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User Reviews for StreamChamp: Streaming App

Multi streaming

Right now the wave is multi streaming and this is an amazing app, I love the accessibility of easily making custom overlays and switching scenes and everything about it, but if only I was able to stream on at least 2 platforms life would be better but overall it’s amazing and the premium is worth, I would highly recommend to anyone who streams on mobile.

@lil._jah, Jul 08, 2020
Best Streaming Service!

I’ve used StreamChamp for the past year or so, and I can easily confirm that this is one of the best streaming services in existence. The interface is so easy to interact with, and if you have any problems, you can always go to the discord support server and ask for help.

ARC Void on YT, Mar 08, 2022
It’s great, but I have one minor problem.

I found StreamChamp to be fairly easy to learn. Now that I know the majority of how it works, I’ve come across a problem. Everyone and then, my stream goes dark and it shows a black screen. It occurs every time i switch to “be right back” and “away” and sometimes it just goes black for no reason. I need to restart my stream every time to fix it. It isn’t a huge issue, I just want to know how to fix it.

Cha4e15, Nov 22, 2020

I am loving a lot of the features of this app! Probably my most favorite app that I use to stream to twitch! For where the app is at it’s great, I would love to see animated overlays or even video intervention and possibly more mic options! Lastly I better way for notifications to show instead of a drop down menu while playing! Other then that this app has amazing growth and super excited to see the journey!

dddd112243, Oct 06, 2021
StreamChamp, stream like a champ

I love almost everything about this app, the fact that it is up there with the one streaming apps just baffles me but what I don’t get, why does it time out after 4hrs 39 minutes session? Since the update I noticed it does that , and can you fully integrate the camera feature to be part of the app instead of it being experimental stage, I mean it works fine. We also need animated overlays and sound enable alerts that would make everything perfect, finally I stream to twitch using remote play and it is beautiful with this app, just know there is potential for much more. I love it the way it is already.

kochowder, Aug 21, 2021
Very useful app

I don’t leave reviews unless it is 5 stars or 1 star! This app is gets a full 5 from me! There are some things I wish you could change up, like shrinking or editing the background like you can do everything else for a more personalized and easier way to make your setup look the way you would like! I paid for a month to see if I would like the app or if it would be convenient I think I will be paying for a full year after this experience (from someone without a streaming laptop or computer) this app is a godsend thank you to the creators for making this app!!!!

lil grouch, Aug 01, 2022
Simple to use and a good app

I just started streaming and I use this app because I don’t have a computer. It’s really easy to use and has tons of video tutorials to help you! The only issue that I have is not being able to fully customize your overlays. I wanted to make an overlay that goes all around my video but you’re stuck to just certain rectangles. If they change that, i would give it five stars. It’s still a great app regardless.

RebelliousCottonCandy, Aug 23, 2021
Wonderful app

Just one issue im having, can you guys in the future implement a option where overlays sounds dont play to my device only to stream , so it wont bother me while play , the other i day i had quite a number of new followers and i was stream pubg lol trust me it gets really annoying

[email protected], Mar 30, 2021
Alerts not working no audio

I’ve been using streamchamp since I started mobile streaming. One of the futures is alerts for chat as well as tts. Since I’ve watched tutorial video over and over I saw a problem. The last step is to enable Geo Location which is not found in the settings. Alerts will only work with app open no background. I pay sub for full access, but I cannot use the futures as advertised this NEEDS TO BE FIXED!

twitch.tv/KiDmeiStrO, Apr 20, 2022
It has minor problems

When I finish streaming on twitch my broadcast doesn’t appear on my twitch channel is there a seething where I can save my video on my twitch so the stream counts towards my affiliate progress cause that would improve it by a lot and it will be the best app to use for streaming thank you and please hopefully fix this issue

wayne beharry, Jun 28, 2021


Stream like a champ to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms from your iPad or iPhone. Live stream how you draw with Procreate or playing games like League of Legends Wild Rift, PUBG Mobile, Brawl Stars, Roblox, Minecraft, and more! Just sign in to Twitch or other platform with RTMP and you are ready to go.

Feature highlights: - control volume of mic and app audio during the stream - up to 1080p video resolution - control video orientation - control video position - web camera and remote control - advanced stream settings for pro streamers - AirPods support - custom overlays/logos - notification for interrupted stream Twitch.tv features: - notifications for chat messages - quick replies to chat notifications - sound alerts and custom Text-to-speech for chat messages

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