related chores done even when I’m on the run. One of the keepers. I can suggest several improvements but on the whole it is effective as it is.

Mbhat69, Jun 11, 2020
Great App

Thanks to this app, I am able to do my work and take care of administrative tasks without any hassles. The app allows me to easily find SMEs and key stakeholders across a global organization with ease - colleagues that can be of help on project work. The org chart view is easy to interpret and navigate. Repetitive time-consuming tasks can be checked off swiftly.

MegaCubic, Oct 16, 2019
Powerful - Especially If You’re Remote

Really appreciate the integration with core iOS functionality (phone, email, maps, etc). I keep track of all my learning opportunities, my performance conversations and look at my organization chart with great regularity.

Rollin Rubber, Oct 30, 2019


SAP SuccessFactors Mobile helps businesses bring HR closer to their employees, so they are more engaged, more productive, and much smarter about the way they work. SAP SuccessFactors Mobile provides a native, consumer-like experience, ability to meet strict security standards, manageability of features and functionalities in mobile devices and optimized procedures for mobile performance. Use SAP SuccessFactors Mobile to: * View employee profiles and call, text, or email them directly * Approve all your requisitions within seconds * View your company’s organization chart to see how everyone is connected, including direct reports, matrix reports and new hires * Post your own text, photo and video updates * View and add comments to entire documents, presentations, videos and links * Sign up for courses, connect with experts and complete entire classes * Manage your active goal plans and update your goal status and progress towards completion * View your time off balance, submit time off requests to your manager and let colleagues know when you will be away from work Important: If you are an SAP SuccessFactors customer and are having trouble logging in, contact your SAP SuccessFactors administrator.

About SAP SuccessFactors SAP SuccessFactors provides the leading cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, which helps HR drive business execution with solutions that are complete, beautiful, and flexible enough to start anywhere – optimizing your workforce today and preparing them for tomorrow. SAP SuccessFactors solutions are supported by a global partner ecosystem and the experience and commitment of SAP.

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