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Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors

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Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors

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Bui Van Son
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User Reviews for Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors

Well, I mean…

Well, I mean, I like the anime character concept and the fun battle system, but its kinda rigged unless you watch ads or money. And when you skip an ad, there is another ad right after. Its so annoying and really throws off the vibe. Please make it easier to gain characters also. 500 gems to get “Susake”?! And he isnt even a B tier! He starts as a C and his max is an A! Your forced to grind for those gems, and the only way you can get a lot at a time is by getting them for free (with an ad). And even with the free ad you only get 50 gems. The chests are expensive, and so are wheel spins. Its easier to grab coins than gems, but the grind will still have to be hard. I hope you can understand why I gave the game a 3.

A person wh saw this, Dec 21, 2021

It’s a pretty good game but the fact is, its pretty rigged. This game has a good idea and the concept but the issues are the amount of ads, you need to watch an ad for almost everything you do in this game, plus i’d kinda rather fighting real people playing the game because that just makes it annoying. The bot i’m playing against literally just walks up to me and kills me like they didn't try and then it takes me 2 minutes to kill them with all the attacks. Theres a girl in one of the chapters that has this purple attack and she uses it once and kills me no sweat and it makes me so mad, plus its not very realistic. “Ruto Normal” has 2 attacks that he doesn't even learn in the anime till later and I also don’t like how you can’t cycle through max rank/ damage vs the starter so if I were to buy a character it would say “Starter Damage: 827” or something and then it would change back and forth and say “Max Damage: 2358” so i dont get confused and buy a characters who’s max damage is 3000 and starting with 900, and pretty much things on this game are really expensive and not hardly worth it to buy. I think overall this game could be better if you fixed bugs, and actually make this game for more of our entertainment then your bank account, also the ads are so annoying and they repeat everytime and they are 30 seconds so I could say I watched more ads then I actually played the game. So overall I give this a 3 star, 1 for the gameplay 2 for the fun.

akihilro, May 05, 2022
Cool game, lots of bugs

Awesome concept! This game is so fun to play and does not require WiFi/Service to play. I love playing this game, but there are so many bugs they need to fix. The first one is character changing, When I click on one of my more powerful characters, it doesn’t switch. Now I’m stuck with a level C Sasuke. Some of the characters are very overpowered as well. I was fighting a blonde character in purple clothes, and she punches for almost a quarter of my health. Would be a five star easily without the glitches, but the bugs make the game very hard to play, so I’ll give it a four. If you are a Naruto fan, I strongly encourage you to download this app.

amo0510, Oct 27, 2021
Overall, it’s okay.

I’ve been playing this game for about two weeks now and it’s pretty good. However there are a few things bugging me. First of all I’ve been playing on easy, and for easy it’s incredibly difficult. Your opponent hits you three times and you’re already dead. Meanwhile if you hit it 20 times it’ll remove a little of his health. The only way I’m able to win is by blocking every time and spamming my final attack. Another complaint I have is how when I pause the game, it keeps playing in the background. It says it’s paused, but I can feel the vibrations of me getting hit. And when I unpause I’m already defeated. Please fix this!

cacadi, Nov 22, 2021
Good and trash

The games overall graphics are very good but some aspects are either stolen like the sound effects or how the fact that the level up system makes it extremely hard to stay on par with story characters and ends up making everything frustrating after you get killed in 2 hits and the fact that enemy characters spawn in with max chakra while you only spawn in with half and to start with max chakra you have to watch an ad or sometimes if you lose a fight it will offer you overpriced objects in the game like characters like it’s almost pressuring you to get these and they would make you win even though that’s not the case at all whatsoever.

GhoulzyKL, Mar 14, 2022
Good game but…

The only thing I don’t like about the game are how strong the npc are at the start like I do almost no damage to them but they take half my health with one attack and it really annoying having to hold block 90% of the game just to barely win or not win at all I would like if you either made the npc weaker or make it easier to lvl up and evolve characters also the tickets you need to get some of the characters are way too hard to get the spins are rigged I wish you would make it easier to get the tickets.

guapgetter, Sep 23, 2021
Fix this please

It was my fifth day playing I was trying to get Naruto Shippuden siege mode and I got all 35 like I needed to all the fragments and now I have to pay 2500 gems and that was my dream character to ever get and I only have 100 gems that is not fair also another thing that I would like you to fix is that we only get 75 of our chakra bar filled up and they get all the 150% of it so they just bring out their own ultimate move and we get killed instantly and I think it would be a good idea to lower the prices so by like the starter pack for the new people like me it’s a fun game I really like it it has a lot of graphics but I really want to make it easier to get heroes because it takes about three days to get your third hero I would say people get Naruto because that’s the starter then they get Southsky and then they noticed that Naruto is way better than Sasuke

Jocelyn5, May 15, 2022
More daily gifts and more

This game truly has potential to be like a really fun mobile game but... there are so many ads and things that drag you back. if you could not have as many ads and actually make the sound effects like Naruto instead of dragon ball z I would play this game full time. But another thing that some people probably want in the game is daily gifts everyday! My idea would be instead of getting characters In those 28 days which is only about 4 characters after that just make it 10 to 15 character puzzle pieces of one character or some characters or multiple characters if you agree with me especially the creator then please help me and help the community get this game fixed the right way

NERFGUY121, Apr 01, 2022
Good game but things can be frustrating

Ok so generally i like this it is a good stickman fighting game but there are 2 things i don’t really like number 1 is that an opponent can kill you in 4 hits and you can kill an opponent it 100 or more wen you get into a game the ai does so much damage and it is so frustrating yes a challenge is ok but in every story level the opponent can kill you in the first 10seconds of the match number 2 is not so bad but still weird the models when you buy or look at a character in the menu it model looks diffrent than the model then you actually fight in the game.

ozilla12, Nov 15, 2021
Cool game. Not a lot of Heath

Hello, I love this game and been playing it a lot but the Heath on some of the characters is crazy and not in a good way in a bad way sadly I just got a S character and they got almost 1 shot by just 1 move on chapter 3. I don’t think that should be able to happen and I think it would be more fun and better overall if the characters had more Heath so the fights would be longer and more intense cuz if you get hit with one combo it’s game over and it’s not that fun so I am having to rate it 4 stars out of 5 sorry love the game though

rockstar LOL, Dec 27, 2021


Discover stickman brawl legends, martial arts, ultimate skills and nonstop one-on-one combats, through several places of Stickman brawl! Becoming stronger, faster, deadlier and compete against dangerous villains! Join the battle with your favorite manga characters and fighting in Stickman Battles across the anime.

A WHOLE NEW RANGE OF UNPREDICTABLE MAPS Stick brawl introduces several fighting stages, in which you and your warriors will be taking part in different levels, from bottom to the top. Starting from the Green Jungle, this condition appears to be nicely suitable for fresh brawl, but it could become more serious when you go deeper. You may not only find it struggling in The Forgotten Sand Valley, but unstoppable combats will make you and the shinobi unrested in The Mountains! Better prepare yourself because a moment of carelessness could result death! Don’t forget that you need to face a true boss at the end of each map. Bosses could be villains, elite ninjas or warriors with much experience in long-live wars, who could make you struggle for hours! MORE NINJA, MORE SKILLS, MORE FIGHTS! Stick brawl contains a large variety of powerful ninjas and warriors, so feel free to choose a favorite character and discover this new world. Those masters of martial arts have unique styles of fighting, assassination and ultimate ninja skills, so if you could manage to combine the right fighters to the right combo, your phone would get multiple flashy effects which attracts people nearby! That’s how we want to play, too! More Shinobi, more friends, more fun! Also, it is recommended that you put volume up to get the most experience of this game. The sound effects for each ninja are different, so you can feel the intense of the combat! SEVERAL FEATURES - Starting Character Pack, including some main warriors reliving your youth days. - 10 maps, 300 levels from easy to difficult levels, 30 bosses. Oh yeah, the bosses are more dangerous later, too! - More strength enhancement included, with rewards! - Intense fights among deadly ninjas, using assassination skills. - The higher result, the better rewards after each level. Enter this whole new world of elite ninja, fight for your live and glory! This would become one of the best stickman experiences that you can get! Download Stick brawl today, enjoy the stick game with your friends, relive those youth days from your favorite ninja!

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