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Racoon Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
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User Reviews for Streetball Allstar: SHOWDOWN

I spend money but other people don’t have it

Great game but y’all making it a pay to win, yes I spend a lil but make it fair to everyone who doesn’t have money and wants to enjoy your game, also y’all should make new courts, basketballs, shoes, and put clothing items in the mall and not make everything cost rubies, and I realized that people stop playin after their club get jerseys add sum that makes a club want to keep going and playing to be the best, all the money we spend on your game it’s the least y’all can do. Great game keep it up

$BnG$Kemaree, Jan 10, 2022
Upgraded review

I initially said this game was poorly made based on its shot system. I stand by that. I’ve played about 100 matches now and spent a lil bit of $. The game is okay aside from a few set backs. Orange disturbance shouldn’t go in as often as it does. That means you were playing good defense, but not enough for it to be severe disturbance. But certain SF’s and SG’s will make almost always on orange. Havoc G and Koi. It’s almost like these dudes make contested shots more often that they do when they are wide open. I play rocket who is a power forward but I’ll miss wide open green mid range shots. I get that he’s a rebounder and a dunker, but I shouldn’t Brick every single mid range shot if I’m wide open and hit the shot meter in the green. Big mike….so many scrubs use this dude, just walk into the paint and dunk on your head. He should be easier to strip. A few tweaks and this game would be money! Love the global chat function, keeps me laughing. Emoting during games is hilarious. Love the replay system, you can even watch replays of games you didn’t take part in, and gift players inside of the replay. There was a lot of attention to detail with this game, the little things make it worth playing, but some of the core functions need to be fine tuned. Kinda frustrating, but fun especially if you can find cool people to play with. Overall I give this game 4/5 stars and would recommend it to any of my friends who enjoy basketball games.

DashingDylan, Jan 20, 2022
Battle Mode and ladder

I don’t like how once you get to diamond you must have 8 characters to continue playing ladder because then that means you have to spend some decent money to get characters because of how expensive they are. Battle mode I don’t like how you can have SS on your team but the other team have an A rating or even a c rating and the characters always just get obliterated when your not playing them if my characters are that high in rank half the stuff that happens shouldn’t happen. Overall it’s a good game if you want to spend money to continue because once you get so high in rank you have to spend money to get there and then spend more money to get past it.

flamrs456789, Apr 26, 2022
Fun Game But

Yes if your a hooper ( just like me ) you’ll enjoy the game on your own time, But I can understand if people say “it’s pay to win” but at the same time I didn’t pay not one dime ( yet ) and I still made it to diamond rank. It ducks cause when you reach diamond tank you have to have at least 8 characters which is wack plus y’all should add more features like clothing that’s more affordable and not charging rubies for everything, Fun game btw try it out.

Fraud Free, Jan 31, 2022
Very Addicting

I honestly hated this game at first, but then I spent some money and it helped. In the “league” battles it’s mixed with all the ranks, which makes it hard as a beginner to get a good score against them. It’s not impossible though, and it mostly my impatience that pushed me to purchase where if I waited another hour I would have had the same stuff for free. On the bright side, it’s decently easy to get gems and there’s nice amount of ads to get your missing parts. The main reason why this is 4 stars is because of how the ladder (league) works. If you lose a single battle, it causes you to lose a rank. It’s hard to get continuous wins when your teammates don’t pass (there are a lot of ball hogs). A lot of times it happens where I get the highest score out of both teams yet still go down a rank because my teammates weren’t doing their part. If you made it where your rank improved/decreased based your individual score, it would be a lot better. The biggest problem is how unpredictable shots are. I’ll shoot perfectly in the middle with no one around me and it will still rebound. Blocking is also incredibly difficult to do.

Hanna Jacks, Jan 16, 2022
Major Bug

Once a player hits the rank "Platinum" and they don't have 8 characters, they cannot play ladder. The reason that this is a bug is because the message you get when you try to play ladder is "After the rank of the ladder reaches diamond, you must have 8 or more characters." This shouldn't be a thing in the first place, because why would you cause people to leave your game because you want them to spend more money on the game and get more characters? If you don't agree, at least fix the bug to where the message actually shows up when a player gets to the Diamond rank and not before.

iBopKids_, Jun 12, 2022
Glitching out

This is a great day I play it everyday I do my daily tasks to get the tiers in the season pass I even made my own club but rn there’s this bug or whatever going on where you can’t see world chat you can’t invite your friends or club mates and it shouldn’t be a hard fix but it’s a little annoying to deal with but it’s a really fun game and I enjoy it a lot maybe it’s just a one day glitch but it’s been rough lol please fix it….

ilike69!, Feb 18, 2022
Basically pay to win

I upgrade Big Mike to SS and he still gets out-rebounded by A grade Emma, Amy, & Rocket. I had to purchase Emma just to get rebounds and spent more money on upgrades. It gets much worse if you try to climb the ladder in Diamond rank lobbies, It has this ban/pick system for the characters and each player from each team gets to ban a character from letting everybody else use that character and it has a timer and once that timer is done, you can only choose whatever character left and if you don’t have any other good character and that character is not leveled up to SS, you are more likely to lose on diamond ranked matches. I stopped playing when the game basically told me to buy more characters in order to win matches and stay competitive. The game was fun to me until platinum where I only had to spend money on like 1-2 characters but if you’re looking to get past diamond rank, Then you’re gonna have to spend more money on characters and upgrades. If you don’t mind spending a couple hundred on each character and character upgrades, then this game is for you. Sure you watch ads to get resources to upgrade characters but that process is long and I had to spam the watch ad button multiple times for it to load a video. The street legend story is short and it doesn’t give you much rewards to upgrade your character. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this game to any casual gamer unless they don’t mind spending alot of money.

jedboi808, Apr 17, 2022
Pay to Win Game

This game is quite fun. Get to play with and against players across the world.Biggest downside of the game is that this is is pay to win games. Once you play against the serious players, you’ll notice those are the players that paid money to get better characters and upgrades.Only giving this game a 3 out of 5 stars because it’s a fun game and the game does a good job of pairing you with and against people of your same or similar level. Less than 10% of my games are against people who paid money.

Lancers262, Dec 24, 2021
Cash Grab!

So where to start? This game is a complete cash grab. Every way you turn they want you to spend money and it’s not just small transactions either. Once you do this you have to gamble the currencies you purchase which goes straight down the drain. The pull rates are worst than winning the lottery in real life. They have it set up that you have no chance of getting the good items unless u are spending hundreds of dollars which is just silly and greedy. I don’t recommend this game at all you are better off downloading the 2k game at least u will occasionally get what u spend your money on. DEVELOPERS this game can be so great STOP BEING SO GREEDY! Increase pull rates to a fair amount. Also characters shouldn’t cost more than a brand new game on console for god sakes. The logic here is insane. I hope your game crashes and burns and your company goes bankrupt for the scam you guys are pulling.

LeoMovinci, Apr 20, 2022


We are an exciting and fast-paced multiplayer basketball esports game. Play in 3x3 matches against your friends and players from around the world! [Play with Friends] Invite your friends and show your awesome teamwork to the world by forming a team and play in 3v3 matches together! [Worldwide Community] Play with millions of players worldwide! Challenge professional players from all over the world and make a name!

Give what you've got to climb up the ladder and make it to the top! Be an admired superstar on the global leaderboard, and collect exclusive rewards every season! [Multiple Characters] Collect multiple characters with different positions: Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Point Guard, Shooting Guard. Find the characters that suit your playing style, hone your skills to outperform other players, and win MVP! [Professional Skills] Your characters have various professional skills such as box out, flick, follow-up shot, hook shot, fadeaway 3-pointer, bounce pass, pick-and-roll, etc. Each player has their own unique and exclusive skills. Use them wisely to lead your team to victory, and be the focus of attention on the court! [Meet New Friends] Watch replays of the best players' matches! Interact with other players around the world, and team up or challenge them to practice your skills or make new friends in the game! What are you waiting for? Download Streetball Allstar now for the excitement of quick and skill requiring streetball matches with your friends against players across the world! Don't miss out on our latest news and exclusive gifts! Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/streetballallstar Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/Grgk4kP For support, reach us at: [email protected]

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