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StarDay: Countdown Widget

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StarDay: Countdown Widget

  • Lifestyle
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User Reviews for StarDay: Countdown Widget

Its great but…

It would be so great if i can put a different reminder in a different widget. Example, i have a reminder 4 days from now to finish something and 5 days from now winter break is over. I only see one reminder on a widget and i want to have several different one all together. If thats possible please i hope because it would be nice!!

A.b_3, Dec 29, 2021
Not only for birthday

Simple & beautiful counter for daily tracking. I quit some bad habits, well you know... and trying to replace them with new positive things

crazy_qwerty, Sep 09, 2020
Great but missing something

I can it change which events are on the widgets for the Home Screen unfortunately. Once that’s sorted I’ll come back

DocileRaptor, Mar 14, 2022
It’s great!

A simple “days since” or “days till” app. I just put my date in, labeled it, and it worked. It even has a handy widget, so I don’t even have to open the app. Sometimes you just need something simple to keep yourself on track. Thank you!

Galadien, Jul 29, 2022
It’s simple and versatile ⭐️

This app can be used for different events and is quick and simple. No long, drawn-out registration process and can keep your date personal, not obvious to others why you are counting days.I deleted a different app and added this one for these reasons. 🌟

LisaVox1, Jun 14, 2021
Tried ~10 count up days, this is the best!!

I have tried many count up apps. I want to see how long it’s been since a certain event. This app works really well. I love the med. and large widgets show hours/minutes/seconds along with days. I only wish you could select more than one counter widget on your Home Screen, but simply clicking on the widget shows you the rest of your counters. Maybe a short cut would be to allow you to select which one counter widget you display? Love the app though. Thank you.

ndklfnbd, Jul 15, 2022

I saw on another review that you guys need all the stars you can get, so here you go! This app is really good and you can create as many count downs as you want, and they have some already made like Christmas and Halloween. Really nice layout of the app and very user friendly. My favorite part is that it’s free! None of that “only three countdowns and pay for more” garbage!

Star trek 4784, Sep 30, 2020
Days until vacation

I’m staying at home at my vacation this year but still waiting it. I share my vacation counter with my boyfriend

thefirstbobnelson, Sep 11, 2020
Almost perfect.

This is the best app for countdown widgets I’ve seen but despite many attempts, it won’t display the countdown widget I created. All it displays is the election count down. I’d also like it to be able to customize the countdown displayed. It only counts down by days. Make hours, minutes, and/or seconds available too. I’d pay for those features.

Xenodevale, Sep 26, 2020
Nice little program.

This is a nice little program. Although I haven’t found any instructions. It’s pretty self-explanatory except for how to put widgets on your desktop.

ZiggyGL, Aug 26, 2021


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