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Salon Transcripts, Inc.
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User Reviews for STX

Just a couple of things I wish the app had.

I do like the app. The things I wish it would do are, edit an appointment. My clients who are my friends that contact me to make their appointments. When one needs to move their appointment, I have to reach out to the front desks to edit it. They don’t always edit the appointment, or they do it on the wrong day and or time. Another awesome future is, i wish it would notify you when someone books an appointment with you. Just like when they notify you when your client checks in. And also, it take a little too long to upload when you open the app. If this app had these features, It would get all 5 starts.

$Teets$, Dec 02, 2019

Love this app. I have14 employees, that all use it. Would love to be able to drag down appts like on the desktop

2ndDesignStudio, Aug 22, 2017
For gods sake, update your program!

Unfortunately I have to use this app because the salon I work at has it. I don’t understand that in 2019 there is such a poor working program. It takes a delayed 30 sec at least to bring up my schedule anytime I try to look at it, or not at all. Why can this company not update their technology??? It’s honestly the worst

586user, Oct 12, 2019
Needs more options

Wish I could view my schedule for to week like I can on the desktop version. Would also like to see and change tickets. Other than that it works well.

Bluegilmore, May 12, 2017
Easy to use but could be better

I love being able to make appts at my fingertips! And the app is very easy to use doesn’t take long to get used to.Would be nice to drag more time from fingertips instead of having to use a computer. Times on the appointment blocks so if we’re looking on our phones we don’t have to scroll over to see the time and then forget what spot it was in so you go back and than have to find the time again. Real life struggles especially when you in a salon with many stylists names and you on the end 🤣 when putting in someone’s info and you have to get out of the app to find the correct info and you go back and you have to restart all over again.

hannigoonie, Aug 29, 2019
Update needed!!!

We’ve been using stx at my salon for over a decade. I love how user friendly it is. However, there hasn’t been an update in YEARS and now it’s crashing left and right. It makes it extremely difficult to manage your business when this keeps happening.

mimimimimimimimimimimomomimomo, Nov 18, 2020
App not loading

Sometimes a little glitchy but usually works over all on iPhones. However recently the app WILL NOT OPEN AT ALL. I’ve been trying to view me schedule for 2 days and it just keeps saying loading

Monepha, Oct 12, 2019
Please update!

Developers please add the option to drag appointments and resize them as well as a cancel appointment feature and you have a great app, almost worth the money(It should be free though). Until then one star and definitely not worth the money!

Noque, Feb 22, 2019
Needs a serious update

Would really love an update guys. Essentially, this is just a schedule viewer, which is just fine and all, but after the thousands of dollars you need to spend on the desktop app, this app should be free. But, for a $5 app, I'd expect a more robust feature set. For instance, the book view shows all hours from midnight to midnight. Maybe there are salons and spas that operate during those hours, but for those of us who don't, it's wasted space. It's a minor annoyance but makes the point. There is, however, the option to control and add inventory, as if doing so on an iPhone is an obvious first choice. It isn't. The features included are arbitrary, at best. For instance, on the desktop application, you are required to change your password every 90 days, it must be exactly 7 or 8 characters in length(no shorter and no longer), use letters and numbers and not be a password you have ever used before. My brokerage account with my life savings didn't require such obfuscation. I've spoken, at length, with support at STX and was told features are a last priority, behind fixing bugs and stability issues. Makes sense, but without adding the features that seem obvious to us using the applications(both desktop and mobile), I'm left both trapped and annoyed. I will happily give more stars if there is an update since the bug fix of October 2014!!

tommylynnlovell, Aug 18, 2017

I just wish it was more user friendly when moving clients around. It’s very frustrating if you don’t hit the correct box for time bc if it’s not the correct time you have to delete it and then add the appointment back in.

walter.white91, Feb 19, 2020


THIS APPLICATION REQUIRES A PURCHASED STX DESKTOP INSTALLATION. IT IS NOT A STAND-ALONE MANAGEMENT APPLICATION. CALL US TO CONFIRM that you have purchased and are running a compatible STX desktop installation of version 2.5 or higher with an active iPhone module.

Already enjoying the benefits of STX for the desktop? Extend your reach with STX for iPhone and iPod Touch. Make your staff more efficient and have your guests' information at your fingertips. STX for iPhone or iPod Touch allows you to view and modify appointments, tickets, service and retail history and much more. Now you can seamlessly connect to your STX desktop application while on the road. With all the most often used features of STX built into this app, your team can be more efficient, more informed and more profitable. You'll love what STX for iPhone can do for you. Features: Display a list of booked appointments Display your appointment book graphically Display a list of financial transactions Edit and Add Appointments Edit guest information Add guest pictures Get notified automatically upon guest check-in

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