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User Reviews for StockPlan Connect

Poor User Experience / Design

Why would a developer design a mobile app that redirects users to a web page to sign in and then back to the app? Why would a developer design a mobile app that, when you try to log in, tells you that you have to update your contact information that is already up to date, but requires you to use a mobile browser on a tablet or a desktop browser rather than letting you update your profile in the mobile app you just tried to sign into? “Enhanced security”? Yeah, I guess if you can’t log into your own account using the mobile app, that’s pretty secure. Unhelpful, but very secure.

Bummer Toons, Aug 10, 2022
Much improved

Significant improvement to the dashboard list and much easier to find and view transaction history. Also, addition of Touch ID is a nice to have feature.

CPennyOSU, Mar 21, 2019
Not as many features as the old app

This app doesn’t have nearly as many features as the previous one did. I would be able to sell a share in a few quick selections before. I stopped trying to figure it out and just use the website instead, this seems like a downgrade. The only use I see that it has is to look at numbers.....I want to be able to manage my account.

i like the old app better, Apr 30, 2019
Notch and App Switcher (Fixed!)

The developer has updated the app to look great on modern layouts.The app works fine, but the iPhone display isn’t just a bounded rectangle anymore. The notch and the bar at the bottom of the screen are crowded by the UI.

Jared reviews apps, Nov 21, 2021
If I could have rated it a 0 I would’ve.

I downloaded this app for my stocks through my employer. At first it let me sign up and login . I went back to it to show my coworkers how to sign up before our buy in date and then it started happening. It said it’s a problem logging in and it’s a problem with the network . It’s then sends me to another screen to verify my phone number but my phone number is never there . I deleted the app and reinstalled but the same thing keeps happening. If you are looking for a good brokerage then go with E*TRADE

Jarius Will, May 12, 2020
It used to work

The app used to work perfectly fine, after some upgrade that came through now it ask me to sign in again and every time complains that I need to update my profile information online, not even sure why or what to modify, I actually did a change to my profile info to change my personal email yet the app keeps complaining at sign in, this just rendered the app useless.

miangogu, Oct 21, 2021
Appalled, nearly lost my money.

I was relying on funds from my stock to pay an important transaction for my home purchase. Apparently there is a difference between Wire Transfer vs. Electronic Transfer. A wire transfer is also an electronic transfer on their website. BUT, one option takes 2 days to hit your account and the other takes 5 days. I was 100% relying on my money to be in my account, but that didn’t happen. Had to scramble and borrow from family to avoid losing my home. To make matters worse, when I called customer service to share the UI feedback, I was yelled at and lectured for not knowing better. That if I had just called to do the transaction then maybe I wouldn’t be in this position. That if I had used the website because the app doesn’t support all features... Just wow. It was so bad she called me back to apologize.

never use the app, Sep 19, 2019
Doesn’t open without website login

This app takes forever to login with too many screen checks. Now it isn’t even working.

nober33, Apr 29, 2021

Better dashboard layout from the previous app. Finally added FaceID!Feature Request: I want to see the estimated RSU amount vesting each year alone based on current share prices, not just the cumulative account value, because that’s a key way to understand my annual compensation. Right now I have to go to upcoming events, add up the shares and calculate manually to get this.

RJ7bb, Mar 16, 2019
Dumb security

Such a stupid app, it won’t let me log in because it wants me to update contact info and directs me to the browser site. Login in to the website it doesn’t ask me to update anything or even shows me how. Terrible app.

v.a.m.h24, Mar 03, 2022


Designed exclusively for stock plan participants with plans serviced by Morgan Stanley, the StockPlan Connect app brings the valuable features and functionality of the desktop version to your iOS devices. The app enables you to view your stock plan account balance and activity, check your award vesting schedules, sell your shares and exercise options. Interactive data visualizations give you important account information at a glance.

Wherever you go, the StockPlan Connect will apply your existing account preferences and settings to provide you with a curated view of your stock plan portfolio. This version of the app is for users who have migrated to the new StockPlan Connect online experience. If you haven’t yet moved to the new StockPlan Connect online portal, please download the StockPlanConnect Classic app. With the StockPlan Connect app for iOS, you can: • Log in to your stock plan account easily using Face ID or Touch ID • Get easy-to-understand visualizations of your assets, including positions, balances, transaction history and real-time quotes • View, accept, or decline grant agreements and documents • Sell shares and exercise options • Certify your Form W-9 or Form W-8BEN To access this app you must be a stock plan participant with plans serviced by Morgan Stanley and have previously registered on stockplanconnect.com. If you are a Morgan Stanley Online customer looking to access your brokerage account, please download the separate Morgan Stanley Wealth Management app in the Apple App Store®. Apple®, the Apple logo, iPhone®, iPad®, and iPad Air® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. Apple Pay™ and iPad mini™ are trademarks of Apple Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Subject to cell phone connectivity. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC (“Morgan Stanley”), its affiliates and Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors or Private Wealth Advisors do not provide tax or legal advice. Clients should consult their tax advisor for matters involving taxation and tax planning and their attorney for legal matters. © 2022 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC. CRC 2865363

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