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Vaia: Study helper & AI tools

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Vaia: Study helper & AI tools

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User Reviews for Vaia: Study helper & AI tools

Good for flashcards and categorizing

The app interface can be a bit confusing, but the flashcards feature and the ability to build study sets is useful. I like the notes feature and that you can put it files into your study sets as well. The AI feature lets you look up a topic, basically like if you asked chat gpt to tell you about someone. It's not the most useful for me personally (as someone mainly studying STEM subjects) but I could see it being potentially useful for some subjects, like history. Overall I like it better than apps like quizlet, you can customize stuff without having to pay.

_0_Mel_0_, Aug 03, 2023
Great app for college students!

This app is great for college students because there are different ways to study; so no matter how you prefer to study, it can all be in one place. My favorite feature is located in the flashcard section. You can upload pdf files and make flashcards from that pdf. This makes things easier because you’re on one screen and you don’t have to go back and forth between your papers and writing on an actual flashcard. Also, for your flashcards, you can draw pictures for them so that you can have a visual aid if need be. Overall, great and easy app. And if you have any issues, the support team is very quick in feedback and their communication is wonderful.

67MforBTS, May 02, 2022
Game changer. 10/10

Best study app ever. Has everything you need and amazing options like sending what you highlight directly to your notes, use it a lot on my laptop to make my flashcards and on my phone to review them everywhere. Allows me to use bits of otherwise lost time to practise and makes it feel so effortles to do a good revision of what you studied. I use it both to study and review every subject. Hands down the best app out there. Use it a lot as a teacher too, helps my studentes focus on what i consider crucial, and has improved their skills on oral exams. Love it.

ahreluki, Feb 02, 2023

WAYYYYY better than Quizlet. After Quizlet started requiring a subscription to simply LEARN THE TERMS I decided I needed to find something else.And this app is simply the best. ✅ The aesthetic is so nice!!✅ I LOVE how you can choose to edit the flashcard without getting out of the learning thing. It’s so convenient. ✅ I like the subsets, they’re really really really useful.✅ I like the timed-study thing. It’s super useful for me, a person with 200+ terms to learn for my college class. ✅ I like the customizable colors for the sets. They’re really really pretty.✅ THE MAJORITY OF IT IS FREE!!!! I love that I can study comfortably and efficiently without having to pay $40 a year. I think it’s so stupid to make people pay for an app that STUDENTS will be using. People notorious for having NO MONEY. Ugh, it makes me so mad. Anywayyy, I love that this app is basically completely FREE!! AND HAS SO MUCH MORE FEATURES THAN QUIZLET.✅ I just really really really like this app.Some things I think could be improved:❌ I wish you could change the colors of the subsets. And I wish there were more colors.

AleskiDP, Sep 27, 2023
Could be so much better

I guess I should call NASA and ask them to write a flash card app. Obviously, it’s rocket science. For the developer… Where to even start.When I add a graphic, it is best to be able to see the graphic, and the multiple choice questions, all at the same time. And iPad Pro with a 4K display ought to be able to do this, yes? I think so. Stop GUESSING that everyone is using a phone, and understand that people use iPads, iPhones, Mini iPads, etc. ALWAYS keep the art and the questions, in FULL view. Learn mode vs quiz mode, portrait or landscape, all the possible answers and the art should be in view. I shouldn’t have to scroll up and down, trying to see both. How you won some design award is beyond belief. Next, Why would someone want to create their own multiple choice vs just letting an app like Quizlet make up the choices? I have the answer, don’t call NASA. The reason I’d want to make up my own multiple choice is so I could describe “WHY” the answer is correct or incorrect. To accomplish that I’d need to be able to add the choices, and add a follow up when the correct answer is given, stating why it is correct, and having a follow up stating why the answer is incorrect. That would make the app 10,000 times better. Anyone, and everyone does, can make a flash card into a digital app. The real skill here is to make the app go a little beyond what I can do with an actual flash card.

Alex Alexzander, Jul 19, 2021
Studying used to be boring and hard. StudySmarter has changed this!

Im In Middle school so by know your grades start to really count. Before I used to dread studying and it was stressful. StudyMaster makes it fun and less stressful! I like for the flash cards you can have multiple options for how you know that flashcard. The new mode is really helpful because it breaks it down and tells you what cards you need to focus on. I have used it for a few days and i can tell this app is going to help me get better grades. I studied probably studied for 15-20 minutes and It was actually kind of fun! I do havr one suggestion. When im creating and flashcard set it says im studying but im not. Maybe you could start a timer or it doesn’t log your studying until you exit the add flashcard mode?Anyways i dont want to make this review too long but here is my suggestion: GET THE APP IT WILL BE HELPFUL! I promise I'm not a sponsor forcing u to get the app lol 😂. PS sorry i called the app study master before lollipops

bunnyloveranddoglover, Sep 30, 2022
Love this app!!! :)

Okay so I’m in my last year of middle school and my finals were last week so I thought I would give this app a try since i’m honestly not that good when it comes to studying and tend to get stressed out for tests but this made everything so much easier!!! I was able to share things with my friends easily as well definitely trying this out and using it in hs!!!

cutekawii8, May 16, 2022
Home Screen is horrible

Generally speaking, I like the app, but the Home Screen is horrible. It’s cluttered and useless. It was half bad in the older versions and it has gotten worst in the newer updates. The other thing I dislike is how it’s implemented by constantly running server queries. This makes it slow and is a poor choice from engineering perspective because the app doesn’t deal with much data, even for large card sets. The way it should work is to have all the data stored in the local database and have it synchronized periodically, much like an email client (Outlook or Gmail). This is how the folks at Brainscape implemented their app and it offers much better user experience. I’m currently using both Vaia and Brainscape to compare which one I’ll end up using long term.

Happy iPhone User+, Oct 14, 2023
Changes everything for the better🤑🤑

This app helped me with so so many difficult topics in my middle and highschool life! Whenever I struggeled understanding a certain topic in school I simply typed the topic in the search bar in the Studysmarter app and I quickly found one of their various explanations / examples of the topic. This has helped me a lot with getting the grades I wanted to get🤪

Hudson Jacobs, Feb 09, 2022
HIGHLY RECOMMEND ⭐️Better than Quizlet⭐️

I’m in high school and quizlet started charging me to actually study the flash cards I made, so I was looking around trying so many different study apps and this one was the winner, it’s aesthetically pleasing, has many courses and tags and colors, you can make your own flash cards and rate yourself on them and its completely free. I am in the class AP Human Geography and this helps me so much with the complex vocab in each unit I’ve used it for the last 5 units of the year and so far I’ve gotten much better grades on my vocab quizzes and I have a much better understanding of the unit without worry about the crazy vocab. I highly recommend this study tool wich gives you access to flash cards, a to-do list and calendar, add and scan documents, collaborate with your friends and peers, collect study minutes, and so much more. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

ilovetoreadandgetgoodgrades, Mar 17, 2023


Learn better with Vaia: Create flashcards and notes in record time, access study materials & textbooks, and get a study plan. Join millions of people in learning anywhere, anytime - every day. -------------- ALL-IN-ONE STUDY APP: » Flashcards » Explanations » Study Notes » Exam Mockups » Spaced Repetition » Study Planner » Textbooks » Textbook Solutions » Study Reminders » AI Features ► 94% OF USERS ACHIEVE BETTER GRADES WITHIN NO TIME! ► LET OUR SUBJECT-MATTER EXPERTS GUIDE YOU TO SUCCESS WITH READY-MADE STUDY MATERIALS! =============================== • Study with shared flashcards or use our flashcard maker on a laptop or in the app • Learn from millions of study sets created by students just like you • Study using the intelligent Spaced Repetition mode for scientifically proven study success • Create any kind of event in your study plan calendar and let us remind you to study for them ---> #1Study App: Named Best Educational App Worldwide by Wharton-QS Reimagine Education Awards 2020 _____________________________ That's what our users say: „I’ve used Vaia in my first semester at uni to learn with flashcards on my commute. It’s just like Quizlet but adds many more cool features such as the creation of notes out of lecture slides“ - Oliver „My life got a lot less stressful ever since I found this app!

Couldn't imagine my education without it anymore“ - Dylan =============================== SIGN UP FOR FREE NOW =============================== AI-POWERED LEARNING » Exam AI - Exam AI creates personalized questions right from your flashcards and gives you in-depth feedback about your answers. Identify your knowledge gaps and prepare for exams like a pro. » Explain AI - Learn with easy-to-understand explanations generated by AI. Transform them directly into flashcards and notes in the blink of an eye. » Auto-generated Study Materials - Get started in a matter of seconds with auto-generated flashcard sets for your individual study topics. THE STUDY APP FOR UNI » Revise faster: Speed up your exam prep, reach your goals & achieve success with the study plan » Access millions of flashcards and notes shared by other students » Always on track thanks to comprehensive statistics and feedback » Efficient studying with intelligent query modes such as Spaced Repetition THE LEARNING APP FOR SCHOOL » For learning in school or college » As a study aid for better organization and study help » The perfect addition to your homework THE STUDY APP FOR EVERYONE » Save time by having access to shared flashcards on almost all topics » Convert your own study materials into flashcards and study notes in record time » Smart reminders for improved discipline and motivation » Never forget a test date again with our study plan » Scanning feature to upload own physical learning materials digitally » Sketch feature to annotate your flashcards with hand-drawn notes » Have your learning materials always with you - online & offline Overview: 1. Create, share and learn your flashcards & notes 2. Benefit from countless shared flashcards and notes 3. Study with the 3 intelligent modes + Smart Exam 4. Create your individual study plan with smart goals 5. Track your learning process Detailed features: FLASHCARDS & NOTES » All the functionalities of Quizlet, Chegg & co. and much more » Quickly create notes and flashcards based on your lecture slides » Generate flashcards with AI: Create flashcards with one click. With the power of AI, creating learning materials has never been easier. » Access millions of shared flashcards and notes » Make use of various quizzes and study modes such as spaced repetition to learn & memorize STUDY PLANNER / SCHOOL PLANNER » Set goals, create a learning plan, and track your results » Check your study statistics and get reminders AVAILABLE WITH PREMIUM: » Offline mode: study anywhere you like! » No ads Terms of Use: https://www.hellovaia.com/terms/ .

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