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StarMap 3D+ Plus

  • Education
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User Reviews for StarMap 3D+ Plus

Incredible Must Have

I first got this app when it was released, and used it frequently for reference and observational identification, since then it's developers have only improved upon the initial program. The intuitive user interface and array of great features makes this app a must have for anyone interested in stargazing. The educational information makes it a great gift for the little astronomer in the family.

6meow6meow6meow, Aug 21, 2017
My primary App!

I highly recommend this App! I am an amateur astrophotographer and this is the App I have used for years to plan my night sessions throughout the year. And the 4.0 release really made a huge performance improvement, both in the startup time and in improving the user interface! I have loved this App for years, and am proud to say it keeps getting better!

7TeslaEng, Dec 06, 2020
Terrific Stargazing app!

Had used SkyView for ages but switched to this app because it offered the Rey style of visualizing the constellations which I grew up on and feel is superior to the classic, MacRobert and other styles. Also it allows for finding comets too, which is cool. I was recently using it to try to find comet ATLAS C/2019 Y4 which was in its catalog, until I read that it broke up (alas!). Now I am hoping the app developers soon will add the newly discovered SWAN C/2020 F8 to the app’s catalog in the next update so that I can start hunt for that comet in its place!! If so, will add the fifth star!

ArcanusCdk, Apr 17, 2020
Normally a good app, buuut...

I use this app all the time! But, unfortunately with the recent update, it no longer works the way it is supposed to. Instead of following my phone’s movements, it now freely sliding all over the celestial sphere, not obeying my movements at all. I figured that perhaps this is the result of a bug from the recent update, but I cannot find any place to submit bug issues. So, here I am.Otherwise, this app has been amazing! Just needs a bug fix is all.

CrispyFri3s, Sep 08, 2019
It has everything but three glaring flaws ...

It does star colors well, properly reports B-V values and plots stars on the HR diagram, gives distance wonderfully...What is missing must have been a bad design decision and these are:1: decision NOT to show actual deep sky objects but have very poor low resolution standin images that are generic and don't represent the actual object at all.. case point the Orion Nebula arguably THE most important recognizable objects in the sky... NOT represented except by a very poor cluster image. Many more just like it. Not even Messier objects represented in the sky view. 2: looney tunes quality constellation art that is not representative of the classic mythology. People in mythology represented as if drawn by someone who never knew anything about the myths behind the constellations. I turn it off and will never use it now. 3: cannot change star brightness so with many stars visible or with additional database the sky looks like a color blindness test book at the eye doctors. Too much of a cartoon or coloring book look and feel yet there is this dichotomy of offering really good information couched in a less than effective presentation

Fxmodels1123, Jan 12, 2019
Great app

I got the free version of this app I think about 4 years ago when I was outside one evening looking at the sky trying to win a bet with my wife about the Big Dipper and Little Dipper. It doesn’t matter who won the bet!😡 Anyway, the app was so awesome I purchased the full version right away. Now I use it to find out when there will be meteor showers, comets, satellites or even the International Space Station. I use the reminder function so my family doesn’t miss anything cool. Not only does it remind of interesting events, it also shows you where in the sky you need to look for the best chance of seeing meteors, the space station or satellites. It also lists all the stars, constellations and planets. Plus, when viewing comets or satellites or other moving objects, it will track them so you just hold up the phone and follow. We love this app, it is super fun, it’s so much fun that the kids don’t even know they’re learning. I would recommend this to anyone. The free version is fine but the premium is definitely with the few pennies it cost. It’s been about several years since I first tried this app and I am still using it regularly. My kids are now old enough that they are using it on there own and still learning. Probably the best app I have ever purchased.

Jeff9033, Jun 14, 2020
Going back to StarMap 3D

I lost my apps on my old phone and ended up trying other sky gazing applications but I just wasn’t as happy with them. Now I am back to StarMap & so happy I did! I was not a huge astrology fan but it is growing on me quickly.And with my sensitivity to the sun, this really gives me something to look forward to doing outdoors. I recommend it!!

NutsboutPJ, May 02, 2020
Fantastic App

Constantly use your fine app to teach my son about the power and grandeur right above our heads, that all too often goes unnoticed/under-appreciated in this frantically stressed-out world of ours.Your app is especially useful for noting when planets such as Jupiter will be visible for telescopic viewing, which in our low light-pollution neighborhood, usually allows for spectacular views of my 2nd favorite planet & her many moons.Thanks again for all you do to make this super fun & educational app available for free.My only suggestion would be to consider creating a section with links to video content such as noted astronomers & physicists discussing various cutting-edge astronomical & cosmological theories along with footage taken of various cosmological events such as planetary alignments & meteor showers visible to even amateur astronomers.Add a section for uploading pics & vids sent by amateur astronomers like myself, and a chat section for sharing views on recent astronomical activity & a wide range of theories & discussions about the universe and our ultimate role as living sentient beings within the universe, would make the perfect compliment to the aforementioned professional discussion area and make your already stellar site (pun intended), just that much more ‘out of this world’ (oops...I did it again).

SparKrikorian, Oct 12, 2019

This is an inspiring and very useful tool to view the sky map. I am interested in star names and meanings in the constellations. I find studying the history is difficult to find original information. I am not interested in the Greek mythology but the original history. If you could tell me good resources to find more information, I would be most grateful. The detail in the graphics is excellent. Thank you for such a great app!

StargirlC, Mar 02, 2021
Something to remember

There is nothing that will make man look inside,,,like looking outside,,I think there there should be a hour window every night when “all”external light source were turned of so that you could see all that is,,I’m sure man would continue on his selfish fear based path,,but for some It would be life changing,,and it is possible to change the many,, when you change a few.

thehunsacre, Apr 14, 2019


Use your iPhone's compass and gyroscope to find planets, constellations, satellites, and more with crisp, colorful, high-definition Retina graphics that use every pixel of your iPhone or iPad! Hold the universe in your pocket! StarMap 3D Plus is the portable star atlas for beginners or advanced astronomers.

Use StarMap 3D Plus to find the planets, stars, constellations, star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae visible to you based on your location and time. StarMap 3D will even use the compass to automatically align the map! • Real-time positions of 150 artificial satellites, including the International Space Station (ISS), and the Hubble Space Telescope • iPad Support • Over 100,000 stars, with detailed information for each of them • 6,441 deep sky objects, with details such as distance from Earth, diameter, apparent size and orientation, and morphology • All 88 modern constellations, with lines based on the outlines from "The Stars: A New Way to See Them" by H.A. Rey • MacRobert and Classic constellation lines also available • Location-based-services (LBS) / Global Positioning System (GPS) support, or manually enter your longitude and latitude • Adjustable date and time of day • Also adjust time instantaneously and interactively with the Time Scroll feature • Compass support, if present • Planetarium Mode for seeing only objects visible to you, or browse the entire celestial sphere • 3D Mode for visualizing the universe in three dimensions

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